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  1. Looking forward to all of them. Ali is really one my favorite drummers. The last two records where I was pleasantly surprised by his company were Marion Browns Why Not and Jackie McLeans ‘Bout Soul. He always bring a certain energy to the music en even when he’s all over the place the structure and rhythm remains there. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Jim Duckworth said:

    Passing Ships - Wikipedia

    Such a great record.

    2 hours ago, Dodo said:

    Thanks for these! Gonna track down all of these that I haven't heard yet, Blood and Guts looks amazing, I think Mal's live recordings tend to be my favorites from him, so I'm definitely excited to hear this one. Your blog looks like a great resource as well, definitely will mine some recommendations from there; just downloaded that Middelheim Jazz Festival bootleg you have in the five-star tag, looks tremendous. Also, I was glad to see you had the 1981 Dreher, Paris Steve Lacy duo compilation listed in your favorites, that's some of the very best music ever recorded IMO.

    Hope it could be of help on your Waldron quest! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy that Blood and Guts recording. It has the same energy as Number Nineteen.

  3. 21 hours ago, Dodo said:

    Thought I recognized the drummer's name – he's on some fantastic records with Theo Loevendie. Any recommendations for other Mal recordings with European musicians? Off the top of my head, I recall some of his 70s quintet records having some great European players on them (Moods, Hard Talk, etc.) and I'm certainly interested in hearing more from that period, especially sessions that are on the more obscure side like Number Nineteen seems to be.

    Well with all European groups he recorded: Mal Waldron Trio (1966) Ursula (1969) Blood and Guts (1970) A Little Bit of Miles (1972). Of these Blood and Guts is the most essential. Thats such a great one.

    There are also a lot of albums with great European players on them. The ones I'd reccomend best are:

    Free at Last, 1969, with Isla Eckinger from Switzerland.

    The Call, 1971 with Eberhard Weber from Germany

    Black Glory, 1971 with Pierre Favre from France

    Hard Talk, 1974 with Manfred Schoof from Germany and again Isla Eckinger

    One Upmanship, 1977 with again Schoof

    No More Tears for Lady Day, 1988 with Paolo Carduso who is Brazilian born but lived in Germany

    From Dark into Light, 1994 with the excellent tenor saxophonist Nicolas Simion from Romania

    Misterioso from 1998 with again Nicolas Simion

    One More Time from 2002 with Jean Francois Jenny Clarke from France

    You might like to check out my blog on Mal Waldron: https://snake-out.blogspot.com/2020/12/all-reviews-in-chronological-order.html



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