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    Billy Joel

    Oh LORD no! That nonsense just moves and moves and never really ends up anywhere. Musically and lyrically. Every time I have to sit through one of those songs, they actually make me mad, not becasue thewy're "bad", but jsut because they're...unnecessarily "clever" without ever justifying the cleverness. It's some kind of combination of a self-indulgent lack of discipline and a vainglorious "LOOK AT ME" vanity thing, to write all those songs that just meander all over the place with lyrics that are just...silly. Between Elton John & Grand Funk, turning off the Top 40 radio between 1970 & 1973 still remains the easiest, most obvious no-brainer of a decision I've ever had to make. Still! Just my opinion, of course, but between Elvis & Elton John, I've got two massive reasons why rock-era popular music should have been killed - killed -before it was born. Thank god there's any number, finite but large, of reasons to feel otherwise! What will be cool when the technology arrives is to take all those Billy Joel/Phil Ramone albums & replace Joel's voice with McCartney's. When that happens, it'll be all good. Until then... It is kind of hard for me to respond to that because, as I said, I am not even close to being an Elton John fan. His music does not move me. On the other hand, his constructs strike me as individual and distinctive, and his artistic goals serious. So I have always chalked him up as one of many talented artists who I just don't connect with. But maybe you are right. Of course as noted above Elton isn't even a songwriter... Both have produced some good music though you have to look for it in lengthy uneven careers and also overlook their personalities.
  2. Actually think the most enlightening bonus disc I've heard is the the second disc on Goodbye Cruel World but thats maybe since the album is far from his best. I played a lot of these records to death back in the day so its the extra tracks that I've listened to on the reissues. Get Happy is maybe my favourite in either expanded edition but have loved it since I bought it on vinyl. Imperial Bedroom and Punch the Clock got a serious reappraisal when I finally bought reissues and gave them a listen.
  3. Phew nothing I have, though I should know more about the Brotherhood stuff... Cheers!
  4. I've got a mix of Ryko and Rhino(Demon over here). Depends on how crazy on tha album/era you are. Not everything makes the expanded editions (way too much info here http://www.inanotherroom.com/costello.html) The rykos I have are just fine and the liner notes uniformly enlightening.
  5. Hey Ubu Loving the bft. No significant guesses from me either and I'm almost pleased that nothing sounds like I have it already (though I've been wrong about that before) two tracks standing out are Track 1, definitely my kind of thing and Track 6 with that great live sound. Love the fact that its filled with all kinds of music old and new (or newer) swinging, free, instrumental and vocals. My listening though varied doesn't always include older music so thanks a lot.
  6. I have a copy of this. Let me know if you want to hear it.
  7. Thanks guys Its been a rough wee while so hoping this years going to be much better. Went to see The Fighter last night (Christian Bale is outstanding) and really enjoyed it. Hey Ubu, BFT downloaded and will listen today! c
  8. Can I get a slot? Never done one and haven't participated for a while either but would be keen now!
  9. I've had a sansa clip 8gb for nearly 2 years. It was cheap (£5 cheaper than a shuffle with half the capacity and no display at the time) easy to use with windows media player and so far (touch wood) its been really robust. The interface on the player is basic but fine so you can play by artist, album or genre and shuffle or not. I love it! My rec unless you want bigger storage would be a flash player and for $25 that sansa is a steal
  10. Or north of Newcastle? We are a fussy lot. Hope it goes well!
  11. some of the unreleased passages are read on Hal Willner's Mingus Project "Weird Nightmare"... (an enjoyable CD though I would not get it for those texts alone..) I must listen to this again. I like Wilner's albums and have this (just the disc, no liners) so if its all on the CD I should be fine. Thanks for the prompt.
