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  1. Coltrane Complete Prestige Box

    Received a large FedEx box today containing everything noted in the shipping notification. I have a lot of listening ahead
  2. Coltrane Complete Prestige Box

    Good advice Paul... OK, latest timeline update for all the other "junkies". Just received the shipping notice for my rather large order (placed 7/19/06) including both the Coltrane and Evans boxes. The only CD that didn't ship was the Boss Tenor K2. All in all .
  3. Coltrane Complete Prestige Box

    Was it a large order? Those seem to be taking longer. That could be the reason. Both the Evans and Coltrane boxes in addition to 31 singles. On second thought, maybe another pay period or two wouldn't hurt.
  4. Coltrane Complete Prestige Box

    This is interesting. I place my order on 7/19 and haven't received a shipping notice.
  5. Order sent. Thanks Allen!
  6. David, Thanks for tip on Amazon.co.uk. I just placed an order for the Basie (already have the Farlow). Refund of the VAT offset the shipping. I don't really care when it arrives...as long as it arrives.
  7. 9 CD Set: That Devilin Tune

    Alan--email sent. I'm also interested in the book.
  8. Yourmusic.com corner

    Thanks Chuck and Ron. I'll see what happens with the next RVG releases. I should feel guilty about trying to save $2 per disc (RVG) and $3 per disc on the Living Stereo. I've purchased everyone of both releases over the past few years. It begins to add up. Besides, the money I save will go towards Smithsonian and Library of Congress releases.
  9. Yourmusic.com corner

    I am a relative newcomer to yourmusic.com. Do all of the Blue note RVG reissues eventually make their way to this site? Ditto for the SACD hybrid Living Stereo reissues? What is the normal lag time from release? Thanks!
  10. What was your first Mosaic?

    Miles Davis/Gil Evans Columbia LP set
  11. How old are you?

    49 + 1 next month...O.K. 50!! My three sons are planning all kinds of grief and havoc for me. They should be so lucky when they reach this age. B-)
  12. Columbia Small Group Swing Sessions

    This is great news! I'm a real fan of Mosaic's "multi-artist" releases (Classic Capitol Jazz and H.R.S. and Atlantic New Orleans Jazz, in particular). I keep complete CDR sets of the first two in my desk at work so I can enjoy the variety. This set of swing sessions could be my first pre-order!
  13. Hi, I have an extra copy of Verve Elite Lalo Schrifrin's The Dissection and reconstruction of music from the past as performed by the inmates of Lalo Schifrin's demented ensemble as a tribute to the memory of the Marquis de Sade. The CD is not sealed; however, CD, inner and outer packaging are in near mint condition. I would like to trade it for Verve Elite Buddy Defranco and Oscar Peterson play George Gershwin. I would like similar condition. PM or email to smumac@earthlink.net. Thanks, David
  14. Glenn Miller Centenary Series (?)

    Thanks for the info! I gave a copy of the Secret Broadcasts to my son a few years ago. I'll see if he still has it. My mistake on the disc count in this series...it's 20 discs!
  15. Glenn Miller Centenary Series (?)

    Hi, Anybody have comments/recommendations about the first two sets of this Avid series? They will be up to 16 discs later this month. thanks, David