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  1. I'm a fan of Samantha Boshnack. Only know her from two Reptet recordings I have, not her solo work. Her compositions are intriguing colored with a fun sense of humor (ex. Zeppo, Harpo, Chico, Groucho from Do This!). When they performed in Cleveland a few years ago I spoke briefly to her. Very personable and interesting. Speaking of Reptet, I hope John E. is doing well.
  2. Unfortunately (as a Cleveland sports fan) the key to the eventual outcome imo is "on short rest". I know we got past Boston and Toronto, but when Carlos Carrasco got injured that sealed it. You can only expect so much from two starting pitchers.
  3. With the Cleveland Cavaliers as just one example, 3 - 1 doesn't mean anything.
  4. And Cleveland just got Andrew Miller from the Yankees for 4 minor leaguers.
  5. If it's convenient to add to my original request, I'll add: Dex - Stitt 6-20-76 Nicholas Payton Quintet - Brazil 2001 - 2 Discs PM sent also. Thanks Dan!
  6. Another interesting stat in this historic finals is that, with less than two minutes remaining in game 7 and the game tied 89 - 89, Cleveland and Golden State had scored the same amount of points (699 points each). An amazing series.
  8. The Cavs were in trouble when the Warriors came back from 3 - 1 to win the series vs OKC. Cavs have no answer for former Cavalier Sean Livingston (20 points off the bench). Losing to the Warriors on a night when Curry and Thompson could only combine for 20 points means odds of a sweep are high.
  9. I also heard it as a tiny skip, possibly an edit? If so the "Producer's Note" in the booklet may cover this by stating "As with many Pacific Jazz tapes, there are odd edits here and there which were executed on the original master tapes and occasional dropouts."
  10. My prediction since the Heat just blew out the Hornets to win that series: Whether the Heat face the Raptors or the Pacers, the Heat will win to face the Cavaliers in the Eastern finals. The Heat, who have the Cavs number, will win the Eastern championship 4-1. The only chance the Cavs have to repeat as Eastern conference champions is if the Heat unexpectedly get beat in their next series.
  11. TedR

    Prince is dead

    Based on this quote by Ruby Braff (from a Chicago Tribune piece that Larry Kart wrote in 1985 and just posted in another thread) I'd bet Ruby Braff would also be an admirer of Prince: "I like to dramatize a tune and I'm always trying to communicate, which is the difference between being a performer and a musician. There are many musicians but they aren't performers. They're just instrumentalists who belong in an orchestra reading charts." Followed by: "Show business - I love show business. If I had my way, I'd be up there with dancers and magicians and lights and everything." I would add that many good performers use the trappings of show business to obscure their average musical abilities while, in other cases, the excellent musicianship of good performers is unfairly discounted. In the case of Prince, his abilities as a performer and a musician were at the same high level.
  12. I heard that the coin flip has taken place at various locations in Iowa.
  13. I'll never forget seeing ToP at a small jazz club in Fort Lauderdale.....Musicians Exchange (Dan Gould recalls it I bet). It was in the late 80's. "Doc" ("make 'em feel good") was wearing his hat by then. The groove was unbelievably infectious, everything in service to the groove. Anyone who was the least bit self conscious no longer was as the concert went on. The band and the audience just fed off each other. "What is hip today might become passé." Not, definitely not, ToP. If I'm lucky to make it to my 80's, when they prescribe a B-12 shot, it'll be that and ToP to get instantly energized. And to Mic Gillette, not just for being a founder of a legendary group but for your commitment to the music by continuing to educate others and passing it on, thanks and RIP.
  14. Because they were long hoped for and finding them was unexpected, my favorites this year were, first, finding the Johnny Hodges Mosaic at a used DVD/CD store and, second, buying the Buck Clayton Mosaic from an Amazon seller. Also buying 4 other OOP Mosaic sets this year (Roy Eldridge, Count Basie Verve, Buddy Rich and Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions) from two forum members were also nice acquisitions which I thank them for.
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