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  1. used/new cd stores in NYC?

    Thanks guys! Will definitely check out these places. Chris
  2. Will be in NYC this weekend; don't really know the used (or new) cd stores there. Any recommendations? Will be in midtown manhattan and chinatown and in between, also in brooklyn. Thanks!
  3. Kenny Dorham Corner

    Another recommendation for Whistle Stop, one of my all-time favorites. I think KD sounds great on the Max Roach 4 plays Charlie Parker album too.
  4. Dang, Talk about elusive...that Eddie Bert on Savoy is my nemesis...always just out of reach, taunting me...
  5. Stephane Grappelli, any thoughts on him?

    There is a guy named Tim Kliphouse (Kliphuis...dutch I think), who captures the Hot Club Grappelli style very well. He performs with various gypsy jazz players (and sometimes in other contexts as well, I believe). I have him on Fapy Lafertin's recent cd "Fine and Dandy" which is magnificent. Fapy is an amazing Django style player, who also brings his own styleto it as well. I highly recommend this cd for a modern day sample of the classic Hot Club sound. I think Tim is coming to Birdland NYC this fall as part of their Django tribute. I wish Fapy would venture over here as well.
  6. Sonny Rollins - "Worktime"

    Thanks Sal for this thoughtful thread and thanks Larry for the fascinating reply. I have yet to hear Worktime and, to say the least, my appetite is whetted (or is that whet?).
  7. $5 jazz CDs for sale

    Anyone heard back from Jon or Nirav about the availability of their choices? Maybe I was just too late, but I haven't heard anything either way.
  8. Feb/Mar 2005 US RVGs

    Wow, really looking forward to some of these. Basra, Hi Voltage, True Blue, Feelin the Spirit and Like someone in love will be new to me and I have been looking forward to hearing 'em for awhile now!
  9. I am looking for some inexpensive but effective cardio equipment...I bought a highly rated treadmill a couple years ago but it crapped out pretty quickly, so I think I will go for one of those bikes or an elliptical machine. I don't need the bells or whistles, just a machine that is reliable and where the exercise motion is comfortable. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  10. French "RCA/BMG Jazz Tribune" series ...

    I have been looking for that Joe Newman RCA set for a while!! Anyone seen one around??
  11. Rob, Did you get the PM I sent yesterday? Chris
  12. Roy Eldridge ...

    A bit off the subject of Roy Eldridge, but on the subject of time - I guess that this might explain why you don't hear any Jimmy Reed imitators/followers in the blues world these days. Jimmy Reed was a man who was never in a hurry, but he always got to where he was going.
  13. It's spring and a young man's attention turns to..

    For some reason, the first nice open-the-windows spring day makes me want to put on Magic Sam's West Side Soul. And it has for the last 25 years or so!
  14. Pimpin my Stitt auction for Endgame Brilliance. Ends monday am. Also japanese 24-bit version of Stitt's Personal Appearance w/ Timmons, Edgar Willis and Kenny Dennis. Auction