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  1. A few things someone here might be interested in, maybe someone here will want them... Postage extra (Postage from UK for one disc is roughly: £1 to UK £1.70 for Europe £2 to USA/ROW) More additions and prices added. Eddie Bert - Encore (JR Monterose on 3 tracks) (savoy) £10 Big Band De Luasanne & Charles Papasoff cond and arr Christian Gavillet (TCB) £5 Willie Bobo - Uno dos Tres/Spanish Grease (Verve) £10 George Braith Two Souls in One (w/Grant Green (Blue Note TOCJ4148) £15 Benny Carter Aspects (Capitol) £10 Don Cherry - Live at Bracknell 1986 Jazz Legends (BBC) £10 Clarke Boland BB - Paris Jazz Concert Disc 2 (Laserlight) £3 Johnny Coates - Portrait (savoy) £10 Courage: John Mills Steve Swallow Chris Massey with Robert Creeley - The Way out is Via the Door (482 Music) £5 Paul Dunmall Octet - Great Divide (cuneiform) £10 Marc Edwards - Black Queen (Alpha Phonics) slight marks on disc £5 Fool Proof - No Friction (Grammavision) £10 (disc is mint, front insert has a Jazz FM Library sticker on front) Chico Freeman - Pied Piper (Black Hawk) £8 Dizzy Gillespie - The Giant (Jazz in Paris) £5 Bengt Hallberg/Kjell Baekkelund - Contrasts (sonet) £5 Lionel Hampton - Lionel at Malibu Beach (Jasmine) £8 Carolyn Hume/Paul May - Zero (leo lab) 2000 £5 Pedro Iturralde - Jazz Flamenco Vols. 1 & 2 (Blue Note) £12 Jazz Orchestra of Scotland - Scotland Suite (NYOS) £3 John Jenkins - Jazz Eyes (savoy) £10 Jan Johansson En Reza I Jazz OCH Folkton (Heptagon) £10 Joachim Kuhn - From Time to Time Free (CMP) £10 Cleo Laine/John Dankworth - Woman to Woman (RCA) £5 Yusef Lateef - Encounters (atlantic) £5 Mahalia Jackson Gospels Spirituals and Hymns Vol 2 (Sony Legacy 2 CD) £10 Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz with Dizzy Gillespie (jazz alliance) £10 MJQ plays No Sun in Venice (atlantic) £5 John Myers' Blastula (atavistic) £5 Naked City - Torture Garden (Shimmy Disc) Hole in front inlay £10 Anita O'Day - Pick Yourself Up (Verve Vocal Classics) 21 track Jewelcase version £8 Evan Parker/George Lewis from saxophone& trombone (psi) £5 disc has slight marks on playing side but plays fine Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton - The Redwood Session (CIMP) £8 Sonny Rollins Plus Four (Prestige CD MAsterpiece Series Japan) Sawcut £5 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Antiguo (Blue Note) £5 Fredy Studer - Seven Songs (verabra) 1982 with Charlie Mariano, Mirolsav Vitous and others £5 Sun Ra – Sun Song (Delmark) £10 Tapiola Big Band - Old and New (discophone/warners) 1982 Features Frank Foster and Slide Hampton £5 David Torn - Tripping over God (CMP) £8 Various - I Just Love Jazz Piano w/Hampton Hawes Herbie Nichols Johnny Mehegan Paul Smith 3 tracks each (savoy) £8 Vienna Art Orchestra - Concerto Piccolo (£12) in jewel case inserts mint, disc has very slight marks, guaranteed to play fine Jack Wilson Trio - Autumn Sunset (discovery) £5 Classical Bartok Duke Bluebeards Castle BBC National Orchestra of Wales 1993 (BBC Music) £3 Donizetti Lucia Di Lammermoor Karajan Callas Distefano RIAS Sinfonie Berlin 1993 2 Discs £10 English Brass Music London Collegiate Brass James Stobart (CRD 2 Discs) £10 Bawdy Ballads of Old England The City Waites (Ragis) £5 Donizetti Lucrezia Borgia Caballe RCA Italiana Opera Perlea (RCA 2 Discs) slight marks on one disc £5 Max Bruch 4 concerto pieces for Violincello and Orch Double Concerto (Aurophon) Symphony Orch of Sudwestfunk Boder £5 Mozart Don Giovanni Furtwangler Salzburg Festival 1950 (Laudis) £15 Vivaldi Cello Concertos Harnoy (RCA) £5 Tschiakowsky Violinkonzert Karjan Mutter (DG) £5 Rossini Armida Schimone Gasdai (Europa) 2 Discs £10 Morton Feldman Violin and Orchestra Coptic Light (Con Legno) £5 Stravinsky The Firebird Ozawa (EMI) £5 Mahler Symphony 10 BBC NAtional Orchestra of Wales Wigglesworth (BBC Music)£3 Holst Planets/Walton Facade Bernstein/Ormandy (Sony) £3 Mahler Symphony No 2 Bruno Walter NY Philharmonic (Japanese CBS Sony) £10 Gerswin Piano Classics Joanna MacGregor (Regis ) 2 discs £10 Tony Banks Seven (Naxos) £3 Edit to add more titles
