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  1. Bright Moments, Bright Moments

    Totonto Film Festival
  2. Archie Shepp "French Ballads"

    Having rekindled a recent Barney Wilen, Jazz in Paris etc... jones courtesy of this board I am curious as to what this title might be like. I have only heard a spit of Shepp and have been exposed only to his more outward bounding work. Any rec here??
  3. CD Player Skipping Problem

  4. Cantelopes

    in Portugal I once had melon awash with the bar owner's own moonshine - aguardente ? - woof some crazy stuff that was.
  5. Cantelopes

    my grandmother could pick a cantaloupe like nobody's business, perfect every time. one of my many memories is of her sniffing through the stand for the best! as a kid i'd have half with vanilla ice cream scooped inside. that's health food! now i need to go find a good one.
  6. Belgium???

    did not happen upon the Belgian Comics Center museum when there ages ago but might take a look if I went again.
  7. irritating office coworkers

    Pics or it didn't happen! believe you me - I shake my head in disbelief whenever I walk by. ... and she listens to politely low thumping club music at around 3:30 everyday.
  8. irritating office coworkers

    I've just begun working in a cubicle after many, many years of hiding in my own studio lair and the being now on the other side of my corporate wall is probably one of the most perfect representatives of the opposite sex. EVER! It has not become a problem.
  9. The end of jazz at Blue Note

    His homage(?) to Hank Williams reminded me of a kind of Willner meets Hanrahan smoov thing. Some nice stuff. Orquestra Was
  10. Album Covers Guaranteed To Get Your Ass Back In Bed ASAP

    you shoulda stuck around! Frank knows intriguing placement of the tambourine and he's always ready for bed.
  11. Amy Winehouse

    +1 for not in the know. can't believe anything you read.
  12. Vocalion

    The Morrissey twofer is an essential listen. I was completely blown away by the couple cuts that were on that Impressed Vol 3 and am thankful that Vocalion presented this as complete. five star. The Hayes / Gonsalves () paired with the Johnny Scott is a bit of a "Collectables" tandem - guys furiously pedaling upfront while the big band in the rear should be on another bike altogether.
  13. Amy Winehouse

    I think Ronson predicted it before all. (sorry bout the ad)
  14. On the Midnight Special

    On Point radio WBUR
  15. Which New Release is grabbing your ears?

    So Wolleson plays vibes only on this? I didn't know about this. Seems like it would be right up my alley. tis up the CaryAlley! yes, Wolleson on vibes only with Baron on kit. I've only listened once - more of a winter-time kinda thing tho, if music could be seasonal? I've been downloading all of the Medeski Martin and Wood "20" - being released as FLACs two at a time every month this year thru MMW. I guess one could say "more of same" but I like their same and more - truly some good grease.
  16. Totally Badass Album Covers That Defy Easy Categorization

    and with a name like Colon, well, you gotta be badass
  17. Harpsichord in jazz

    yes: search function is an easy tool. two threads on that thing is tutu many.
  18. Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict

    with the crazed media and even crazier folks skirmishing to get seats and now out for blood on the street, I wonder, despite the heavy security, if were in for a "Jack Ruby"?
  19. Have you all heard about 3-D printers before???

    we have a couple SLAs at the place I work. about the size of a refrigerator and not quite the same method as the video - no powder bath, just the item being layered in space. i feel the same amazement when i walk by and peek in the window and see a freeking winnie the pooh magically appearing in the void. sending a file to the orient to get a real mold started rather than doing a two or four up laborious sculpt by hand is the norm. there are already personal ones coming out for a couple grand (no doubt the cost will lower once the porn industry gets into it) and a few local print houses are offering this to ad agencies and architects for quick presentation models. but the fact that we could just start making shit "as needed" is very cool! i was mystified as a kid at the mold a rama machines they had at the NY World's Fair and Cleveland Zoo - sure wish i still had that collection.
  20. Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict

    "12 Angry Men and the Alternate"
  21. Harpsichord in jazz

    it sure ruined a perfectly fine west coast session
  22. Vocalion

    thanks! it proves more for us in the US to go via amazon than dutton - there's always waiting on the "bastids" but no US release date is available yet.
  23. Vocalion

    are you Brits ordering them direct from Dutton?
  24. Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict

  25. Ken Burns

    I still prefer the short form piece on NASSA most of all.