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  1. Joey DeFrancesco RIP

    LOL, Pat Martino Live At Yoshi's, Randy Johnston Detour Ahead, John McLaughlin After The Rain
  2. Joey DeFrancesco RIP

    I also forgot Terry Gibbs-Feelin' Good Live In Studio- and I'm sure others. No flack here. So there's no misunderstanding, I loved this guy, I have all his leader dates, some sideman dates and am collecting the rest But I hated his singing, trumpet playing and then even the tenor sax. Not that he didn't sound great on those other instruments because he did. It's just that for every minute he was playing the other instruments, he's wasn't striking the HB3 keys. The sound of his organ to me is what heroin is to a junkie
  3. Joey DeFrancesco RIP

    I have all 30+ of Joey's leader CD's and since he's left us I said to myself ok, lets get into the sideman dates and boy, what a treasure trove. Paul Bollenback, Randy Johnston, Dan Adler, Tony Monaco, Van Morrison, Troy Roberts, Doug Raney, Steve Gadd, David Sanborn, CINQUE, Mimi Fox, Pat Martino, Papa John DeFrancesco, Poncho Sanchez, Dave Stryker, Andy Summers, John McLaughlin, Kenny Burrell. Christian McBride, Mort Weiss. It's obvious he liked Guitarists. Some of this stuff I'm hearing for the first time. IMHO, Joey DeFrancesco has surpassed Jimmy Smith as the GOAT on the Hammond B3.
  4. Joey DeFrancesco RIP

    To be blunt, I think the family should tell us what happened to our beloved Joey D. Might encourage others to avoid some things or change some things............
  5. Joey DeFrancesco RIP

    I feel like pure shit right now. Why, because I was starting to criticize him for his singing and trumpet playing. DAM, 51? I'm going straight to The Champ and Round Two my two favorites by Joey D. Met him and his Wife (his fiancée at the time) at Yoshi's a few years ago and saw his last appearance at Yoshi's. I'm in total shock right now...................
  6. Tell Us How Much You Love Ernie Henry

    I love Ernie Henry for two reasons. 1. I have all of his recorded music. 2. He played in Dizzy Gillespie's Be Bop Big Band with my Dad (Elmon Wright) from 1948-50
  7. The Masters

    When you get tired of these young cats ignoring tradition (Bird, Trane, Diz, Miles, Cannonball, Jackie, Monk, Dexter, Stitt, Yusef, Henderson I could go on and on)then you go see/hear one of the last living performing Masters, Parker-ite Charles McPherson. Were you in the audience with me last night at Dinkelspiel Auditorium at Stanford I don't know where to begin, can't find the words. I'll start with amazing. This guy is 83 years old and sounds like he did when he was 33. And unlike these cats today, he started with, you guessed it, a Parker song(can't remember which one)I almost jumped out of my seat. Then followed up with Nature Boy, I couldn't believe my ears. He's still got the speed, agility and his ideas are still on point. I really liked his rhythm section. Jonathan Blake very nice on drums. Best Jazz music I've heard in probably 10 years. And, on a Monday night and a little drive from Oakland to Stanford. He's in a teaching program there. Kudos to Stanford. Next, Diane Reeves..........
  8. The Masters

    Just like Cat Anderson and Cootie Williams he could hit some seriously high notes, high c above c. Was a contemporary of and looked like Louis Armstrong's brother. I have a photo of them sitting at a table together. Haven't seen it in a while but I believe my Grandfather stands and takes a short solo during a production number in the movie Stormy Weather with Lena Horne. Check it out. Also, you can see my dad Elmon Wright in the trumpet section(with Dave Burns and Willie Cook) of Diz's bebop big band on a DVD called Jivin' In Bebop. James Moody, John Lewis, Cecil Payne and Ray Brown were in that band. Check out the article on under "Lammar Wright Jr." about my three guys. There's also an article on Wikipedia about all three
  9. The Masters

    from 1939-1941 Cab Calloway's trumpet section consisted of my Grandfather Lamar Wright Sr., Dizzy Gillespie, and Mario Bauza. My Dad Elmon Wright, trumpet Diz's big bebop band 1948-1950. My Uncle Lamar Wright Jr. played in Charlie Barnet's band. I played 2nd trumpet(all the solo's)Ben Franklin Jr. High School Band San Francisco CA circa 1960. But was lazy, didn't like to practice, wasn't very good and dropped it in high school. Both of my Grandfathers's sons followed in his footsteps and became jazz trumpet players. Check Wikipedia for short articles on all three of them..............
  10. The Masters

    I appreciate your response. As you can see, I don't come here often. But sometimes I feel compelled to critique. Because of the great Parker-ite Charles McPherson, this is one of those times..........
  11. Charles Tolliver

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase "The Ringer" by this great underated artist? Didn't have any Tolliver in my collection so I just ordered "Live In Tokyo" and "Grand Max"
  12. Sonny Rollins

    Which in your opinion is the best Sonny Rollins session for each decade from '50, '60, '70, '80, '90, '00.............
  13. Ambrose Akinmusire

