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  1. on BBC tonight http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/jazzon3/pip/6ir82/
  2. Hey Ubu Love the selections and strangely enjoyed it more having read the liner notes... (New job is in sales and been driving a lot so lots of opportunity for listening) Makes me think about picking up the rest of those Camden issues, since you see them a lot. More study needed...
  3. Thats it! The RCA issue I have has pretty scant info Thanks
  4. Maybe some Gato Barbieri on Flying Dutchman? Pretty sure Third World Revisited has him on e bass
  5. fent99

    Gary Burton

    I've always liked Burton. First person I ever saw playing the vibes in the flesh and in duet with Chick Corea turned me into a fan. Lots of his stuff is a bit soft and clean (his aesthetic and his labels maybe) Quite like the RCA stuff since its pretty varied and have a couple of albums Tenessee Firebird, Genuine Tong Funeral and a couple of compilations all of which get dug out from time to time (Needs a comprehensive reissue program on cd since I'd love to hear Duster and Country Roads in their entirity) I have a few ECMs and other than the Corea duets already mentioned I quite like the ones with Towner which are very soft centered but have some lovely moments. Real Life Hits isn't bad (more Bley tunes) but the clean sound flttens out some of the interest. Right Place, Right Time with Paul Bley has some great moments and a tremendous reading of Ida Lupino (a composition I'd buy any album for). List of albums here: http://www.garyburton.com/discog.html
  6. Not listened to this so much so some sketchy note for this. Interesting and fun and as ever I other than place and guesses at general personnel 1. Interesting and no idea even of the language. I'd guess african but no idea really 2. Not really my thing and a Glen Miller-y sounding band. 3. Like this better, fresh sounding and fun. Again a calypso/african thing going on and sounds like a mod classic I cant remember the name of... 4. Ellingtonian - Creole Love Call style thing which is great. I've always loved that too and this is great too. More later...
  7. Hey, what positive ID? I'd like to know, if only by you dropping a hint or posting a link!
  8. Having some fun with this and a positive id on something which makes a change for me! Thanks and more impressions later
  9. Hi Couw Just a note to say that I've enjoyed the BFT. Haven't done a track by track response unfortunately since I've started a new job and been really busy but still might. Other than Korrossy no cigars for me...
  10. I've been selling the odd thing on Ebay and at the minute try to keep the collection self funding so the paypal account contains the money I have to spend. I like a bottom feeding trawl of charity/thrift/used stores for saleable bargains or any jazz worth listening to and try to fund new purchases from that too. Has the advantage of keeping the volume of discs down to since storage is a major issue anyhow.
  11. Hey I'm still here! Thanks for the birthday greetings. It was a big Birthday too, 40, but it seems I did the mid life crisis a wee while ago so I'm fine about it so far. Life begins they tell me... I've not been posting lately since I've been real busy getting set to move from London to near Edinburgh (back to the homeland) at the end of next week. I'm real excited but still looking for the elusive new job. Thanks again guys
  12. I'm late here too but would like to tell my story about this record. I'd been gradually easing myself into jazz in the late 80s and been travelling round Australia and New Zealand after a spell working in Australia. In a late night chat with a guy from California in a hostel in New Zealand he recommended this which I bought on CD (even though broke) in NYC on the way home. So whoever you were thanks for the recommendation. Not sure I even had a cd player when I got home... Played it loads back then and must re listen after all the comments. I think its a classic and love it every time I hear it. Never realised that ELP quoted Hoedown (always presumed it was Copland) which I'd heard. Also loved Dolphy from the first moment I heard him and bought the 5 Spot albums next. Sure I have Phil Woods doing Stolen Moments in Italy somewhere... Excellent too.
  13. I love your posts clem agree or disagree with them (and I'm not a great responder on the forum). Interesting to think of MBV Loveless as an ambient thing, which maybe it is. I love Cocteau Twins too (similar?) but really there's little substance there other than the " dreamy" washes and Liz Frazer (under recorded lately). Sound rather than music? Refreshed my memory of other shoegazers Ride recently and I remembered why that whole scene sucked and how few of records from then have any residual memory. I also read the Hawkwind thing and wondered Are we on to Kevin Ayers now? I love that June 1st 1974 live set with Cale, Eno and Nico. Surely we should have had the whole tape by now
  14. Definitely not overrated. Its a classic of feedback and twisting, looping wall of sound. (Well I love it anyway!) It was stuck in my tape walkman for months (quite a feat) back at the time (maybe with Husker Du on the other side) I think it benefits from Sheilds never really following it up but its way ahead of lots of other stuff widely feted at the time and half as original (Primal Scream, Stone Roses spring to mind) Play it loud.
  15. fent99

