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  1. Love most of the Lloyd movies. Wonder how the censors missed the middle finger in Speedy..
  2. LAL

    Donna Summer dies

    Listening to this now ... what a great voice.
  3. Wrapping up the Duke Small Groups set with discs 6&7.
  4. Duke Ellington Small Groups - discs 3 & 4 ~ always look forward to Mary McHugh's vocals...
  5. Sad news. For me, Ernie's recordings really brighten a dull day. RIP
  6. Hello Louis! 1970 concert celebrating Satch's birthday - CD1 followed by 2&3
  7. Earlier: Dinah Washington, discs 4&5 Much as I love vocals, this set has been a bit underwhelming for me.
  8. Past few days: Buddy Rich Emarcy, Verve Small Group Sessions: discs 1-4
  9. Those Fats Waller sets are SO good. Been listing to Volume 6 this week and I think it's my favourite of the boxes. Superb indeed - now on to the other volumes.
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