    I'm sorry, as much as I've tried, I can't hear this fellows version of jazz music. These of course are just my opinions. Seems like all his songs start off in slow motion. It's like somber chamber music. Sometimes when I'm listening, I'm taken back to the Twilight Zone. What was I thinking, I have 5 of his titles. There should not have been a number two. Not a total loss, I like cut #10 from The Imagined Savior is Far Easier To Paint which has nothing to do with music. Cut #10 from Prelude: To Cora Golson Standard Stablemates with an edgy 21st century arrangement. These young people just don't want to play the classic standards, and I'm not talking about Body And Soul or Straight, No Chaser. It's a shame because technically speaking, he's brilliant. Hey Yoshi's why do I have to drive all the way to Healdsburgh CA(146 mi round trip) to see Ernie Watts-76 yr old master, or Rohnert Part CA to see the master Jazz Singer Diane Reeves? Can we trade Toni, Tony, Tony for Diane Reeves??????????? Anybody want this stuff? I don't want him in my collection. He's making Bird, Diz, Trane, Miles Dexter Stitt-Rollins nervous. My two cents for now
  14. Nicholas Payton - Joey DeFrancesco

    Went to see Nicholas Payton with Tim Warfield, Anthony Wonsey, Adonis Rose and Reuben Rodgers at the Black Cat in S.F. All stellar Young Lions at one point and I have their individual cd's. But tonight IMO, they were a little flat. I couldn't hear Warfield tonight. All the songs were originals or from previous cd Gumbo Nouveau. Seemed like on some songs, the head/melody sounded better the the soloing. Although, Payton did have a nice ballad. As for Joey, went to see him at Yoshi's in Oakland Jan 12. Where he used to play trumpet and saxophone for a little extra on the side, now he wants to be featured on both. So, he has a second Organist (who's very good, can't remember his name) who doubles on Guitar when Joey is on Organ. Although he's not the only one, imo Joey is the greatest Jimmy Smith styled Jazz Organist alive and when he's on the other two instruments, my ears feel like they're being robbed. The drummer was exceptional. His last name is Marshall, I think from Pilly and plays like Byron Landham on steroids.......The last Master I saw that was 100% satisfying to me was Ernie Watts and I'm telling you at 76, these young guys would not want to mix it up with him
  15. Braxton Cook

    Anybody heard of this young fellow Braxton Cook? Went to see him at The Black Cat, 400 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA. Don't remember names but his supporting cast was mediocre at best. However, my main statement here is about the club. One of the worst experiences in my life. The club is right in the middle of one of the worst neighborhoods in The City, The Tenderloin. I was lucky to find a parking space close by, still, walking past homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk was unpleasant to say the least. Club was sardines in a can crowded upstairs. I must admit the downstairs music room was cozy and intimate. There seemed to be mass confusion as far as seating goes, was moved from original seating. I could say a lot more but I'll leave it here by saying Bird and Diz would have to come back from the dead for me to return. Sad. Mr. Tipples is a much better venue.......
  16. Bud Powell

    The Amazing Bud Powell Vol's 1-5 Blues In The Closet Bud Plays Bird The Complete Essen Jazz Festival Concert The Genius Of Bud Powell Live In Lausanne 1962 More Unissued Vol.1 1953-1959 Parisian Thoroughfares Salt Peanuts Strictly Confidential Strictly Powell To all my experts out there, here's what I have. Am I missing anything essential?
  17. Ravi Coltrane

    Did anybody go see Ravi Coltrane in Santa Cruz. I think it was Monday night. I wanted to go but didn't for fear of I might hear
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I'm making a playlist of Monk tunes A to Z. Right now Jackie-ing from 5 by 5
  19. Earl Bostic - the general thread

    I care about him because my dad Elmon Wright along with his best buddy Benny Golson played in his bands
  20. The Cookers

    Saw The Cookers for the 2nd or 3rd time at Yoshi's Oakland last night Thurs 2-20-2020, have all their cd's. As much as I like these guys, they're starting to look and sound a little tired, worn, weathered but still doing serious touring. Soon will be in the Netherlands. We all know what Kenny Rogers said, might be time for these guys to "fold em"
  21. RIP Dr. Lonnie Smith

    Wow, I'm late on this one. Was listening to Spiral and decided to see if he was touring. although we're all gonna go, FUCK, I'm pissed right now.
  22. Ernie Watts

    Thanks. No Stones.
  23. Ernie Watts

    Went to see Ernie Watts Saturday night at the 222 in Healdsburg, CA. This will be a short one because I can't find enough words to describe what I saw/heard. At 76 years of age, sounds like he's 36. Absolutely phenomenal. At times, I thought I was hearing the reincarnation of Trane. Nice comments between songs about Cannonball, Ornette, Haden, Pettiford, Monk. Problem is, why did I have to drive 80 miles to see him. What happened to San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose where the bulk of the people are? Other than a 39 min delay at Richmond/San Rafael Bridge and torrential downpour, it was well worth the drive. Supporting trio was also great, Marc Seals on piano. I forget the names of the drummer and bassist, both very good.......
  24. Bud Powell

    As usual, thanks to all my trusted experts. All of you deserve a pat on the back. I really appreciate all the great suggestions.
  25. Greatest John Coltrane solos

    What LP or CD is #9 on