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  1. Hi All, The latest updates is that I am having my bone scan and CT scan this coming Tuesday, 7/22/08. The results will be sent to my primary physician and my urologist with whom my wife and I will be meeting the following Monday, 7/28/08. While my PSA was a normal rate of 3.7, there was a lump which was defined as Stage B. My Gleason score is 7, which puts me in the intermediate catagory. That catagory also defines which treatments are available. However, a Stage B and Gleason score of 7 has to be confirmed by a bone and CT scan to determine if the cancer has spread or not. That information is what we will be finding out on 7/28/08. If I remain at the present ratings, it is pretty much assured my cancer growth can be halted, slowed down and most likely killed, thereby affecting a cure by choosing one of a few options that will be available to me. Thanks for your interest, concern and support. Bruce W aka Vibeman27 aka Piston fan and also your friend and colleague. :-)
  2. How's the weather?

    Bracing for another week of triple digit heat in San Bernardino.
  3. How's the weather?

    Yeah, we in San Bernardino, were supposed to have thunderstorms and rain, but no way, only a few drops and that was it. Next 7 days in 100"s.
  4. How's the weather?

    Tain't Necessarily So my friend...... A few days ago I needed the heat on in the mornings and late at night and now it is hot as hell (San Bernardino, Calif.) and I am not British...
  5. I'm not in the pool, however because I am paying enough for cable itself. But I would like to say "Hello guys, I'm back, still kicking and alive and still (at this point in time) beating the cancer. If I had to pick a team to win it all it would be Denver as long as Payton is healthy and playing. BruceW
  6. How's the weather?

    Well, here in San Bernardino, California, it has been in the 100's where I live, for the last 3-4 weeks. It gets no ink because the temp predictions for San B are from a lower location in the city. But,up here it is sweltering every day. And, there is no relief in sight. The ONLY good thing is that it is a dry heat and very little humidity; some but very little. Be cool, Bruce
  7. How do you choose your avatar?

    When I posted I was trying to get the attention of the monitors. I have an Avatar (profle picture) but it does not show up. Does anyone know why, that is the question. I had posted in another forum but they never answered. In reply to your post, I was posting a lot with the old format (the bulletin board with the color background). When they went to the white background with pastel color prints, I lost interest. It was harder on the eyes. I personally think the Forums was a lot more successful and fun with the old format. But whatever works for the boss.
  8. How do you choose your avatar?

    I've posted before, WHY is my profile avatar not showing? I have been a member for years.
  9. NBA 2012 -- 2013

    I think it is ridiculous how everyone downplays the genius of Pat Riley. LeBron is going nowhere. Also Lakers are going nowhere, they are not even developing a viable replacement for Kobe. Kobe will not last forever just like everyone else. Right now, Kobe cannot accept a secondary role on the court; if he can't return and be the #1 guy, then he is through, he will come to realize the effects the injury will have on his health. and face it, the CLIPPERS ARE IN TOWN!! :-) hey hey! Comon, don't tell me you cannot see the smile on Billy Crystal's face......:-)
  10. RIP Virgil Trucks

    Yeah I remember Newhouser, Trucks, Trout, Houttermann. Not to mention Greenberg. Evers, Wertz, Groth, Kell.... and Vico the first guy I ever saw catch a ball at first base doing the splits.
  11. Back in business

    I was having problems months and months ago. Could not determine what was wrong of if anyone else was having problems. I left the board for quite awhile. I see now, there were others having problems. I'm glad to be back. How do I get my picture back on display???? It is in my profile info.
  12. NBA 2012

    There was a question about basketball that showed up in another Forum. Let's get it going here. My question: What is wrong with Lebron James. The general belief is that this is the best player in the world. BUT he has yet to win an NBA crown. He has been to the Finals twice with two different teams and both times "he has checked out at the most crucial times in the games." He also "checked out" at the end of the All Star game just past and a night ago, he "checked out" again at the end. Argument: Is Lebron James afraid to not have a perfect game? Is Lebron James afraid to take the last shot when the game is on the line? and especially big big games. I don't think he can even be considered to be the "best player" until he gets his head straight regarding "the big shot in the big game." I personally don't want to hear anymore about "I let my team down again." Just do it and Lebron "You won't be the first or last player to seek psychological help on subjects like this. Just do it. Just sayin'

