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  1. Name Three People...

    DeWitt Clinton William Cullen Bryant James Madison
  2. Gambling: PowerBall Mania

    FWIW which equals NOTHING in reality, one of the winning tickets was sold about 4 miles from my home.....lightning strike missed me by just THIS much!
  3. Gambling: PowerBall Mania

    I saw that the odds of a win were right around 1 - 300,000,000 No Problemo
  4. Horace Silver 1928-2014

    Fixed. Activist jazz fans should see to it that the man and his music are properly represented here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_premature_obituaries Wiki had Horace RIP early this morning and took it down.
  5. It's just the right thing to do, like driving on the RIGHT side of the road!
  6. 2005 Holiday Tunes for you!

    Just had Tim on the program last week....killer band....nice vibe throughout,some clever twists on classics. Definitely one that will get many future spins goes to the top of the holiday stack!
  7. Horace Silver 1928-2014

    ...and Wiki had today as the date of his demise and removed it
  8. Horace Silver 1928-2014

    I received the news from a very good private source with no reason to doubt....truly sorry if mistaken now the NPR (no name) saying Mr.Silver's son reports he's alive. I'm not quite certain that this is settled at this moment however...
  9. Those who have passed away this year in the world of jazz in 2013

    Virginia Wicks...publicist/agent dies at age 93. I can't recall exactly when we began to have talks [which I thought to record, but didn't; learned so much on every occasion ]. She was affiliated with not only musicians, but many star entertainers. I was a newcomer to college radio, and each time we spoke she spent time with me as if I were from the NY Times or a major TV outlet. She introduced me to Eldar's music on one of our first calls, when he was 15, and I believe he did his first radio interview with us on KSJS. He first client was Nat King Cole dating back to 1944 in NY Some excerpts of an article when she died in March: "Among those she represented in jazz were Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Josh White, the Modern Jazz Quartet, Norman Granz and his Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts and Verve Records, Lionel Hampton, jazz critic Leonard Feather (and his daughter, Lorraine) , George Shearing, Al Grey, Julie London, Charlie Barnet, Annie Ross, Jon Hendricks, James Moody, the Lionel Hampton and Newport Jazz Festivals, Jean Bach’s documentary film A Great Day In Harlem and Eldar Djangirov, the jazz piano phenom who at age 19 in 2005 dedicated his recorded composition “Lady Wicks” to his pro-bono publicist and friend. Other clients included Rock Hudson, Shari Lewis, Eartha Kitt, Cornel Wilde, Theo Bikel, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Harry Belafonte, Jean Pierre Aumont, Grace Kelly, the Hi Lo’s, John Ireland, the Clara Ward Singers, Dorothy Dandridge, Polly Bergen, Joel Grey, Salvador Dali, producer/director Herb Ross, Diahann Carroll, Pat Carroll, Orson Bean, Howard Keel, Arlene Dahl, Red Buttons, the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, and Bobby Short. Wicks established her public relations firm in New York in the late ’40s and made her trek west in 1958. Virginia Elaine Wicks was born in Long Beach on Dec. 9, 1920"
  10. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 12/18 We've been all over North America for our 2013 guests....for our final featured artist we're going to stay close to home. The B-3 torch is being handed down in very good hands to the very talented Kevin Coelho with his new album "Turn It Up."
  11. Happy Birthday Clark Terry

    My sit down interview with CT a number of years ago remains a treasured memory.
  12. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Today's "Straight No Chaser" Broadcast 90.5FM KSJS, San Jose and www.ksjs.org 10am [RIP] Jim Hall - Concierto de Aranjuez - Concierto Barry Danielian -The Longing - Metaphorically Speaking Ellis Marsalis - Sleigh Ride - A New Orleans Christmas Carol Houston Person -Stolen Sweets - Nice n' Easy Brian Gephart - Disposition - Standing on Two Feet Michael Pedicin - Newtown - Ubuntu 11am [RIP Jim Hall] Sonny Rollins - John S. - The Bridge Doug Webb - Another Step -Another Scene George Cotsirilos Trio - Justn Case - Variations Ian Hendrickson Smith - The Sorry For Laughing Blues - Tonight Is Now Bill Evans - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Christmas Songs [compilation] Mike Longo & New York State Of The Art Jazz Ensemble - Live From NY -Whisper Not Jon Hamar - Prospect Park West - Idyl Wild Ben Allison - The Stars Look Very Different Today Album - D.A.V.E. 12pm Terell Stafford -Shake It For Me - Taking Chances Enrico Granafei - Medley - Alone and Together Fareed Haque - I Got It Bad - Out Of Nowhere Tardo Hammer - [Title song] Simple Pleasure Etta Jones - Santa Baby - Jazz For A Christmas Present [savoy compilation] Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers - Good Juice - A Tribute To Big John Patton Craig Yaremko Organ Trio - Jitterbug Waltz 1pm Featured and interviewed artist: Tim Warfield - with a 'twofer' "Tim Warfield's Jazzy Christmas" and "Eye of the Beholder" CDs Jazzy Christmas - Santa Clause Is Coming To Town Eye Of The Beholder - Second Thoughts Jazzy Christmas - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Eye Of The Beholder - Blues For Mr. Bill
  13. Jim Hall R.I.P.

