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  1. On 7/2/2020 at 1:38 AM, Big Beat Steve said:

    I cannot find any particularly and typically French drawbacks and snags of average websites from France. And I've seen and bookmarked many, following my interests and my contacts there.

    If you refer to the linguistic aspect of it - I think the reason is a different one. On average, they tend to take French (and knowledge of same ^_^) as much for granted as US Americans and British tend to take universal knowledge of English for granted everywhere else around the globe. And they are not ashamed of being able to speak only their very own mother language and no other one (like - again - many, many U.S. and British people). And this is reflected in many ways and walks of everyday life. So just put it down to an ongoing "battle" between the English (only) and French (only) speaking worlds as to which is (and is supposed to be) the real lingua franca. ;)

    Hi Steve! The sites I was referencing are the "official" government ones. I imagine private/commercial ones are fine. My daughter once had to tangle with government sites trying to get a visa renewed. Downright Orwellian--and she's fluent in French! Like I said, I love the country and the language and the people--have lived there a few times--but French bureaucracy definitely has its!!