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  1. I am in Pittsburgh. I could try to locate Cabell. I don't really know his work but am eager to meet him based on the above info. Does he have special insight into Lee Morgan per se or is he just another person people would like to see interviews documented? Meanwhile, I am fighting an uphill battle trying to get the local public radio/jazz station to play more progressive classics and classic classics that surprisingly are not in their rotation or their library (this is WDUQ - the home of Tony Mowod and Bob Studebaker). We're talking stuff like Miles Smiles and other stuff like some Harold Land (West Coast Blues) and a bunch of other shit. That's what I been up to......wish I could be here more often, but trying to further the possibilities for a career in jazz programming while making ends meet. matt cb-a
  2. See additions and subtractions. more coming soon. email me with your wants.... c-b
  3. I just don't get people who don't dig on Chris Potter.....it seriously baffles me.
  4. It has come time to do a little selling since I need to pay the rent and eat - ahhh the life of a student. So here's what I have left after round 1: $12.00 (Brand new. still in packaging. Stuff I bought but never got to): Johnny Griffin Quartet - The Kerry Dancers Joe Farrell - Moon Germs $9 (opened but in perfect condition): David Sanchez - Melaza Earl Hines - At The Party Esbjorn Svensson Trio - E.S.T. Live '95 Gene Ammons & Sonny Stitt - God Bless Jug & Sonny: Live at the Left Bank Kenny Burrell - God Bless the Child Kneebody - self-titled McCoy Tyner - Today & Tomorrow Orbert Davis - Blue Notes
  5. thanks you all. I got to see chick corea for free on my birthday, which also happens to be his birthday. It's a funny thing. Our birthday coincides every year.r
  6. knowing john b's association with the funny rat institution and his appreciation of straight-ahead material, I knew to expect a nice melange of styles and that is exactly what we got here - a nice balance. one: this track was annoying at first because of its length. it just went on and on and on. but I really started to enjoy the indiscriminate horn jabs towards the end and the piano stuff in the middle. no friggin clue. but I am gonna guess some European cats I've never heard of. two: when I heard the first note upon the first listen, I though Miles but after repeated listens, it is clearly not him. it could be so many cats. I think Terrell Stafford sometimes sounds like this (it may be terence blanchard but the tone is too bright for it to be him). it is so happy and fresh. it's recent given the recording quality. I like the piano comping style. It's a tune I know but I don't wanna peek. I wanna find it out on my own by listening more and more and hopefully hearing it somewhere else in a context where I know what it is. three: I spent a lot of today and yesterday listening to this track over and over. I drove my roommate crazy and he enjoys free improv. Zorn, Berne, Evan Parker? I think these are all too obviously and the sounds and concept are different from all these guys and don't fit this dude. I REALLY DIG THIS TRACK. I really like how he develops his motif over such a long period of time while always staying interesting. There were times when I thought Andrew Lamb, but I don't think so because I've never heard him playing alto. And you can't ask for a cooler ending. Unless you're John Zorn maybe. This reminds me to tell people to check out Zorn's recent solo release from his 50th Birthday celebration "Classic Guide to Strategy Vol. 3." It is a solo sax orgy. Just the stuff he does with mouthpiece alone is fucking mind-blowing. four: I really dig what these guys are doing here. no obvious choices come to mind for the clarinetist but I am thinking he is European. The drummer is almost certainly Hamid Drake. Just sounds like his style. As far as the trumpeter is concerned, I haven't a fucking clue. This clarinetist has serious chops. Marty Ehrlich? Breukker? I don't fucking know man....It's this kind of thing that makes me rethink my estimation that Don Byron is the best living clarinetist in jazz. five: Tim Berne? I like this guy. He is a good example of an inside-outside player. The harmonic minor thing doesn't get stale. It's almost certainly not Zorn. I have the feeling this is a German thing - given the singing - like just a vibe I get. Its not Globe Unity Orchestra. It's not ICP. It might be a NY thing. It could be in the Radical Jewish Culture. The ensemble parts sound Eastern European. Woah. Nice drum solo. This drummer I definately need to check out if I haven't already heard of him or