    http://youtu.be/f6xAkULRuUk http://youtu.be/gEBnek07FgA Library of Congress 2009.....58 minutes wonderful presentation
  14. Jim Hall R.I.P.

    LOVED this.....thanks for posting!!
  15. Jim Hall R.I.P.

    Confirmations coming in from various sources.....RIP to this great musician and wonderful gentleman
  16. NFL 2013

    Yesterday was the most TD's ever scored in a single day in NFL history. With all the bad weather games didn't keep the scores down.
  17. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    Is there a cap on how many from the group that can be put in? Marvin Miller LONG overdue! Others I'd say Cox, Larussa, Joe & George
  18. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 12/11 Here's a delightful 'twofer' if there ever was one! Saxophonist Tim Warfield recorded this terrific holiday album during the summer of 2012....just a couple of months later he assembles nearly the exact same cast in the same studio for his 2013 Criss Cross release "Eye Of The Beholder"
  19. Nelson Mandela has passed away

    That man left a mark!!
  20. Dental Implant vs. bridge

    Mine.....not 1 penny!
  21. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Today's "Straight No Chaser" Broadcast 90.5FM KSJS, San Jose & www.ksjs.org 10am Dexter Gordon - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Jingle Bell Jazz [compilation] Craig Yaremko Organ Trio -Beach Blanket Bebop - CYO3 Tardo Hammer - Arseatic Raes - Simple Pleasure Bill O'Connell Latin Jazz All Stars - [title song] Zocalo Duke Ellington Orchestra - Jingle Bells - A Cool Christmas [compilation] Steve Treseler Group - Cold Hammered - Center Song Foreign Motion - Kings - In Flight Pony Poindexter - Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer - Jingle Bell Jazz [compilation] Bob DeVos -Pensativa - Shadow Box 11am Tim Warfield 's Jazzy Christmas -Santa Clause Is Coming To Town Adam Rongo - You Don't Know What Love Is -Tell Your Story Ted Rosenthal Trio - Angels We Have Heard On High -Wonderland Perry Smith Quartet - Mr. R,A. The Warrior - Street Sense Mr, Ho's Orchestrotica Quartet - Would You Like bongo's With That Fugue - Music From Here/Music From There Red Garland - Winter Wonderland - Christmas Songs [compliation] Peter Bernstein W/ Tilden Webb Trio - Bones - Live at Cellar Live Jazz Club Jon Hamar - Prospect Park West - Idyl Wild Kevin Coelho - The World Is A Ghetto - Turn It Up 12pm Ben Allison - Emergency - Cowboy Justice Ben Allison -Missed - Action Refraction Tom Harrell - Family - Colors Of A Dream Janice Siegel -A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing Kneebody - Lowell - The Line Ruth Brown - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Christmas Songs [compilation] Nicholas Payton - The Pan Piper - Sketches of Spain Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers - Good Juice - Tribute To Big John Patton Ben Wanicur - Hey Dude - The Excluded Middle 1pm Ben Allison - The Stars Look Very Different Today : Featured & Interviewed Aritist D.A.V.E. Dr. Zaius The Ballad of Joe Buck No Other Side Swiss Cheese D Neutron Star
  22. Dental Implant vs. bridge

    After bone grafts months ago which are slowly taking form (should get the OK next month to move on) I have a front tooth that I'll probably get an implant. My crappy dental insurance won't pay a penny towards it. 2 other teeth were extracted at the time as well, and not sure what route to take, but I'm leaning towards something I have some coverage on and don't have to come 100% out of pocket.
  23. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    That is a crazy_ass play BTW!! I wonder if everyone came out of that play uninjured or not?
  24. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    jm It's easy; when you see a clip you want to post click 'share' below the video box.....beneath that you'll see the code highlighted in blue. Copy and paste here in a post and you've done it! http://youtu.be/r0XK9wNqlGo