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  1. Power Point

    I try to keep it down to four. Five is pushing it, IMO, but sometimes it is hard to avoid. Certainly if it is five or more, there should be some way to characterize some of the points as sub-points of others, which helps the viewer understand the organization of the argument and makes the slide less overwhelming. Also, some people don't like slides that merely summarize what is being said (I am not one of those, I think it helps people focus especially if the material is difficult). So you might want to consider not making bullet-point slides, which tend to fall into this category, and instead make demonstratives that visually illustrate the material.
  2. Shaving

    Disposable razors seem like a lot of unnecessary waste to me (and I personally find that the blade quality tends to be inferior).
  3. out of print Mosaics for sale

    The goods just arrived - thanks. BTW, do yo have a cat? I ask because mine has had his nose glued to the sets since I unwrapped them.
  4. CBGB to close

    The old CBGB's is going to become a John Varvatos store.
  5. Cell phones are not anywhere near comparable to radios. Cell phones operate at microwave frequencies, totally different ballgame. Plus you hold them right next to your head. However, digital phones (which includes all those sold in recent years) emit far less powerful radiation, because it is pulsed. I would be mildly surprised, but not incredulous, to learn that there is still a danger. BTW, according to SEER the brain/nervous cancer incidence rate is about .007% (i.e. about 7 in 100,000). However, I wouldn't take too much comfort in that. If the devices really do increase the risk, then you have to wonder what other effects they may be having.
  6. Saw Ornette Coleman Friday night. It pains me to say it, but it was only okay. His band was lightyears behind him, imo.
  7. Shaving

    I have a very fast growing beard with a texture fairly close to the quills of a porcupine. After about 12 hours of not shaving, my face feels like course grade sandpaper. I have learned the hard way that electric razors, even the most exorbitantly expensive, are completely useless to me. The Quattro tends to draw blood. The Mach 3 Turbo is the best blade I know of, next to a straight razor. Shaving with a Mach 3 against the grain, I look fairly civilized for about 12 hours. With a straight razor, I can be okay for about 24 hours.

    The idea of having two stages 20 feet apart with simultaneous performances, often each involving some sort of loud instrument, seems problematic to me. That aside, I'll at least go Saturday night. I'm not sure I'll get festival passes this year. Last year I had a bit of hippy fatigue towards the end of the week.
  9. Where to stay in San Fransisco?

    BW tells the truth. It's on par with the Hard Rock cafe.
  10. Where to stay in San Fransisco?

    I like to stay at the Fairmont. You can often get a good deal on line. If that doesn't work out, the Beresford Arms is a pretty nice hotel and priced far below market value. (Grew up in downtown SF.)
  11. The vet just told me that my cat has dental disease and needs his teeth cleaned, which of course requires full anesthesia. I was told that the cost would be "about" $1,000. I'm willing to pay this if it is necessary, but it seems to me that this must be absurdly high compared to what most vets charge. It's hard for me to believe that everyone who gets their pet's teeth cleaned has to pay this much. Anyone have to go through this before?
  12. I'll have to share this with all my wealth acquaintances.
  13. Pet care question

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll call around on Monday and if I don't get a much better rate, I guess I'll just fork over the grand. It's less than one of my speakers, and my cat is obviously a lot more important than that. The problem with Manhattan is that no matter what crazy price someone decides to demand for any given service or good, there will be somebody willing to pay it. This is the land of $1 million studio apartments, after all.
  14. Pet care question

    That's the thing - she said it wasn't really that bad, but that if we waited another year it very well could be. I'll make some calls on Monday. It occurs to me that if they are overstating the cost, they may be overstating the problem, too. That would be disappointing, because the place has a very good reputation: http://www.amcny.org/
  15. Speaker paranoia

    Can a short, fairly loud blast of very nasty static damage speakers? If such damage were done, would the results be obvious or could it be subtle? Since said event occurred, I haven't had the chance to crank my speakers and really check them out. Thanks.
  16. I'm planning on buying a video game system for my cousin who will soon be 16. I don't want to get some crap system that will only leave him jealous of whatever it is all his friends have. So what's the best system out there? PS2? XBox? Nintendo? Genesis? I'm absolutely clueless. BTW, I'd like to get him a system that plays DVDs as well. Price is no object here. His father just hooked me up with a nice consulting gig, so I have no inclination to be cheap about this. Thanks a lot.
  17. Speaker paranoia

    Yes. I am going to swap the CD for a Boney James disc before I return it to him. No warning.
  18. Speaker paranoia

    Thanks. There is nothing glaringly wrong with the sound, so I'm assuming nothing happened. The audio version of the placebo effect can be a very nasty thing. BTW, the static sound was actually part of an awful experimental cd someone lent me. It is intentionally inserted in the middle of a song with no warning.
  19. My post above notwithstanding, NOBODY who worked at BS and received stock compensation was poor. You're talking about a firm whose average annual compensation was probably around $400K (the overall WS average is over $300K, and BS was certainly above average). The guys getting huge bonuses were making millions a year. That's not to say that it isn't painful for them to lose 80% of it, but they certainly weren't poor, and if they are now it's because they lived a very, very rich lifestyle while times were good.
  20. BS bonuses could get quite large - they could account for around 90% of total comp (which actually isn't unusual for wall street firms). But I've been told that the really big bonuses at BS were typically around 90% restricted stock that couldn't be liquidated for five years. So basically you have people who have lost 80% of their total compensation from 2003 to present. I had a classmate who took an offer from BS four years ago and worked his way up to VP, a low-level senior position. I've been afraid to call him.
  21. So apparently BS is worth a fraction of the value of the building that serves as their midtown headquarters.
  22. Hot Dog Appreciation thread

    I don't claim to be a "jazz expert," or even to know what it means to be a "jazz expert," but out of all the BN albums I've heard, this is one of my very least favorites (along with The Scorpion). That said, LD in general kind of loses me after 1960 or so.
  23. Not in NYC (based on personal observation). For that matter, there seem to be more europeans buying apartments as part-time residences in the city now than there are actual residents buying them as primary homes.
  24. unreality in chicago

    Yes, it's between 15% and 25%, which are the minimum and maximum rates fixed by the EU. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_added_tax It's interesting that, while in the EU countries try to harmonize VAT rates as much as possible (and there is the same rate in the whole country), in the US the indivdual counties are allowed to fix their own level of sales tax. Not 100% true - counties and cities are able to add fractions of percents to the state sales tax as they deem necessary. But they have to charge whatever state law calls for. Which makes me wonder what the largest bump a local or county government has approved. Has any county had the stones to bum the state tax up another 2%? New York City sales tax is 8.375%. I believe that the state tax rate is only 4%. Also, the sum total of NYS and NYC income tax comes awfully close to my federal income tax obligation, and the property taxes are nothing to sneeze at, either. They sure don't make it easy to get ahead around here.
  25. Virgin Megastore Meltdown?

    I don't have any information that Times Square is closing, only Union Square. I do - I hear that the entire chain is on the way out. The realty company that bought them is more interested in the space they occupy than the CD business. In the case of CBGB's, the answer is no, but there is a caveat. They originally had the space on the market for $30k/month (which got you all 500 or so sq ft of it), but apparently they have recently decided to sell the entire building. That being the case, I'm not sure that they are even trying to lease CBGB's anymore. They temporarily rented the 4th and BWay section of Tower to Toys R Us at Xmas. They were there for about two months and vacated a couple weeks ago. The 4th and Lafayette section of the store was temporarily leased to a Halloween costume store similar to the ones up on third that are open year round. They cleared out in November. Both spaces are now back on the market with an unbelievable asking price, even given the location.