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  1. No Fedora hat was allowed on the early French versions of Monk's Dream, only a French beret! Great photograph by JP Leloir! https://www.discogs.com/The-Thelonious-Monk-Quartet-Monks-Dream/release/2810778 NP: George Russell Sextet at Beethoven Hall (MPS Spain)
  2. Vic Dickenson's Quintet (Storyville) Wheelin' & Dealin' with the Prestige All Stars (Victor) Archie Shepp ‎- Ballads For Trane (Denon)
  3. Coolin' with the Prestige All stars
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Archie Shepp and Mal Waldron - Left Alone Revisited Art Pepper and George Cables - Goin' Home Antoine Duhamel - Pierrot Le Fou / Week-End
  5. Happy Birthday kinuta!

    Happy birthday kinuta!!
  6. Stan Getz With Guest Artist Laurindo Almeida Duke Ellington And His Orchestra ‎ - The Radio Transcriptions Vol. 3 (1946) Mal Waldron Trio - Set Me Free Pharoah Sanders - Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong
  7. That's bread and better Starting the evening with New Orleans Suite.
  8. Yes! I realized that it was not the original cover by posting yesterday. Great cover & music.
  9. New Ogun release & where's the website gone?

    Spirits Rejoice! is about to be repressed by Cafe OTO in association with Ogun Records! https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/shop/louis-moholo-octet-spirits-rejoice-lp/
  10. I have the first, but not the second, I am actually pretty thin on Gibbs. Now playing: The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - 74 Miles Away / Walk Tall
  11. A thematic evening: The others I have from Coltrane, Bud Powell, Quincy Jones and Jimmy Smith will be for another night.
  12. Dave Schnitter - Glowing Art Tatum Is Art -The Trio 1944
  13. A long favorite. Carlos Ward! The Dizzy Gillespie Octet ‎- The Greatest Trumpet Of Them All (HMV) John Tchicai - Tribal Ghost Warne Marsh Quartet ‎- Music For Prancing
  14. The USPS SUCKS

    A parcel from UK (Royal Mail) with my right address in France on it has been sent wrongly to the US and has been sitting for 10 days in ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) ! I hope the Jazz Epistles - Verse 1 reissue is not in a warehouse over 100°F. A very first from my cross-channel purchases!
  15. A great one! Johnny Clegg & Savuka ‎- Shadow Man I have fond memories of seing this band in the late 80s and the late 90s. Quincy Jones ‎– Go West, Man! Fine Music, but weird to see the producer honored as the leader. Ben Webster, Georges Arvanitas ‎- Autumn Leaves (Futura)
  16. Mostly piano solos and a few trio sessions (China Boy !) from 1933-1941.
  17. Supergrass ‎– I Should Coco Art Farmer ‎– Brass Shout (London) Jackie McLean ‎– A Fickle Sonance Randy Weston ‎– Highlife (Roulette Jazz)
  18. Stan Getz Featuring João Gilberto - The Best Of Two Worlds
  19. Paul Bley Trio ‎- Blood (Japan, promo, Red) Somebody has been enjoying Mister Joy a wee bit too much before, but otherwise a fine copy. And a great record! Kenny Dorham Quintet - Showboat The Gil Evans Orchestra - Great Jazz Standards (Manhattan Records) Barney Wilen ‎- La Note Bleue