    Abdullah Ibrahim

    Still as majesterial as ever. Good to hear from you ubu! I'll look out for that one thanks.
  16. fent99

    Abdullah Ibrahim

    Saw him last week, solo at the London Jazz fest, and as ever mesmerising and transcendent. Must get a recent album, African Magic the best of the recent sets? Would love to hear a trio/solo live set like I heard since there is a lot in the hour long performance I'd like to revisit
  17. I think its a miracle that there is as much preserved as there is. While I'd love more and in better sound there is enough for a lifetimes study for me even before I move on to listen to other stuff...
  18. Ok I've had my own disaster now and could do with some help! The thermostat in my boiler went meaning the boiler over heated realeasing huge quantities of steam into the flat over a week when we were away. Lots of stuff ruined but worst of all my mosaic sets have gone a bit mouldy on the black cloth boxes. Now dried out it seems to be wiping off but I'm a bit worried they'll be ruined. The CDs (only one vinyl set) seem ok but anyone had this problem and know of any treatment to get them back to pristine?
  19. Seen him a few times and he's always entertaining. Saw the current lineup at a festival in the UK this summer and it was as strong as ever.
  20. Much to my embarrassment the only disc I have is the John Taylor which I never warmed to but maybe I've never given much time to either. Great set of music and made me think!
  21. 1. More vibes and this I quite like. I think I've overdone Monk at the moment but vibes are always good and this is playful enough to be kinda fun 2. Not for me, Like the tune and its not awful but a bit sappy... 3. Interesting textures and pretty likeable, Gil Evans ish? 4. Really nice can't identify though, Great after hours feeling 5. More flute and I quite like this, great organ too 6. Like this too, I like them slow 7. Know the tune but can't recall. (I'm not the oldest on the board I'm sure but my memory is rubbish) 8. Nice and I like this, my kind of thing 9. Lovely too again no idea... Edited to finish Great couple of discs with plenty to enjoy (and a couple to not enjoy) and again make me realise that I don't know the music (and musicians) that I have on my shelves already. I'll look forward to the results and the realisation that I have loads of these folks already and much to learn. Cheers Tom
  22. One of my favorites (to each his own, as they say). To me it has a certain magic... sounds easy in a way, but it's a bitch (for me, at least) to play. Most of the renditions I've heard are relatively modern (not sure what year Waller wrote it, but I know I haven't heard many older versions). The canadian guitarist Reg Schwager recorded it in the 80's on a record called "Resonance", and that version completely knocked me out. I'm basically with Free For All, although there are a couple mentioned so far that I don't exactly "love". I'd agree except for Dolphy's version which is brilliant. 'Summertime' for me, not that I dislike more that I don't want to hear it done again. Miles and Gil and Booker T have nailed it for me and that's enough
  23. First Listen on way to work today. I'll post more as I work my way through. 1. Nice bass and vibes, I'd guess Hamp but though I love the vibes I've little of him. Kinda skiffley? 2. No idea but I like this, nice marching start 3. Abdullah Ibrahim! I think I can guess right. Live in the late 70's early 80s? 4. Nice theme and arrangement sax is fine but the band isn't outstanding and it goes on a bit... 5. Don't have much flute and this doesn't inspire though the playing is fine 6. Not sure about this either another lengthy and loose number 7. Great tune and version and the presence of accordion narrows it down to Carstensen ? so its his duo with Ballamy Nice and playful 8. Not for me. Reminds me of thos Tippet or Riley albums I keep buying in the hope that I'll get it 9. Nicer lovely soprano palying and I should know the tune 10. Even lovelier, no idea on who it is but really lovely stuff
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