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  1. R.I.P. Mr. Keys. I enjoy Shawn Neeq highly!
  2. Yeah it’s fantastic. At home from work today as my little 2yo boy is sick . I hope Mal has the same healing power as it has on his father Amazing duets with the great Takeo Moriyama. Pure chemistry really going from free improvisation to pure melancholic beauty.
  3. wow the sound quality is amazing. The guys at Hat definitely knew what they were doing!
  4. How does that one sound? The original sounds nice (for an ESP record). Now spinning:
  5. Hooray I own an original pressing. I think this one of Noah’s more accessible works. It’s one my favorites anyway.
  6. Went to the huge vinyl and cd fair in the city of Den Bosch. Did not have much luck last years but this year was a succes. There are 46 items on my current wantlist (well uh 37 now) and I found 9 and for reasonable prices. This was the first time prices were mostly round the Discogs median. Very happy with these 9 beauties
  7. I’ve been mixing up Lonnie Smith and Lonnie Liston Smith for years. There even has been atime I thought they were the same person. also Avishai Cohen the bassist and Avishai Cohen the trumpeter.
  8. Definitely. Sound quality is more than fine.
  9. Mal Waldron series I created myself. 12 volumes with something like 16 bootleg records. This one captures the ‘Seagulls’ group live in Switzerland.
  10. Wow good for you Gheorghe! Something to be very proud of.
  11. Thanks Kevin. I wish I had seen it right away. Normally I always check the records after buying but I remember I did not with this one…
  12. I did wash it one time. Maybe I should try that again. But I am afraid it’s in the grooves… Thats a lovely album by Hannibal. The choir really ads something like it did with Max Roach records as well. Now playing:
  13. Probably my favorite Clark. Lovely Japanese issue but I forgot it has an issue on side A. Anyone around here knows what this is? If you take a close look you see small white spots on the vinyl. Unfortunately they are hearable as small glitches in the sound. They do ruin the listening a experience a little…
  14. It is but I must say I enjoy much of his other works better. I could live without the vocals on Hannibal's albums. I love to hear him live: Antibes, Berlin and Lausanne. The MPS is out of this world and I dig Angels of Atlanta as well.
  15. THanks for sharing that Michael. Must have been a great experience playing with those greats!
  16. Thanks Clifford for the info. So unfair to Tootie lots of those tried to sell it under Hancocks name for more money. Makes me think of Pete La Rocas Woman at a Turkish Bath sold under Chick Coreas name.
  17. No me neither. The Japanese Mercury I have sound pretty good though. Curious what the story is behind the Obe label
  18. With Don Cherry, Jimmy Heath, Herbie Hancock, Buster Williams, Ed Blackwell and Mtume. RIP Albert Tootie Heath-Kuumba
  19. He was a great drummer. Albert, Percy and Jimmy what a musical family. May he rest in peace.
  20. It’s very, very good indeed. I love the fact that the first part of the concert represents the more mellow and meditative Alice and the second part the wild, free and intense part of her character. I really hope they will do the Berkeley set as well!
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