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  1. My strong guess is that the two titles of "The Search" are unissued tracks related to a Freedom LP release "A little bit of Miles" in 1974. These two long titles where reissued as bonus tracks on CD "Blues for Lady Day" in 1993. I listened now to all four tracks and I believe they are from the same concert, recorded in Leiden, Holland Feb. 9th 1972 with Henk Haverhoek on bass and Pierre Courbois on drums. Maybe I'm wrong, but time and label would fit. Greetings from Vienna
  2. This is a fine Sondheim interpretation by George Adams.
  3. http://www.thirteen.org/soul/episodes/october-4-1972 Sorry i made a mistake with inserting the link.I hope it works now
  4. This is a totally unkown Rahsaan Roland Kirk Show to me.Also the other six shows seems worthwhile to watch ie. Tito Puente & Willie Colon. http://www.thirteen.org/soul/episodes/october-4-1972
  5. It was one of the top news stories on every news show on austrian television yesterday and so it is in the newspapers today.Everyone from the head of state president Heinz Fischer downwards had a statement to make.He was very popular here even for people who have nothing on mind with jazzmusic.
  6. It was just announced on Austrian Radio that Joe Zawinul died.
  7. -VOLUME 1- * Stepping Stone & Invitation » [basel, Switzerland] Woody Shaw, tp, Carter Jefferson, soprano sax; Larry Willis, pn; Stafford James, bs; Victor Lewis, ds * Body & Soul » [Keystone Korner, San Francisco, CA] Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Kirk Lightsey, pn; David Eubanks, bs; Eddie Gladden, ds * On Green Dolphin Street » [Village Vanguard, NYC] Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Woody Shaw, tp, Carter Jefferson, tenor sax; Onaje Allan Gumbs, pn; Clint Houston, bs; Victor Lewis, ds -VOLUME 2- * In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck) » [basel, Switzerland] Woody Shaw, tp, Carter Jefferson, soprano sax; Larry Willis, pn; Stafford James, bs; Victor Lewis, ds * Ala Modal (Gordon) » [Keystone Korner, San Francisco, C.A.] Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Woody Shaw, tp; Ronnie Mathews, pn; Stafford James, bs; Louis Hayes, ds * The Panther (Gordon) » [Dakar, Senegal, West Africa] Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Kirk Lightsey, pn; Chuck Metcalf, bs; Eddie Gladden, ds Just received this by e-mail from WoodyShaw.com
  8. and where did you hear this tirade by hubbard.............. BigO Worldwide Download or listen to the first title (Nommo) you you will experience it live.
  9. For all european Monday Michiru Fans.The 1999 JazzBaltica Concert will be shown on 3Sat-channel ,March 27th 2007. 3 Sat should be receptable via Astra-satellite all over europe.
  10. Eternal Rhythm-Papersleeve Edition UCCM-9027 Hear & Now-Jewel Case Hdcd-Japan Release AMCY-1283 I hope this brings you the information you wanted.
  11. The Art Farmer Sessions were due for release this fall.As I have learned recently this release is now postponed to spring.Maybe legal reasons are the cause for this.As soon as I have more info i will post it here. Greetings from Vienna
  12. It seems that you have to wait some weeks because UNIVERSAL was forced to stop delivering, due to legal problems... I've no exact informations so far, as the producer of the series is on holiday and will be back in two weeks time. I hope I'll come back with more and better infos then. Christian Emil, danke für Deine PM! ← Any more info? I haven't ordered a copy, but I am planning to do so... I hope it will be available again! ← According to very reliable sources the legal problems should be fixed very soon.It should be available again soon. greetings from Vienna
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