  2. Any one able to help out a UK fan looking for a bargain? Will cover costs of course?
  3. Anyone looking for 1957 of this great series? I picked up a spare (open but mint) and would be happy to trade or sell for a sensible offer. In the UK by the way. Edit to say this is gone by the way
  4. PM sent on the Duke Ellington cd. I did not get an answer until today... Both gone... Sorry for the delay in responding on the Ellington. Been a bit busy. Hope you enjoy Tommy!
  5. Been a while since I've seen anything here so have a couple of things (not all music so hope that's ok) to offer up. 1. CD - Duke Ellington Private Collection Vol 6 Studio Sessions NY 1968 Kaz (note the Kaz discs have diff Vol nos to the US editions) 2. t-shirt - Jazz Record Mart Chicago logo t shirt, grey XL. T-shirt offered since I directed a friend to the great shop a while ago. He loved it so much he bought me a t-shirt. However its a size XL and is so tent like on me, I've never worn it. Any board members like their t-shirts extra large? Send me a PM if you're interested in either. I'm in the UK by the way
  6. PM'd on Vienna Art Orchestra and Konitz in original list
  7. Lots more worth exploring though his backings are usually more blues/rock than jazz. Sanity Stomp has Wyatt helping out on half the record. The Virgin records are mostly pretty hard to find though
  8. How about the box set Forecast Tomorrow seen it for £10 in FOPP and only have Heavy Weather. Worth it?
  9. Just a note to say that I'm fine for September but won't be ready for sooner (though I'll get it ready over the next few weeks) Cheers Colin
  10. Love the Callier albums from the 60s (on Cadet?). He's pretty a popular live draw in London and part of the Soul Jazz revival of a few years back. Saw him live a couple of times and in a club (Jazz Cafe) where he was brilliant. There's some live stuff on (premonition?) easier to find in the US since I think the chess/cadet albums are european issues
  11. fent99

    Marian McPartland

    I haven't heard Silent Pool, bluenote82, but it probably should be on my "short list" of must-hears. Alan Broadbent is a marvelous arranger. There are maybe five or six jazz "with strings" albums - tops - that reach me. This sounds like a candidate for a spot on that list. Any other reactions to this album? I don't know the album but the title tune is one of my faves of hers. The with strings version is on a compilation and there's a trio version on a live album at Yoshi's. I first heard it played solo on one of her Piano Jazz progs, maybe with Jim Hall?
  12. Thanks all. Been busy and not checking in so much but thanks! No music this time but some gig tickets so really happy! Cheers
  13. Disc arrived at the weekend, Enjoying the first few tunes love the groove on this and the bass sound is familiar. Track 5 grabbed me most so far with the drumming in particular excellent against the pretty tune (a bit like Some Other Time?) More later
  14. I'd be happy to step into the breach (and I happen to have the Japanese cd too!). Just send me a PM Bertrand. Likewise. Happy to help if ever needed to bypass these ridiculous territorial things.
  15. A friend who has a lovely Rega turntable needs some help with this. Problem is his laptop is a mac. Anything similar for mac's?
  16. Tricky Lots of folks I'd pick lots of tunes Randy Weston Little Niles
  17. Something was pointed out to me the other day which made me think. Now a new ipod has a storage capacity of 160 gig and they reckon thats 40,000 tunes. If I bought these all at £0.79 a song thats over £30,000 in monies to itunes. Does everyone have a collection worth that to put on it? Wonder what the average lifetime spend on music is. For some here it might be that much since there are serious collectors but not for the average ipod buyer.