  12. I read Underdog recently and enjoyed it though its a challenging read and from this distance (both time and circumstances) its hard to know what is truth or fiction (or exaggeration?). If I understand it right it was cut down from a much larger manuscript. Wonder if any more of it exists anywhere? Did he write much else, any great liner notes? Back to the music though. I love the Norvo Trio (though my wife hates it) I used to have some airshots on a tape which I remember listening to lots and may still have it so must look. The sound though not great had something a little more forgiving than the studio stuff where the doorbells are pretty bright. Lastly am I missing anything by having the Savoy Denon single CD (cut down from the vinyl towfer)
  13. Might be interesting to expand the topic to include this side of the equation too. I know I could name a few that I tried to forget purchasing. Most recent in the bad camp is a compilation of Timi Yuro bought on the vaguest of memories that Chuck said he was a fan. In fairness they are re-recordings of her hits from the 80s and it cost £1...
  14. Not sure I've got the idea here but when comedy records are mentioned I always think of a few that we listened to while growing up in Scotland in the 70s. Comedy, certainly more than jazz, can be very culturally specific and though we generally laugh at and 'get' the american cultural gags since we have access to much of your culture and comedy the British and Scottish stuff might mean little to anyone who wasn't around at the time. Of the US stuff, I used to have a Spike Jones Album (any fans here?) and always loved I went to Your Wedding and Clink Clink Another Drink. Not sure I'd still find this funny. A local classic is "Scotland the What" which was succesful a theatre review like Flanders and Swan but with couthy NE Scottish characters the albums were staples and I re-bought some lately and they made me laugh quite a lot! Last story relates to the Billy Connolly albums that were everywhere in Scotland at a certain point in the 70s. My granny bought me and my brother a copy of "Get Right Intae Him" at the peak of Welly-mania in 1975 ("If it wasnae for your wellies" was a massive hit at the time, so I was 8). We were pretty excited and broke open the cellophane to have a good look at the gatefold sleeve to find a full length picture of Billy across the 2 inside faces, dressed as the Pope and pissing in the sink. Once we got over the shock we laughed like drains. Other comedy albums were BBC or TV spinoffs "Not the 9'Oclock News" was a favourite. I picked up the Collected Broadcasts of Idi Amin recently by Alan Coren and read by John Bird, who still does the same material by Robert Mugabe instead.
  15. Hope I've got the meaning here right. I buy loads of stuff without having heard it, in fact I might prefer it that way. I definitely know more about the music now than I did at the start but its great when you pick something up take it home and put in the player to see what it sounds like. It does sometimes go the other way of course... Recent blind surprises Great Sugarman 3 Soul Donkey Bad Lalo Schifrin Towering Tocata
  16. Dug out an EG Records sampler I'd forgotten about on LP and ite reminded me about the Frippertronics stuff I used to have. Love 1988 on this from Let the Power Fall. is the rest of it that good?
  17. I can get this. I keep buying records of folks that I want to like, David Murray is one, even though I never warm to them all that much. Some of them do of course and I can appreciate them but then you have more of the records of folks you want to like than some artists you really like. Inspires me to do some selling! I have similar things going on with Warren Zevon, I'm sure and many others. Maybe related to this is the way I pick up records since I want to have heard them not always that I really want to keep them.
  18. Bought my first discs in 89 when I shared a flat with a friend in my last year of college. First Discs were Song For my Father Horace Silver and Hats by the Blue Nile, both of which I still love and play (been humming the Horace over the last few days strangely, maybe the natives are restless...) When we finished and I moved flats I then had a bunch of Cds and no player and was back to cassettes which I still think are a great medium. Took about another 3-4 years to buy a player when I got a job and had some money. Me too, and boy do they accumulate. Haven't counted in years and a little scared to
  19. I thought candid in the UK were releaseing all the Why not catalogue is this not part of that?
  20. Thanks guys, Thought I was losing it. Anyone know where I can pick up a copy? Any of your germanic contacts ubu? Thanks for the info John I have some of these "An Evening with Joe Henderson." and the concert from 1994 released on Jazz Door ("Live"). Sad to say I have very little Thad Jones-Mel Lewis big band and the Paris Reunion Band with Woody Shaw, Nat Adderley, Grachan Moncur III has me intrigued any recs?
  21. I might be losing my mind but... Was there a European release of Live Joe amongst others from a festival/radio station. Can't find anything here and Joe is mentioned too often for my skills in searching. It must have been here I was reading about it. c
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