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  1. what are you drinking right now?

    Friggin' AWESOME Vietnamese coffee. This stuff is one of the greatest secrets in the Western world.
  2. Tonight it's Built to Spill with Cat Power - two of my favorite contemporary "indie" acts. This will be about my 900th time seeing BTS, and I think my fourth time seeing CP.
  3. Albert Ayler ESP CDs

    Great, I'll pick them up this weekend. Thanks for the help.
  4. Albert Ayler ESP CDs

    Interesting... in my experience Get Back records usually don't sound that great in the first place, so I wonder how much of that is really ESP low-fi and how much is the Get Back low fi.
  5. Attention New Yorkers

    Yes, and a very good guitarist in his own right, from what I've been told.
  6. One of the UK members can doubtlessly add more color, but Leeds is sort of like a minor league team. I wouldn't be too surprised if you could buy a AA baseball team for a few million, and I think that is about the right analogy. No way in hell you could buy a team like Manchester United or Real Madrid without spending at least 100 times that, and probably much more.
  7. Albert Ayler ESP CDs

    Original vinyl or CD pressings? I once saw a few old Mexican (yes, Mexican!!) Ayler records. Would have bought them, but the guy standing next to me at the shop's counter beat me to them by about a nanosecond. The text was all in Spanish, and they said either printed or made in Mexico on them, and they were on a label I had never heard of nor recall the name of. No idea when they dated to, but they had clearly been around.
  8. In a somewhat similar vein, in the proposed new startup American football league, the season ticket holders would also be shareholders. Getting slightly further afield but still on topic, there is a silicon valley investment firm that is planning to securitize 20% of the future earnings of young athletes. In a way I'm only surprised that this kind of thing has taken so long.
  9. Anthony Braxton

    This one has been talked about for a couple of years now; it was supposed to come out in 2005, I believe. It's actually not a box, it's just one DVD, with no video content. They are putting it out on DVD because the format can hold more music than a CD, so instead of a box of 6 or 7 CDs, it's all on one DVD. Thanks for the clarification. Putting this on a DVD is a pretty cool idea (even though my cd player has higher quality audio output).
  10. Albert Ayler ESP CDs

    If true, that is really egregious, as they clearly went way out of their way to make it look legit. You've talked me out of the box, but how is the sound on the individual jewel case versions vs. the mini-lps? BTW, my vinyl copies actually don't have great sound quality, so it would be great if I could get a sonic upgrade.
  11. Anthony Braxton

    Apparently there is ANOTHER big Anthony Braxton box set coming out - this one is a DVD set with 6.5 hours of music: http://www.rastascan.com/catalog/brd060.html
  12. what are you drinking right now?

    2005 Roger Naudet Sancere
  13. Aug. & Sep. 2007 - US Blue Note RVG CD Reissues

    Just got home and checked. All nine tracks with LD from the complete box are on the Memorial album RVG.
  14. Aug. & Sep. 2007 - US Blue Note RVG CD Reissues

    The Memorial album is available both as an RVG and as part of the (somewhat crappy sounding) complete Clifford Brown BN/PJ box set on BN. I'm not sure if the Memorial album RVG has all of the BN recordings with Donaldson, but it seems that the complete box must.
  15. Aug. & Sep. 2007 - US Blue Note RVG CD Reissues

    That's the thing, I don't know exactly what % voting interest EMI has in Capitol, and to what extent they actively manage that interest.
  16. Aug. & Sep. 2007 - US Blue Note RVG CD Reissues

    Kind of depends on how much voting interest EMI has in Mosaic, and the extent to which they choose to exercise that interest.
  17. Charles Mingus Sextet, Live at Cornell U 1964

    This gets released on my birthday and will be the first new-to-me Mingus I've heard in quite a while. Good stuff!
  18. what was the finest period in your life

    Yep, I went through something very similar 1.5 years ago, just about 6 months after I turned 30. Broke up with a girl I had been living with for five years. It was the right thing to do, but it was a really confusing time for a while.
  19. My friend and I just A/Bed the first two tracks from the 63 session vs. the old Newport 63 cd. We agree that it is a pretty subtle difference, but we both slightly prefer the sound of Trane's horn on the new cd (even though it does feel a little "pushed") but and we also both like the way the old cd tamed a little bit of the boom in Garrison's bass.
  20. Right, of course it is Haynes on the 63 date - I typed Jones above our of force of habit. I just A/Bed the 65 show. It isn't nearly as dramatic of a difference as the version of Impressions from the 63 show. The New Thing CD already sounded pretty good. I think Trane is a little louder on the new remaster, and the drums are perhaps slightly more crisp. I can't really say which I prefer. They are both good. In the process of A/Bing the other tracks from the 63 date.
  21. Not quite unreleased -- but previous versions were edited. Now that you've listened to it, what was taken out on previous issued versions? Is it just bass and drum solos, or part of Coltrane and McCoy's solos? Guy There is a comment in the liner notes that the bass solo was for the most part so badly distorted on the tapes that it's not usable, so most of it is edited out. according to the notes, that's all that's missing, purely because it couldn't be rescued. So the bass solo isn't in the newly released version either? What's the substantive difference between the two versions? The old one is 15:52, the new one is 23:30. I just A/Bed the versions of Impressions. There is about a one minute intro (maybe a little less) by Trane that has been restored, followed by an approximately five and a half minute solo by Tyner, followed by about 30 seconds of the lost bass solo (which really does sound awful - I'm sure his playing is fine but you can see why they did not include the entire solo - it's nice that they included this little snippet just to satisfy mycuriosity, though). I think the distortion on Garrison's bass may be why they left the piano solo out to start with; it is fairly prominent in that section, too. However, there is no way I can think of that they could have restored Trane's intro without reintroducing the piano solo - it just wouldn't have worked. Trane does sound much better on this remaster. Elvin Jones is a little higher in the mix. Garrison is much higher in the mix, which is somewhat debateable choice given the sound problem. Oddly, I actually prefer the way Tyner sounded on the old master. I haven't listened to the rest of the disc. Edit: I was way off on the duration of that Trane intro. It is about 20 seconds.
  22. Aug. & Sep. 2007 - US Blue Note RVG CD Reissues

    It would be great to see Smtihville come out. That's one of the few BNs from the "classic" era that I've never heard, and Here Comes Louis Smith is a personal favorite.
  23. Wow, what a complete fucking asshole. I've probably bought around 2,000 cds over the last 10 years, and I'm the reason the music industry is dying. Why don't you get the slightest clue about who/what you are posting about before you go around throwing words like "asswipe" around? Some of us have been weary of (or even insulted by) Universal/Verve's cynical marketing methods for years, and see no need to give them the benefit of the doubt, ESPECIALLY when it comes to new repackagings of material by major artists (where they tend to stoop the lowest). Off I go to figure out that "ignore" feature...
  24. Went to the link and the price is now $29.99. I'm really tempted to get it at that price. How is the readability of this for those who have it? It's fine. You can blow the font up if you need to.