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  1. Jazz driving tapes

    I have to be careful, whenever I play "Bitches Brew" and drive I5, I find myself going ninety!
  2. Board is back in business, looks like!

    Thanks Jim for keeping it going. Excuse the french, but these hackers are pure assholes.
  3. Jazz at the Philharmonic

    Put me on the side the digs JATP. I have the box set, and most of the others, and I play them a lot. There is something about the best of the JATP that I find, dare I say it? fun! Sure, there are moment that are kitsch, with the honking and yelling, especially the Chicago date, but there's more than enough great times to make it worthwhile. Parker, Young, The Hawk, Nat King Cole, Oscar Peterson, Illinios Jaquet (sp!), Ella, Les Paul, and many more greats -- what's not to like?
  4. Board is back in business, looks like!

    Maybe Tom sent the Dreaded Blue Note Street Team on a "special mission."
  5. Board is back in business, looks like!

    Great to have Organissimo back on the air!
  6. Similar Albums to Kind of Blue

    Herbie Hancock's Maidan Voyage has a nice KofB feel to it.
  7. How many JRVGs do you own?

    I own 26, mostly cd's I could never find domestic releases for, though I have most of the Jimmy Smith's. My favorite is "Back at the Chicken Shack", great job by RVG on this one.
  8. Friday is Talk Like a Pirate Day

    me new pirate name be Red James Kidd! Arrrrrr......
  9. I loved the book -- never realized that the BBC did a series on it, thanks for the heads-up. If you like TTSS, you would love the book The Untouchable by John Banville. It's a book based on the life of Anthony Blunt.
  10. The night Artie Shaw walked off the bandstand

    I think Aric was refering to the story tha tShaw shattered his kneecap into five pieces in Alcapulco. In a way, that is getting "mangeled".
  11. Anyone seen the Mobley vinyl box

    There's one up for bidding now.... Mobley LP Set
  12. The night Artie Shaw walked off the bandstand

    November 17 - 18, 1939. The liners state Shaw left for Mexico on the 18th, so I would assume that the actual walking off took place the evening of the November 17.
  13. The night Artie Shaw walked off the bandstand

    I took these quotes from The Complete Artie Shaw Volume III -- this great lp set, I don't think, has been reissued. Great liners to them. Prior to Artie's sudden escape to warmer climes, we had no inkling that a move was imminent." trumpter Bernie Privin reports. "Before that memorable evening at New York's Hotel Pennsylvania, everything seemed essentially normal to the men in the band. We were doing beautifully." "Evidence of strain of Artie? Yes, I recall a few nights before he made his decision to split, he got a request from a lady in the Cafe Rouge, where we were working, to play a rhumba. He was essentially short with her. "Lady," he said, "you're in the wrong room!" Henry Geller remembers: Artie suddenly left the stand about 11 P.M. Tony Pastor took over the band." Robinson adds: "He called us to his room upstairs in the Hotel Pennsylvania, and came directly to the point. "I've had it." He said He asked us to vote among ourselves about going on, and about a new leader. Georgie Auld was elected." As is usually the case, it was a straw that broke the camel's back. On that fateful night, "because of a slight unpleasantness with some idiot on the floor in front of the band, who was evidently trying to impress his partner by using me as a focal point for his witticisms, I suddenly decided I'd had it," Shaw say in his autobiography. [My favorite Shaw quote -- Matthew] I remember thinking frequently of a four-line poem, called "Composer" by a writer who died and left little else behind: 'He struck three chords / For beauty's sake / And one / To pay the rent.' For a time, I ws striking three chords for beauty's sake and one to pay the rent -- the salaries of the men, the buses that took us from place to place, the booking commissions. While there was enough for beauty's sake and the music remainded primary, I could subsist emotionally. When it got to be four for the rent, I could no longer take it. There was nothing left for me."
  14. September listening...

    In lush pop heaven with: The Pernice Brothers: --- The World Won't End --- Yours, Mine & Ours
  15. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    My last one...
  16. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    One of Nelson's famous records...
  17. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    Sorry, I can't resist....
  18. September listening...

    The Great Teddy Edwards: --- With Les McCann Ltd. (Pacific Jazz) --- Sunset Eyes (Pacific Jazz) --- Feelin's (Muse Records) Miles Davis: --- The Complete Blackhawk Sessions (Mosaic) --- Andrew Hill Blue Note Sessions (Mosaic)
  19. Almost the whole Pacific Jazz label is lp only, and $20 a shot at that. The only exception to this rule is all those crappy Bud Shank foo-foo lps he did. You can't give those away!
  20. Count me in on the "yes" side. It would save people who don't own turntables the bother of reading about lp's if they don't want to.
  21. The Ford cd looks like a great line-up, so I voted for that one.
  22. September listening...

    Bright Eyes: Vinyl Box Set This has all of Bright Eyes early stuff. Darn, but Connor Oberst has become my favorite rock musician right now. Great songwriter, just hope he doesn't blow it.
  23. September listening...

    Bright Eyes: Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground. Believe the Hype! Conon Oberst is the real thing and this is an incredible album.
  24. Anyone seen the Mobley vinyl box

    If my memory is correct, it appeared three times in the last four months, with the price being well over $500 each time. I remember one going for $800+. Be prepared to spend major money if you want it on ebay.
  25. September listening...

    All kinds of crazy stuff... Jimmy Smith: --- Midnight Special --- Crazy Baby! Darn that Dusty Groove for having these lp's on sale! Genesis: --- Foxtrot --- Selling England by the Pound --- The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Yes: --- Close to the Edge --- Fragile --- Tales from Topographic Oceans --- Relayer Miles Davis: --- Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings (Mosaic) --- The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965 (Mosaic)