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  2. Glad to see that Mosaic released this. I'll get it, but am in no hurry as I do have most of it already. So - it's going on my Christmas list. Supposedly, I'm hard to buy for. Imagine that. So, I'm going to hold off and make it easy again. That's how I got the Clark, Hubbard, and Henderson sets. I hope that Mosaic continues with their Blue Note set releases. There are still quite a few opportunities from my standpoint, but I know that Mosaic does not always see it that way. I really don't keep tabs on how readily available BN artists are on CD these days - which is always a factor when determining set viability - but I count among the potential opportunities Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd (the non Adams stuff), Horace Silver, Kenny Burrell, Chick Corea, The Three Sounds, Jimmy Smith, Grant Green (sans Sonny Clark), and maybe even Dexter Gordon and Herbie Hancock as it's been so long since their BN sets were released. I have some other thoughts as well, but have mentioned enough already.
  3. I'm curious why the "Now" tunes that were recorded in 1969 were omitted. Those would be the first five songs on the 2004 release of "Now" that also includes some live material from 1977. The set is not sold as complete - with these omissions the reason for that AFAIK. I know that the vocals would not be everyone's cup of tea, but the music on those songs is very strong IMO.
  4. Complete Blue Note Recordings of George Braith
  5. The pre-order/sale price is in effect through February 11.
  6. The Sonny Clark set has arrived! It's a 15th wedding anniversary gift from my wife - somewhat delayed from the August date by back-orders. But better late than never and I'm home today - so I will be playing it the rest of the day. Set number 2181.
  7. Sonny Clark set back in stock at Mosaic. One set is on the way to my house.
  8. Well, my order summary that traces the timeline from order placed on November 21 to delivery of December 29 also states that my order is expected to ship on January 6th, 2024. Seems like they need to tighten up a few loose ends over there Order updates Past step: Confirmed November 21 Past step: On its way December 28 Past step: Out for delivery December 29 Current step: Delivered December 29 Your order has been delivered Your order has been delivered to the address you provided. If you haven’t received it, or if you have any other problems, contact us. Your order is expected to ship on January 6, 2024 FedEx tracking number:
  9. I placed an order on November 21, 2023. It arrived today - December 29, 2023. One of the CDs I ordered was a Christmas album - so now I have it in time for next Christmas.
  10. Got an email today stating that the Don Byas sale price will be good only through Sunday 11/26 I then ordered my set.
  11. I was only able to see the painting that is the album cover. I like it a lot. I did a search for more of his art and came up with this one entitled "Audience" Nice work, IMO Here's a few more: Who knew? Nice stuff. Interesting.
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