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  1. Um.... thanks? I don't know who it is, but I was definitely picking ON the guy! Since he's been identified finding his famous sideman should explain this
  2. Without giving too much away there is a track on bft91. Link still active on the signup thread or pm me
  3. Sorry its taken so long to post comments. Time as ever is tight... Great comments and some Ids 1. "this sounds like a movement from a longer piece" exactly right 2. "guitar playing reminds me of John Scofields early style". Right again. I think that the sax player away from his usual recording sound sounds fresher and more alive here than on the cds I've heard. Heard an interview with him recently and love his way with words... 3. Well spotted. I love this kind of playing by Shorter. It reminds me of some of his work on recent (ish) Joni Mitchel albums and is always a treat to hear 5. "Jazz ain't supposed to be perfect" good comment too, its from a promo release so maybe a radio session or some such? 6. "Great, great, great!" Agreed! 7. "Well, the soprano sax and trumpet are never heard at the same time, which makes me think that theyre played by the same person." Afraid not, that would be something! 8. "One of my favorite Carla Bley tunes, Ida Lupino. Mine too and you're pretty close with Rava but he's been Id'd elsewhere. Your comment on the last one might help with the squeezebox 9. Fair enough too. Something about this I love it got under my skin and I found myself humming the tune for months 10. John Surman of course. 11. Very personal 'inward looking' playing? A little obsessed with this guy at the moment Thanks for the cool comments I'm loving how the bft is validating and challenging what I listen to.
  4. Great comments and some positive Id's 2. Charles Lloyd it is. Not his usual guitarist which I think adds something and makes it hard to call? 4. Another ID; Jimmy Forrest here, so don't be too bothered!
  5. Glad you stuck it out too. Liking the fact there were some things to enjoy and sorry some things seemed to frustrate Track 1: I've listened to this again and again certainly! Track 2: Love the commentary! Track 3: Surprised by the comments to this (not just by yourself) since I thought the sax player was a bit of a sacred cow... Track 4: Good ears in picking out the Piano player. Not maybe the best suited and he definitely has other things on his mind for the future Track 5: Your comments are fair enough though something in this gets me Track 6: Claus Ogerman, might be a bit harsh (though I'm no expert on him) Glad you love the keys too Track 7: Sleeper fave on this bft I think Track 8: As stated earlier something to like even with the accordion (sic) Track 9: Probably the groove that gets me too! Track 10: In total agreement here Track 11: Something special here and very private too. Glad you like it I think you have lots! Thanks for the great insight.
  6. Meant to add some more comments but been away... Don't know enough of either of Mitchell or Jacquet to say if it sounds like them for 4 and you're close with Garbarek but no cigar as yet I'll need to hear that, though not something I'm familiar with Uh, Oh... Phew! Taste is a wonderfull thing
  7. Cheers John, good comments I seldom guess the artists either and have been pretty embarrassed not knowing things I think I know quite well 1. I'll give you that and it is a kind of prelude, maybe hard to guess since its not his usual singer. 2. It is long but I never tire of it somehow and it has a bit more bite than the studio version. 5. Glad you like this, he's great though not usually on soprano... 6. Thought you'd know this... 7. This might be a surprise to some, though local to BillF
  8. Been away a couple of days will respond to all comments over the next few days! Great to hear opinions!
  9. Wayne Shorter? Spot on! Though afraid not here...
  10. Oh and I'm surprised no-one has id'd sax on Track 3
  11. Some good comments here so keep them up! I'd no idea I was so into the soprano... You are right on Track 2 with Charles Lloyd but not the guitarist though. Totally on the money with Track 6. Its more the tune on Track 9 than the recording or the soloing and it is a bandstand recording and self release. You might have to kick yourself for Track 11... c
  12. One correct. Great tune by great player! Is #8 Michel Portal, from his "Dockings" album, playing Carla Bley's "Ida Lupino"? Spot on here also. Another favourite tune which I've gathered lots of versions of!
