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  1. I've been really enjoying this the last couple of evenings. Funny thing is I never noticed that despite being a 6 disc set, the spine says Mosaic MD7-262
  2. I've really enjoyed the recent 60s Mobley, Henderson and Hubbard sets and play them frequently despite having most of the music on individual CDs, albeit many of which are pretty old McMasters. I'd love to see Mosaic continue to release Blue Note stuff like Hutcherson, Shorter, Silver, the Three Sounds, McLean, Morgan 60s etc.
  3. Since I have most, if not all of the stuff on this set, I'm not in a hurry to get it. But the situation was the same for me with Joe Henderson, the Mobley 60s set and Freddie Hubbard. Yet - I play those sets all the time. So I'm going to do what I did for the three sets I just mentioned - I'm putting the Sonny Clark on my Christmas list.
  4. PM sent on Rollins Freelance Years and the Prestice Records Story
  5. I was able to find some time to listen to this over the bast couple of days. Really nice. I'm enjoying as well. Great songs, some nice grooves, a little grease, and a very good band with nice solos. A really good listen, IMO. Congratulations to Jim.
  6. I just turned 66, but I've been buying Mosaic sets since I was 40, which is the age at which I found out about Mosaic
  7. Just messaged GP about the Coltrane sets. Hope they're still there for the taking
  8. My set arrived unexpectedly this morning and I just started listening. I ordered my set by credit card on January 11th. FWIW, I have received set number 0056.
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