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  1. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

  2. On a Woody Herman Tribute with the WDR big band you could hear on tenor sax Bill Holman / Al Cohn & Sal Nistico really doing the thing. WDR Bigband RB WDR 1987/06/12 120 Köln(I), Stadtg D Holman/Nistico/Cohn WDR Bigband RB WDR 5 1987/06/12 120 Köln,Stadtg. D Holman/Cohn/Nistico
  3. Jimmy Smith

    His first 2 albums on Blue Note are real winners.
  4. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Maybee a little "offtopic" but Nelson Riddle was a great arranger and had some nice albums on Capitol. "C'mon get happy" is the swingiest. Same genre as Jackie Gleason for the "lighter side" but he is also available with swinging big band sounds. BTW "Changing Colors" is here in the stock. The music is like the title "changing colors" If I need "noise" I am to 50 % a big band collector and have enought stuff for that direction too. ;-]]
  5. jean luc ponty-electric connection

    Here is another one from my stock Ponty,Jean-Luc A Taste For Passion 1979 Atlantic 19253
  6. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Have about 60 Items with Oscar LP's / CD's and some boxes. He is one of my favorite jazz artists I can listen to at any time. Beginning with his very early recordings on RCA, the rich selections on Verve under his name as well as doing "the house rhythm section" for other Norman Granz' artists and some on the Pablo label, Justintime label + some live stuff from the swiss radio label and the french RTE/Trema and reissues on VSP/VSPS. The high rated "London House" recordings do not belong to my favorites. Heavens sake the tastes are different. Outstanding for me are the Trio recordings without drummer that is with Ray Brown, Barney Kessel or Herb Ellis. The "song books" are nice but not a deep performance. but the rest with the Trio is first class [for me]. The MPS material is superbe because of the recording technique and I like also the " decadent Euro 19710 fondue sound" if I need some quieter music. That is all I can comment from my side on this thread. Thanks
  7. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Thanks for the link & Info. I did assume however only the new "Phono" label could be from there but I am not certain about it because there is no printed Information on the CD . I have ordered my copies from the spanish mailorder service "Jazz Memssengers" (= distributor acc. my Invboice). You can look up the label at Discogs ---> Phono (4)
  8. Galt MacDermot (1928-2018)

    He is not too well known even under big band fans. I happen to have one vinyl by pure accident because it looked interesting in a mailorder service offer. Down Beat gave it a rating of 3 1/2 stars. Here are the LP scans & the review
  9. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Correct this is also my Impression. Andorra in Spain has a very short copyright protection for material (less than 50 years I've read somewhere) so most material they do issue is public domain in their county. I assume they are located there. BTW have just got a vinyl from the "DeAgostini UK Ltd" which is officially licensed. Excellent vinyl quality.
  10. Downbeat review books

    The complete series is Vol I to Vol VIII. I have 7 and missing Vol VII. If there is someone who wants to sell it send a PM. Thanks
  11. Emil Richards 1932-2019

    Re: Emil Richards Here is a link from another forum "West Coast Jazz" about Emil Richards and his carreer https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/emil-richards-dead-legendary-percussionist-la-session-player-was-87-1263412 Enjoy!
  12. Emil Richards 1932-2019

  13. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Thank you for this. It looks they have original source & licence indeed for some material. This imprint is IMO not found on all issues.. For example not on my 4 LP JATP box. But your scan clears the matter a bit more. BTW have just received some CD's from the spanish Jazz Messenger Service on the label "Phono". No information at all on these "Phono" editions. Seems very questionable re thew source.
  14. Emil Richards 1932-2019

    Lord's discography does not list the members of the orchestra so it might be Emil Richars. He is found on many CAPITOL G. Shearing & Stan Kenton LPs as well as in the groups of Paul Horn. He played also in the Glen Gray bands (series "Sound of the great bands") and the orchestra of Shorty Rogers just to name a few of his stations.
  15. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Speakers Corner Records is a german company and not US!!! Speakers Corner HiFi GmbH Eichkoppel 15A 24214 Gettorf Germany Dont see a license entry for their records on the Items. They dont have a label/logo on their r4eissue discs. IMO this is a pure reissue company for public domain material as is Doxy (= sublabel of a russian organisation). They all make immense money and do not draw from original mastertapes thats for sure. More Info here https://www.discogs.com/label/75430-Speakers-Corner-Records
  16. Cover Art Books Jazz & other topics

    Here are some scans
  17. Mal Waldron

    A present from the former DDR
  18. Danish tenor sax

    Jesper Thilo is member of the Danish Rafio Big Band. Have several recordings with that band.
  19. Joe Farrell

    In the collection 279 Farrell,Joe Outback 1971 CTI 6014 283 Farrell,Joe Penny Arcade 1974 CTI 6034 67 Farrell,Joe Skate Board Park 1979 Xanadu 174
  20. Roy Hargrove

    Have some tapes with him and singer Roberta Gambarini touring Europe. Really a good combination W.
  21. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    The title of this thread is misleading IMO. The individual preferences which one of his groups they like or not is a private statement and thats it. I have collected Peterson from his very early recordings on over all periods. My preferences are the trios with Brown and Kessel and/or Ellis. The Brown/Kessel fomation was the house rhythm serction for Norman Granz and is basis for many great records with all the great names you can find. The MPS recordings are also great for their sound. There is no doubt that he is one of the great names in jazz and this remains. The private statements from some people what they like or not has nothing to do with the quality Oscars playing. Thats a fact. Private opinions respected but they do not mean anything about the status of an artist like Peterson or others.
  22. Lenny Tristano?

    https://www.discogs.com/Lennie-Tristano-A-Guiding-Light-Of-The-Forties/release/7728213 Yes looks good. Above is the link from Discogs Thanks for the Info BTW how can I delete the free space? Thanks Here are my "Tristrano's" issued under Lennie's name + the one on that Capitol Classics. Tristano,Lennie Live at Birdland 1945-49 Jazz Records 1 Tristano,Lennie The rarest trio/quartet sessions 1946-47 Raretone 5008 Tristano,Lennie Stars of modern jazz (Carnegie Hall) 1949 IAIRC 20 Tristano,Lennie Requiem 1955 Atlantic 1224 Tristano,Lennie The Lennie Tristano Quartet 1955 Atlantic(2) 2-7006 Tristano,Lennie Lennie Tristano "Requiem" (LP`s 1224/1357) 1955/61 Atlantic 27003 Tristano,Lennie The New Tristano 1960 Atlantic(jap) 1357 Tristano,Lennie Descent into THE MAELSTROM 1976 East Wind 8040 Tristano/DeFranco Capitol Jazz Classics Vol 14 1949 Capitol(holl) 05280853
  23. Gil Melle

    Some early work of Gil Melle on Bluenote BLUE NOTE 5020 New Faces-New Sounds/ Gil Melle Quintet And Sextet Eddie Bert (tb) Gil Melle (ts) Joe Manning (vib) George Wallington (p) Red Mitchell (b) Max Roach (d) Monica Dell (vo -2/4) Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, March 2, 1952 Eddie Bert (tb) Gil Melle (ts) George Wallington (p) Tal Farlow (g) Clyde Lombardi (b) Joe Morello (d) Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, January 31, 1953
  24. Lenny Tristano?

    One of my favorites is this one:
  25. Ira Sullivan

    Re: Ira Sullivan OK played this one today