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  1. Oh, Lord! It looks like another job for "Internet Cop". is a great site to buy from, so enjoy it.

    Well, this board has just "Jumped the Shark!"
  3. Nominations for future "albums of the week"

    My suggestion would be this: Instead of an "Album of the Week", have The Album of the Month. This would allow for more detailed listening and comments, as well as giving people a chance to buy the cd if it's not already in their collection (only about half the AOTW's have been in mine). There is also the fact that sometimes people are not able to listen a cd until the weekend.
  4. Parker Lewis Can't Loose It appeared on Fox for about three seasons, and, don't ask me why, but I really enjoyed the show. Sometimes stupid is fun. B)
  5. Rock On...

    Like a couple of others on this thread, I'm just starting to listen to rock again afters years of ignoring it. It all began when I started listening to Led Zeppelin again, and realizing just how good they were. Just put any of their records on, and you get 45 minutes on good, primo, rock 'n roll. I'm starting to even buy the Classic Record lp's of the Zepp that are out. Love is always good for a trippy flashback, along with the Byrds. I still can't get into the Beatles, they just don't click for me, much rather listen to the Ramones anyday of the week. The Grateful Dead have been in my car cd player a lot, it's great music when you get stuck on the L.A. freeways. I just on a streak where jazz seems kinda "blah" right now, so I'm taking a little break from it, playing only about two jazz cd's a week for the past month or so.
  6. Ebay craziness

    That often means there is a "reserve price" that has to be met for the item. Looking at the prices, I would say that the "reserve price" was $200.00, so the person kept going up $10.00 until he hit $200.00, thus insuring that he would have a chance to win the set.
  7. New Mosaic Homepage

    Oh, how could I forget -- Aric has a few "reviews" on the Mosaic website also.
  8. New Mosaic Homepage

    I wrote the Teddy Wilson review that compared his music to Henry James. My excuse is that it was written late at night, and I just had to write something on this great set. After listening to most of the set one night, I felt I just had to write about the passion that was in the music, and, by chance, I was reading a ton of Henry James at the time. So, viola! the comparison came about. If I had it to do over, I feel I could write something much better. I believe that Lon wrote the review about "The Ordered Universe of Teddy Wilson" that also appears. Beware that late night urges to write a Mosaic review.
  9. This item is gone. Thank you for your interest. Matthew
  10. Your 'old slippers'....

    Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim. This is one of the most relaxingly intense albums I've heard, and I play it all the time, whatever mood, it helps get me through the day. Flamin' Groovies: Shake Some Action I've had this record since it first came out in 1976, and when I play it, so many memories flood into my mind, that it seems my life is flashing in front of me.
  11. How about the re-issue lp's that are out. Is the sound for those an improvement over the cd versions? I, also, would like to convert my Mile's to lp.
  12. I'm sure Ashcroft would also love to know my number...
  13. Album Of The Week: June 1 - 7

    What I love most about this album, is that Armstrong is dealing with an artist who is truly his equal: W.C. Handy. Yes, Armstrong is playing great on this record, but the more I listen to it, the more I'm drawn into the world that Handy created in his songs. It a world of joy, love, hatred, death, and everything in between. Where a person's life is so precarious, that he/she needs live life now! because it can be gone in a minute. For Handy, real life is not with the "officially good people", but with those who know how to enjoy life, and take advantage of that golden moment where life is truly a joy -- where friends gather to celebrate this gift of being alive; where they gather to hear the blues being played from the heart. So, here's to the world of W.C. Handy and the Kingdom of the Blues.
  14. It sounds like the Pistons took "The Best Record in the East" too seriously. The reality was that 1-8 were fairly equal in quality. The Pistons just ran into a Net team that got really HOT at the right time. Doubt that Larry Brown could improve them at all, the Pistons just don't seem to have the players that will respond to Brownie running them down in the press constantly.
  15. Do you quote within a quote?? You know, those multi-box quotes. I must be stupid because this has become one of the great mysteries of life for me. Please enlighten me!
  16. True to Blue?

    I'd stay here. I'm sure that Musicboy, with his great industry connections, will be one of the Mods on the BNBB.
  17. Rock On with Zep...

    Got How the West was Won today, and as was said before, it is a totally killer cd. Great sound, and Jimmy Page plays like a true guitar god on this one. Fantastic buy at $19.00 for three cd's (Verve, take note!). Only thing missing was the old 1960's lp admonition "For best sound PLAY LOUD!" Rock on forever Led Zeppelin.
  18. How in the name of all that is good....

    catesta Posted on May 28 2003, 02:11 PM In the name of musicboy, I beg of you to leave it. One of my threads might be censored! Now I know how Greg felt! PS: I did it!!!!
  19. How in the name of all that is good....

    Do you remember when Kirk defeated that insane computer on Star Trek using essentially the same method...? It's nice to know I finally made my mark. PS: I still can't do it though.
  20. How in the name of all that is good....

    Infinity + 1 SUGAR!
  21. How in the name of all that is good....

    Man, I must be listening to too much Led Zeppelin!
  22. How in the name of all that is good....

    I hope I have it??
  23. What can't you get enough of?

    Jackie MacLean's "Soft Blue". I play that at least six times in a row when I have the Mosiac playing.
  24. How in the name of all that is good....

    Getting father away now