  18. I imagine that the group on the Knit compilation was probably the Jazz Passengers, in which case, yes, these are the same guys (well, some of them). See above for the exact i.d. of this track... I almost put a Bailey track on this disc, an untypical one where he plays some swing guitar in tribute to Teddy Bunn. This guitarist spent some time in Spain. I'd like to hear Bailey play more straight but am a little scared to take the plunge on any more of his records since I haven't really got any of the ones I've bought so far
  19. I too have succumbed and ordered a set so I've been doing a little listening to the one disc I have (used to have a UK twofer of Tetragon and another album which I traded at some point seem to remember it was incomplete?) All I have is The Elements which I'm sure divides folks but I've always liked it and Alice's harp alway hits a note with me. If there's a criticism is that Joe is buried in the texture? Love it anyway Waiting for the box now...
  20. Apologies for the lengthy delay in responding and will post more later. Enjoyed but found it abit hard work in the car... Will post a fuller bunch of thoughts later. Thanks! Well its later already and since noone has posted behind me. Can't ID anyone so won't try 1. Goofy and I've no idea who this is, reminds me of something on a knitting factory compilation I used to have but have no longer (I might appreciate them now!) Downtown-ish and a bit clever clever, Fiddle reminds me of Final Fantasy if there are any fans of Owen Pallett out there 2. I like this, nice drums and like the guitar once it gets going nice mellow 'silent way' vibe with a bit more energy 3. Fun stuff, sounds like a nice gig, good latin vibe great bass playing nice tenor sound, choppy guitar 4. Not really my thing Derek Bailey kind of stuff. I saw Bailey once and was kind of mesmerised to see someone play a guitar so unlike anything else I'd ever heard. On record it doesn't grab me in the same way and neither does this unfortunately. Nice sounding guitar though (and I just about liek the bit where he goes all flamenco...) its just as I get older I like a bit of a tune! 5. More downtowny kinda thing with maybe more style than substance. I like hearing a trumpet though and this is parpy enough to grab you by the scruff of the neck and make you pay attention 6. Takes a long while to get going but enjoy it when it does, about the 6 min mark they hit a great ensemble passage, nice bass figure and soloing in unison over the top. Worth the wait and kinda like Pharoah Sanders revisited 7. Not so keen on this and can't really work out why. Piano is the leader and makes it a bit forced? 8. Not for me and a bit squeaky and indulgent. I love violin in some contexts bu this does nothing for me 9. Like this a lot, I hear a bit of Carla Bley in it nice bone and clarinet and a sense of humour (maybe a european one?) 10. Not so keen on this, bit flat and without a tune? 11. However I love this! Nostalgia mixed in with improv and nearly a tune! Lovely and too short so usually had to play it twice. Recognise noone on this and certainly had my ears opened a bit. As ever makes me want to dig out some of my own records and have a re-listen. Early Carla Bley, something with Mark Feldman on violin and Pharoah Sanders Karma so I can relive a bus journey round a chunk of Australia... Thanks!
  21. Post Office is definitely a good place to start though Ham on Rye would be my favourite. Hollywood is definitely weaker than the others mentioned. There's a great reader out there "Run with the Hunted" with excerpts from novels, short stories and poetry. I'd usually pass on these kinds of things but its really good and a good intro to the poetry esp. Try John Fante too as a precurser to the style (if not the content), excellent stuff
  22. Gotta love this board and the things it throws up... Stevie and Tony? Can't disagree with the descent for both of these folks and maybe they have plenty in common, happy to coast it out to the end. More of a shame for Stevie? Neither deserve too much derision though, who cares if their best work is behind them. Plenty of folks that's true about and what they left that has quality is fine by me. Plenty other folks making fine music to listen to
  23. Been clearing out casettes and found a couple of things that wouldn't play that I'd like to hear again. First is Albert Collins live somewhere (Holland) and if I remember its great. Anyone know what I'm talking about? The other is Jimmy Lyons Other Afternoons on BYG. Has this ever been issued on CD? Love to hear either again. Hopefully someone can help c
  24. I have a few of these so not so many to find...
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