    ATTENTION EVERYONE, ANYONE. A couple of weeks ago I was receiving email notices as usual of new postings. Then all of a sudden I opened one and the screen partially "blacked out" (almost whole screen) as if someone had posted a video that would not completely load. I was looking at either the NBA 2012 or the one about The Weather. I never could get that posting to open. Today I tried opening just any posting and I get the same blackout. So, something is terribly wrong and I didn't do it because I didn't post. I merely tried to open a post notification. And it is strange because my email protection also did not pick up anything like a virus. So I'm left with "What happened"???? Bruce
  14. NBA 2012

    Before the season starts, it's just on paper. You have to play the games. And there are a lot of them.
  15. How's the weather?

    Same here in San Bernardino at the Foothills.
  16. NBA 2012

    Well how about that.....
  17. How's the weather?

    Rotasi Where are you located? Info would help. Me, I am in San Bernardino, Calif. and for the last three days it has been over 100 degrees F also.
  18. NBA 2012

    Man, Steve Nash is 38 years old. Lakers giving away 1013 1st round pick, 1015 1st round pick, 1014 2nd round pick and 2015 2nd round pick. Where is the future?? They won't be able to rebuild or trade. Kobe won't last forever.... Maybe they have figured out a way to get Bynum to act like a man instead of a spoiled child.
  19. NBA 2012

    This is a nice argument from Allen's point of view. I doubt Pat Riley is concerned with saving a player money and reducing his taxes. Miami is at their best when they are running, running. Riley is interested in championships and building a winning team with a future. You can't get that from an aging veteran. Besides Boston like Seattle, if they suspect Allen is going to same division or conference they will get in the way if possible and ostruct even if it means keeping Allen. Now Allen being a UFA is a different story. It will be interesting.
  20. NBA 2012

    Don't hate 'em at all. I enjoyed watching the Heat during their playoff run. I am dreading the outcry, though, if either Nash or Allen should sign with Miami. Just hate to see those guys burned in effigy in Phoenix or Boston. I don't hate or love them, but I just can't see Pat Riley spending money like that regardless whether Nash or Allen "want" to come to Miami. I think the problem is getting a very capable "big" man to help out. If possible Riley is not going to lose Battiea to free agency. Battiea earned the right to stay (be paid appropriately).
  21. NBA 2012

    I don't get it, why do you guys think the Heat now needs an aging veteran at guard??? Whether it is Nash, or Allen??? Just to help out the teams losing them?? The Heat (like or or not) won without an aging guard. They had a couple other players who are aging, Howard for one, but they have their veteran in Wade, youth in Charlmers, Cole and there is one other young dude. Do you guys hate the Heat that much that you think Pat Riley is going to start stocking up on aging guards??
  22. NBA 2012

    aw jon - don't be a hater!!!!!!!!!! a welcome addition particularly when considering that miller is having (career ending?) back surgery in the off-season. Wouldn't Heat be looking for a bigger body to replace Miller, not a guard? this is a good point - but i think if Ray is available the heat won't pass him up! The only thing is, is that they don't need Ray (Heat has Lebron, Wade, Charlmers and Battiea to hit 3's) and if Ray still has that much left in the tank, the Celtics will keep him. If Ray is a free agent, then who is going to pay the money he would require for an aging guard?? Not the Heat, they are winning now. They don't need an aging veteran, they have young talent on the way up to groom with their present winning team.
  23. NBA 2012

    aw jon - don't be a hater!!!!!!!!!! a welcome addition particularly when considering that miller is having (career ending?) back surgery in the off-season. Wouldn't Heat be looking for a bigger body to replace Miller, not a guard?
  24. NBA 2012

    and tonight!! and tonight!!!!! :excited: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, you were right!
  25. NBA 2012

    and tonight!! and tonight!!!!! :excited: hey, hey, hey, you're not giddy anymore, you're outright testy!! Go OKC, make em play 6