  13. Link for the interested! BFT #91
  14. Your turn to tell me what you think! Hopefully the link/cd's have arrived PM me if you have any bother. I was going to do a 2 part bft of 90 mins with 45 mins a side as in mixtapes of old (much missed) but in the end CD length seemed to work just fine. Mostly shouldn't be too hard and the tunes are things that have lodged in my brain so hopefully will lodge in all of yours! Thanks for listening. C
  15. Good Disc As usual I recognise no-one and though I know a tune or two, there's nothing here that I flat out know. I'll single out 5 and 9 for particular praise. All pretty mellow and as I get older I find I appreciate the subtlety more an d more. More later Thanks c
  16. Can't belive its BFT #91! Looking forward to others opinions! Let me know if you need CDr option or download and for the CD, just PM me your address. Many Thanks Colin
  17. I'm in. Is the link good. (can't check from here) Thanks Colin
  18. Anyone out there help me locate a 2 cd copy of this set. I have Vol 1 and have been trying to locate the second set for a while. Online seems to be only CD1 as mp3. Can anyone help? By the way am I the only person who obsesses about this stuff?
  19. I have loads of these podcasts in my itunes. Let me know if you'd like to hear them.
  20. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. c
  21. I bought a bunch of these about 10 years ago, including the one above. (I'd love to hear that tape though marcello!) They were pretty reasonably priced if memory serves and that was posted to the UK. I bought mainly on the tunes I thought I'd like to hear ('trane stuff mostly). I'll dig them out and listen and post some thoughts. I'm sure I have a listing too in one of the LPs, though no scanner but I'll see what I can do. Generally they sounded fine if not exceptionally well recorded and that goes for the one CD of the Gigtime set that I have. Drop him a line though since he wrote back quickly with more info than I expected. He could do with a website...
  22. As ever with bft discs I find myself listening to things I'd never spin myself. I'll have a bit more time to listen over the weekend and maybe post some individual comments. Nothing I recognise immediately and all of it has some value although I thought the first tune was pretty cheesy and slick when it started, the playing was great once it got going. Thanks!
  23. fent99

    Billy Joel

    Oh LORD no! That nonsense just moves and moves and never really ends up anywhere. Musically and lyrically. Every time I have to sit through one of those songs, they actually make me mad, not becasue thewy're "bad", but jsut because they're...unnecessarily "clever" without ever justifying the cleverness. It's some kind of combination of a self-indulgent lack of discipline and a vainglorious "LOOK AT ME" vanity thing, to write all those songs that just meander all over the place with lyrics that are just...silly. Between Elton John & Grand Funk, turning off the Top 40 radio between 1970 & 1973 still remains the easiest, most obvious no-brainer of a decision I've ever had to make. Still! Just my opinion, of course, but between Elvis & Elton John, I've got two massive reasons why rock-era popular music should have been killed - killed -before it was born. Thank god there's any number, finite but large, of reasons to feel otherwise! What will be cool when the technology arrives is to take all those Billy Joel/Phil Ramone albums & replace Joel's voice with McCartney's. When that happens, it'll be all good. Until then... It is kind of hard for me to respond to that because, as I said, I am not even close to being an Elton John fan. His music does not move me. On the other hand, his constructs strike me as individual and distinctive, and his artistic goals serious. So I have always chalked him up as one of many talented artists who I just don't connect with. But maybe you are right. Of course as noted above Elton isn't even a songwriter... Both have produced some good music though you have to look for it in lengthy uneven careers and also overlook their personalities.
  24. Actually think the most enlightening bonus disc I've heard is the the second disc on Goodbye Cruel World but thats maybe since the album is far from his best. I played a lot of these records to death back in the day so its the extra tracks that I've listened to on the reissues. Get Happy is maybe my favourite in either expanded edition but have loved it since I bought it on vinyl. Imperial Bedroom and Punch the Clock got a serious reappraisal when I finally bought reissues and gave them a listen.
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