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  1. More on Barney Kessel Have all the albums shown above plus some more. Here they are a) The special group called "The Pollwinners" [one more is allready up there in the tableau with 6 LP's] b ) some more albums under his name on the Contemporary label
  2. Yes this is correct. Obviously the article I have read was somewhat older And I didnt pay attention enough. Anyway the rest ob my thread is what I meant. Thanks W ;-]]
  3. Have read some Info about he died recently. He was and still is among my top 3 gutar artist with the JATP, later the Peterson Trio (replaced by Herb Ellis) and many albums under his own name. A great loss. Here are some of his works from my collection
  4. Former label SABA now ----> MPS Alto Summit - producer Joachim Erndt Berendt
  5. One more of the rare SABA label: Guitar Workshop at the Berlin Festival 1967
  6. At that time when very often Jerry Van Royen was directing the WDR bigband this great orchestra had no current drummer and also no current leader. So everytime Mel had time and opportunity he flew over the pond or when he was en tour he occupied the drummer's chair. Mel once called the WDR big band "his second band". Very often he teamed with Bill Holman when Bill played one of his greater works (suites) the first time always with the WDR big band. Bill was directing the band and Mel was the drummer at these occasions. They did first a studio version and then presented the same program in a public performance. These were the great 1980s times. My good friend the late Wolfgang Weis visited the rehearshals and took fotos there by permission and has send me many of these collaborations on CD-r. Unforgettable documents of the best in big band jazz. Here are some examples a) WDR big band dir. by Jiggs Wigham + Mel Lewis b) WDR big band dir. by Bill Holman + Mel Lewis on the drums
  7. This one (also in my collection) is seen very seldom. Probably a Fresh Sound reissue? Today my focus on Mel Lewis
  8. I have this LP. The tapes came from Mrs. LaRue Brown and were remastered by Bruce after 25 years. Thats the text on the backside of the LP.
  9. One more compilation of 3 LP's , one is with Rollins & Roach, 2 are with Land & Roach. Sorry for the mistake corrected
  10. More on Rollins - Roach collaboration
  11. On the first Rollins is missing b ut the other 3 are with Rollins & Roach
  12. Thanks for the Info. Live in Tokyo looks very interesting. From the rest these are here: One of my favorites . There is a part 2 (one side Mulligan / one side Getz) Another favorite LP here today And these of course too. Someone has spyed in my collection ;-]]
  13. Could not get it at that time. It is still on my want list. There is another one on Soulnote. But this one here is also great and worth to look after with a great group:
  14. Yep .... but "Soran Bushi" remains my go-to platter .... btw more quality Billy Harper from that period - as member of the Max Roch 4tet - available .... Thanks for the Info but havent seen those yet. On Mercury or EmArCy? Probably you might like also this one:
  15. Ahh you got me. I am a big Kenton fan myself except the Mellophonium period. From that Stuttgart event I have the following broadcasts from the former radio Stuttgart on reel and cassette tapesin the collection beside about 30 ore more tapes with Kenton but havent digitized the material yet. Could you list the tracks on that CD so I can compare them with material ..... and thanks for that Information. Do you know the website from Terry Vosbein "All things Kenton"? Was in touch with hin some years ago when he started to build up this project and supplied a lot of Kenton material from my Down Beats. Greeting from the Rhine river W. Kenton,Stan RB S2 1972/01/17 120 Stuttgart Vax/Worster/Davis # 0762 Kenton,Stan RB SDR 1972/01/17 7"(2) Stuttgart Kenton,Stan RB SDR 1972/01/17 7"(2) Stuttgart (I) Torres,Richard Kenton,Stan RB SDR 1972/01/17 7"(2) Stuttgart (II) Maiden,Willie Hat man natürlich auf den Regalen ;-]] W.
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