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  1. Window media player has a setting which connects to the internet and "fixes" coding if it thinks it has better info... I think you can stop it from doing it but it is really annoying if it gets it wrong...
  2. PC wise there is a thing called dvd audio extractor which someone here told me about, years ago. Its a breeze to work rips to Wav split by dvd index and you can have a 30 day trial. Downloaded a trial to a new laptop recently and it worked like a dream.
  3. On Coltrane; the one I keep coming back to is the Newport 63 performance since I just love all the tunes.
  4. Very sad to hear. I've loved the album of June 1st for the longest time, buying it secondhand in the early 80s on an old pink label island tape and playing it over and over. Envious of you being at that gig and would love to hear the rest of the concert presuming its on tape. Great voice and songwriter and a sad loss.
  5. My wife is looking for a reading for her sisters wedding in April and a thought she'd had is to read some song lyrics. I thought that something in the great american songbook should work but most songs are about love from one person to another rather than appropriate to read for your sister. Can anyone recommend a song that this would work for? Anyone good with lyrics? A great reading recommendation might be nearly as good. Her sisters name is Laura by the way. Not sure this is in the right subject so feel free to move but ...
  6. I've had fine service from them given buying used cds unseen is a sometimes tricky business... As long as you're not expecting mint condition they've all been good for the price (usually the lowest) and the one fault secured a mint replacement Jimmy Rowles cd really quickly. I might prefer the Cardigans too though Ute Lemper singing Kurt Weill is pretty good. Fave Cardigans song is "I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer" if you like the band...
  7. I'm a fan. She is really prolific so I can't say I have much of her stuff, a Hep album, one on Candid and a few of the self released ones. There is a self produced set from the Maybeck I think with "The Creator has a Master Plan" on it which is great. Shame to hear she has had to have a back operation and a bit shocked to hear she had to sell her piano to finance it. She definitely deserves a bit of support
  8. I'm not religious but sometimes music can be affecting in ways I can't really express. Love this kind of thing and my vote goes to Archie Shepp and Horace Parlan duo Goin' Home. Gospel themes and Ellington. Excellent.
  9. Those Mozart balls are great. I visited a friend from Salzburg a number of years ago and we went to a counter at the factory and bought an absurd number by the kilo very cheaply. Yum Better tasting than any cd or vinyl I've ever tasted
  10. Have a great day! (don't often see these on the appropriate day...)
  11. Extremely lame, huh? There might be people who don't have these yet ... and I guess quite a few, as the Columbia albums' reputation ain't the finest. What I would enjoy though would be a companion box containing the albums as originally released. Count me as one of those people, thanks for standing up for us Ubu. This set might just be what makes me plug that particular gap I have a couple of the Legacy reissues but in my "no rebuying stuff I already have" plan, I still have the older Monk's Dream one of my faves. Still can't make my mind up if I want the box or not... Does it have the full notes from the legacy reissues? I know the Original Album Classics don't...
  12. Would love to hear the Bunky Green. Have a couple of tracks from somewhere and Love them.
  13. Thanks guys Thought there would be more love for Brel on here... Opening track is Amsterdam on the Live side and it is stunning, will check out the archive later.
  14. You know I don't have any of these. I had a couple of cheap compialtions but got rid of them years ago and haven't listened since. Its a big gap in what I listen to. Which issue should I start with? Not so bothered about completeness so the recent Sony one?
  15. Bought this album on a lovely thick piece of (possibly original) Barclay vinyl the other day and been enjoying it a lot. Only have a compilation of Brel and since it was in a charity shop and the vinyl looked clean and the gatefold sleeve (with a wee extra flap) was cool it seemed like a good deal... Anyhow there's not a lot of info with it and the cd reissues seem a bit different. I was a bit surprised that only side 1 was live. Is the cd reissue with the 61 and 64 performances on 2 discs all live? I take it the big box has the whole gig? Any knowledgable fans out there straighten me out? I'd buy the whole gig if thats what is there since I really like the live side! Maybe there is a bit more info online (or maybe its in french?) Wikipedia doesn't help much...
  16. I'm pretty much agreed with this but can be really happy with things used in a less than creative way. Its good there are still things to be waited for too. There are times when I think I've heard everything I need to, then along comes something I've never heard and I'm off on a new search But the toy instruments subvert the elitism of Jazz. And help break down the barrier between the musicians and the audience I love melodica. Does that count?
  17. Went to see Fred in Edinburgh at the Queens Hall last Friday night. My wife was out with work so just myself and had a good seat at the front but at the right side of the stage so couldn't really see Fred much since he was behind the piano to me. The Queens Hall was far from busy and I was a little disappointed to see such a small crowd for someone who is a pretty high profile player, recording for major label, playing beautiful and accessible music. Its a lovely hall in a converted Georgian Church with good acoustics and a fine sounding Steinway. Two short-ish 45 min sets the first playing his own tunes the second standards and a brief encore. I can honestly say that it was a lovely recital to listen to. Really enjoyable music, not out obviously, but interesting things going on. I was surprised that I preferred his compositions to most of the standards other than the Monk piece he played. He hung around to sign cds at the end and I caved and bought the solo at the vanguard disc (Lovely) I'd have no hesitation in recommending seeing him live, beautiful music played immaculately.
  18. Finally decided to go tomorrow night. Any other members in Scotland and anywhere near?
  19. I've beenlooking to replace a lost Let the Power Fall for the longest time. Anyone here help?
  20. I'd recommend a live album from about 15 years ago as a really good intro and the Speed of the Sound of Loneliness is one of the best americana songs I've heard. Nanci Griffith does a great version on her covers album.
  21. Whilst the odd one fails, I'm surprised at how well they last... Have a few that must be 15 years old and still are fine. I too would be intrigued by tractor films
  22. I might yet go and see him and have never seen him before (the Queens Hall in Edinburgh isn't so big). I'm mixed on him I've heard some stuff I like and some stuff I don't. Talented surely, but like a lot of players who get recorded regularly, not everything released is particularly profound. You could say the same of Jarrett and Corea to name but two (though arguably nearly everybody)... Preferred the recordings I've heard live since he has to play off an audience and tries to connect with them. There's a thing he does where he plays Nardis and segues into an Ornette composition which sticks out as something I really enjoyed. (Might be on the NPR VV performance from a couple of years back)
  23. Which Wheeler is this? Maybe missed it? I have a couple of radio shows of John Taylor with Kenny from the 70s which are excellent and I also wonder what else would be still in the archives in Europe. Complete BBC Kenny Wheeler would be a treat
  24. I agree with that I've joined and realised I wasn't up for the subscription and cancelled. You usually get a credit when you subscribe for the first time. I joined for a couple of things I couldn't find which I got with the free credits paid for another month and canceled. Daresay you can cancel before the first month is due...
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