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  1. 15 hours ago, bertrand said:

    If you use the f & f option to try to pay a non eBay transaction with a cc, yes, you will get hit with a fee, as explained by Felser.

    it makes sense now, but I had done the f/f several times without a fee, so something changed. As long as it keeps giving me the choice, I am good, but with the other credit card it did not, so that's why I thought I was defaulted to f/f.

    There is a musician I will pay later for a gig from a few weeks back. If he tells me he got charged a fee for a non-f/f transaction, then I will just add $1 every time. We shall see.

    I just saw this thread. Exactly the same thing happened to me, Bertrand, so you're NOT alone! I'm pretty sure I also labeled it a Friends and Family because it was for music lessons for a grandson, and she had asked me to do that. I switched to writing her a check! I have used Paypal for a couple of Ebay buys, but they specifically noted it was a credit card transaction without the fees, so I think they know about this. Anyway, thanks for the discussion!




  2. On 9/6/2020 at 1:55 PM, jazzbo said:

    There were about six complete alternates between those two Legacy cds of the "Plays" albums. There were more alterantes on the first cd releases. Still from the timing that Riccardi has given there's considerably more than twice that additionally on the new releases, and additional material from the Real Ambassadors. As to how valuable they are. .. that's a subjective thing. I bet I find them valuable; I'm going to preorder when I can.

    Oh, so will I. And I imagine I'll love it when I actually hear it!




  3. 14 minutes ago, ghost of miles said:

    And the beat goes on!  But is it just my anecdotal sense, or is the board somewhat less active these days than it used to be?  Not sure if there's any accessible way of seeing what the post count has been month-by-month or year-by-year... grateful as always that Jim A. (w/help of moderators) has kept this joint running for so long.  

    Most of the categories I follow seem to be pretty active, and not only because I blather away on them, either!!





  4. 7 hours ago, jcam_44 said:

    Great album, terrible sound quality. Always wondered why it sounds so flat 

    It was one of those very early Columbia digital transfers. I think the Japanese may have redone it, but that's an expensive buy, and I don't know if it's better.





  5. 2 hours ago, medjuck said:

    Love those recordings.  Missed the Mosaic but got the Blue Note cd that had some added cuts.  Tried to buy a copy of the Mosaic booklet but they were out of it, so Scott (I think) sent me a Xerox of it gratis!

    Well, that was a gate-fold LP, so no booklet as such, but it was thoughtful of Scott to send you a copy of the liners!