her. Trumpet player seems superficial to me. I like the alto player and drummer a lot more. The bari is a nice touch to the ensemble sound. not enough recordings have baritone sax (especially in free jazz circles). That reminds me that everyone here needs to hear Sonore (the sax trio with Gustaffson, Vandermark, and Brotzmann) and their album "No One Ever Walks Alone." I like those latin-like figures around the 10 minute mark and again at the 12 minute mark - totally unexpected. Man this track goes and goes. I still like it. six: ok. I know almost nothing about jazz from italy except for gege telesforo and his crew, stefano di battista, and rosario giuliani. I don't care for this at all. Maybe its my current mood. I thought it was fresh the first time I listened to it. But the singer sounds too legit. Keeping the test balanced stylistically john! seven: very rhythmically stimulating. uh-oh, not another gato barbieri track!!! ok I hope its not. could be brotzmann, perhaps Albert Mangelsdorff on tb, or Roswell Rudd. And then the track goes totally straight-ahead. I love this BFT. Wow. How the hell do they pull that off? Beautiful flugel sound! Great taste in note selection. Bassist is great - keeps time and keeps his embellishments simple. could this be Jerry Gonzalez? Kenny Wheeler? daresay Diego Urcola? no no no. I dunno. wow this just gets more and more confusing. I really like it a lot, but the beginning just throws all my guesses off. I think this is gonna be hotly debated if it hasn't already been ID'd. quite a bass solo. that shows some mean bowing technique. no cats but europeans have bowing technique like that. this is probably from italy too!!! eight: wow. beautiful. no fucking clue. two beautiful clarinet players. or one with overdubbing? nine: eleven: interesting. this is something on tzadik I bet. it could be so many people. none of the chicago cats for sure. i wouldn't be surprised if some japanese artists are involved - Masashi Harada? I dunno. I like the quirky percussion when it starts building in intensity around the 2:15 mark. there's not enough information here to be sure of anything. Wow nice hi-hat work! This percussionist is good. Susie Ibarra? I don't know enough of the tzadik folks well enough to intelligently name-drop. Nice slow ending. The tension builds, releases, and slowly evaporates into nothingness. if there is a theme here it might be italy or italian musicians.
  7. I got mine several days ago. I expected a discussion thread by now. Sheesh. We should really close the doors on this one and just start discussing. I think everyone's had it almost a week now. Sorry if I sound harsh. I just don't get the thing where people hesitate to start discussion. People shouldn't be looking for answers. So what's the harm? Matt
  8. You don't like anything man! Nah seriously though, this is not a great album in terms of having great tunes. The blowing and the intensity of it is what makes it great although I always thought they went overboard on the end of the title track. They do it more than enough before whoever it was that yells out "Una Mas" yells it out!
  9. I really think Track 3 is something that Terence Blanchard scored and plays on. I really didn't think it was Wynton at all. Just not the right sound. It is an intriguing piece but its substance is mostly at the surface. I get the build-up but I feel like it was for naught. You never get beyond the mindless chromaticizing. The solo cadenza around 5:09 continuing through 5:47 is the closest it gets to really interesting music. Matt p.s. I am getting to these discs really late. I can't sleep and I figure this is as good as anything else I can do right now. I am depriving myself of TV so internet is it. i miss posting about bft's. thanks rooster for the interesting music.
  10. Bootsy Barnes is one of a few Philly jazzmen who just won't quit it!
  11. Johnny Griffin (sort of) Houston Person (definately) David "Fathead" Newman What about Frank Catalano (I know he's young but he kills on several Delmark releases)?
  12. Bobby Van Elaine Joyce Gene Rayburn Richard Dawson Charles Nelson Reilly Brett Somers Bret Easton Ellis Dock Ellis Peer Gynt Edward Greig Ward Cleaver Leave it to Beaver
  13. Barbara Boxer Diane Feinstein Barbara Mikulski
  14. The Adderley Brothers Brother Ah Eileen Southern
  15. Harry South Harry Barris Barry Harris Garrison Keillor Matthew Garrison Hugh Heffner
  16. Belinda Carlisle Jane Weidin Charlotte Caffrey Kathy Valentine Karen Valentine Michael Valentine Smith Richie Valens Muhal Richard Abrams Randy Weston
  17. Randy Brecker Willem Breukker Kermit Driscoll
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