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  2. Highly recommended. Minimalism of a different sort... more song-based than Philip Glass, often more subtle while being a bit more wild. Also, FWIW, Lauten was Errol Parker's daughter.
  3. Not that I am aware. My copy is a vinyl rip provided by a (good) friend. Fine LP, though!
  4. Of possible interest to folks active on this thread...
  5. Mark Hollis passed away today

    Just saw this sad news. Brave artist; so glad he did things his way.
  6. Favorite Horn Trio Records

    That's a fine one! This one too: Frank Lowe's AFTER THE DEMON'S LEAVING
  7. "Obscure" just being my not wholly appropriate shorthand for recording about which you feel strongly but have never seen / heard anyone else discuss or recording you like to turn other listeners on to. Trios of all eras, styles and constitutions welcome. Household names? Forgotten heroes? Eternal sidemen finally stepping out? Ditto old favorites and new discoveries. An initial trio of trios: Don Friedman, CIRCLE WALTZ I suppose I hear the Bill Evans connection... or is it one that is jut easy to make based on the presence here of Chuck Israels? Mostly what I hear, however, is a much hard-driving ensemble than Evans was wont to put together around this time, exploring different -- more stark, more jagged; lunar, not moony -- harmonic terrain. John Bikerton, SHADOW BOXES Bickerton seems not to have much of a presence on the scene these days, and I'd be curious to hear what he is up to these days. But hat we have here is evidence of a pianist who knows his Andrew Hill without being too beholden to Hill's simultaneously contemplative and restless style. Amina Claudine Myers, THE CIRCLE OF TIME Some may find her vocals (and lyrics) off-putting, and some may prefer her Bessie Smith or Marion Brown recitals, but, as this was the first Myers LP I ever heard, I have something of a sentimental attachment to it. Besides, I think it shows off the wide-ranging (fearless?) soulfulness of her playing as well as anything I've heard by her. Looking forward to seeing what others have to contribute.