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  1. Chronological Classics next batch

    Any news on these reissues?
  2. Burton Greene

    Yes it's excellent . Liner notes by someone well known here. Thanks! Must check this one out.
  3. Burton Greene

    Anyone checked out this album from last year: "Live At Kerrytown House"?
  4. Chronological Classics next batch

    That Leo Parker should be a fine one as well. Will get that.
  5. Chronological Classics next batch

    Looking forward to see more of the Classics series! Would be great to get new releases as well. Wonder if the Blues & Rhythm series will be revived too?
  6. African Music

    Anyone heard of this fella? Koo Nimo - Highlife Roots Revival
  7. Greatest LPs to never make it to CD

    Jack Teagarden - Shades Of Night
  8. Lance Armstrong

    A convincing 39 seconds, then back to the old Lance Armstrong
  9. African Music

    Your posting this sent me off to Amazon UK to see if I could get one there. Yes! Many thanks - I din't know this had been reissued. That sent me off to the Kindreed Spirits site, to see if the firm had issued any more material from the Mali Kunkan label. They have. This is a compilation of 'Super Biton National de Segou' Mali Kunkan KO77.04.13 plus 3 of the 5 tracks from 'Super Biton National de Segou' Mali Kunkan KO77.04.14. BRILLIANT music. If anyone hasn't got this stuff, get on yer bike! Also, and even MORE BRILLIANT! Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti - Mali Kunkan KO77.04.15. This is effin' INCREDIBLE music!!!!! Buy immediately!!!! MG Thanks for the tip on these! Gotta check these out.
  10. What music did you buy today?

    Little Brother Montgomery - Farro Street Jive Miles Davis - Quiet Nights Roy Milton - Big Fat Mama (Vinyl) V.A. - Too Late Too Late vol.2 (Document Records)
  11. Lance Armstrong

    Index Of Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations Over The Years | http://www.cyclingne...-over-the-years
  12. New film: Beware Mr. Baker

    Seems to be a film to watch.,89234/
  13. What music did you buy today?

    Henry Flynt - Glissando Vol.1 Henry Flynt - New American Ethnic Music Volume 1: You Are My Everlovin Karen Dalton - 1966 (Vinyl) Karen Dalton - Cotton Eyed Joe Karen Dalton - Green Rocky Road Meshell Ndegeocello - Bitter
  14. Why can't I eat the core of the apple?