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  1. One of their better releases is Paquito D'Rivera and the United Nations Orchestra from like 1994....
  2. Remember when I said I didn't dig him? Well since then, that has changed and all the listening inspired me to read a lot about him as well....10 out of 12....not bad.
  3. I wish a woman cut my hair - its happened a couple times here and there. I just go to male barbers cuz that's what I've always done. Is it the case in other cities that almost all barbers in certain areas are Vietnamese or Greek or Philipino (rather than the stereotypical Italians)? In DC, it's all Greeks and Vietnamese. Matt
  4. Thanks. Wish I could find that one. I looked on several comps. Is it available today on CD or 10-inch only? Does anyone know of any comps on which this original Monk trio version is included?
  5. I am on the air right now and I need to know the original recording of this song. I am playing several versions. I don't think it's the version on Brilliant Corners. Is it the version with the Miles Davis All-Stars from 1954 (a 10-inch on Prestige)??? Any help would be appreciated. Matt
  6. Come see these three brothas excellent saxophonists w/ Chris Funn on bass and Benito Gonzalez on piano. For more info on this and other sweet shows visit http://www.twinsjazz.com Sets at 9 & 11 PM; $10 cover w/ $10 minimum (food or drink) per person Full disclosure: Paul Carr was my saxophone teacher for my best years of high school. He is very much a texas tenor - coming mostly out of the tradition of Arnett Cobb. Matt
  7. There are people on this board that freeload my man.... I myself, usually give a bi-monthly contribution by paypal with that little dollar sign link at the top right corner of the board. I figure this is a place and a band worth supporting since I gain so many insights through this board. I have stopped my subscriptions to Jazztimes and Downbeat since I have AAJ and Organissimo as well as my radio gig. It bewilders me that even though Jim is providing this amazing board to all of us for free and that he pays hosting fees monthly, some do not give. BTW, I have the CD and love it! Can't wait for more exclusive tracks! This is a monster band. I finally had the chance to see them in Pittsburgh and despite it being a monday night and having to help ease the 500-lb m-f down and back up a flight of stairs, the gig was amazing. Matt
  8. Yeah Sangrey, The part that hit me hardest and had the most profound effect on how I now hear Nelson's sparing solo was one of the last few paragraphs. I am too lazy to quote it but it was the part about what he DID play being both "nothing and everything." That to me seems like an answer a composer might give if he were here to explain things to us, which I doubt he'd do anyways..... Thanks for the words. Matt
  9. Hey can I get in still???? Matt
  10. Red, I think the beauty in Nelson's tenor solos is that you know he could go all out and cut loose and wail like Hubbard and Dolphy do on the record but there is a lot to be said for restraint; for not stating the obvious/what one might expect. To be fair though, Freddie doesn't state the same old licks over and over (something which I tend to hate about Lee Morgan - every tune he spits the same old lines, amazing in technique, but boring after a while). Nelson's solos remind me of Sonny's restraint coupled with Ben Webster's tone/grit....yeah I think that's what it reminds me of....
  11. This is so weird. I was just listening to this this morning. Could not sleep. Woke up and relistened to Blues and the Abstract Truth - probably a bad idea in the sense that Freddie's solos keep me humming and thus unable to sleep. I was noting how Dolphy sounds totally out of place on this record but somehow blends in for the ensemble parts and his solos fit to a certain degree (he keeps things relatively tame). Anyways good pick. Have we ever done "More Blues And The Abstract Truth," on which he actually recorded the song, "Blues and the Abstract Truth"? If not, we should. P.S. speaking of dolphy. I recently discovered a date of his w/ Misha Mengelberg called either "Last Session," or "Last Date." Anyways it was really beautiful and the mix of familiar tunes with originals despite there only being 5 or 6 tunes was really well-executed. And speaking of Mengelberg - y'all need to go out and buy his latest "Senne Sing Song" with Ben Perowsky and Greg Cohen on Tzadik. It is a celebration of his 70th birthday. cannonball-addict
  12. Only vocalist who really understood the lyrics to every song she sang. RIP Ms. Horn
  13. Screw the critics, man. I love this album. I can't get enough Eliane Elias! Lovano I could do without on this particular album, although I love the man's playing in general. Matt
  14. Bret Primack strikes again. I gotta say he did a great job on Lovano's new site, as well as Billy Taylor's site. But his layout is really elementary and generally poor-looking. I wonder if he is a self-appointed (DreamWeaver) web designer.
  15. Jim, I definately agree that Malaby is the more subtle player. His harmonies are so much darker and his articulations are not as "obvious" as Cheek's. Also Cheek sound like a Chris Potter rip-off a lot of the time. I know you don't care for Potter, so it's not surprising you say Cheek goes for the obvious stuff. Since apparently people here are not terribly in the know about young cats on this CD, Seneca Black is the former lead trumpeter with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. He recently quit that gig. I heard he was sick of NY but I suspect some other shit too. He was a wunderkind whom Wynton purportedly "discovered," much like Ryan Kisor who is still the 2nd tpt in the LCJO and still fails to impress me that much. As for Michael Rodriguez, I first became aware of him on a very independent release by a drummer named Pete Zimmer. Rodriguez is a monster player and I suspect it is his soloing on the America the Beautiful suite (part 2 or 3). I can't believe no one mentioned the addition of Matt Wilson. What a perfect choice! Wilson's arsenal of styles and bags he can dip into is unmatched among drummers under 50 today (IMO). Also, gotta love Joe Daley's tuba solo on part 3 of America the Beautiful (Lift Every Voice and Sing)! Matt
  16. It is way better than his last album. Michael Caine is the main reason. Also the tunes are more interesting harmically. Ron could have had a smash hit on smooth jazz radio if he had cheezed this album up a little more! Probably did really well in AAA markets. I played it a few times. But a lot I thought was senseless/uninteresting jamz/groovz. Matt
  17. After repeated listens only a few tracks are really worthy of airplay. Others are just jammy vamps where Margitza gets to show off his technique. Again, this rhythm section really understands each other. All three of them are playing together all the time.
  18. Any thoughts? I have had this in my car for a few days now. I like their approach. Nothing new. It just swings really hard. Margitza has been long forgotten by anyone who bought his Blue Note stuff including Blue Note itself, but the guy has some serious chops/ideas. And he doesn't always sound like Brecker on this one. Also this pianist is ridiculous. I saw them at the JazzWeek Conference in Syracuse. They do this song where the trio is just cookin at some ridiculous tempo in like 7 or 12 or something and Margitza's tenor comes in just swingin' like simple and somehow the sounds just meld immediately. Its some kind of crazy polyrhythmic thing where two totally different things meet on the other side. Also, Francois took the sickest bass solo I've ever seen at that concert in Syracuse. And Louis drums REALLY QUIETLY BUT WITH SUCH PANACHE. It's really quite something. I recommend all your DC folks go see them on the Mall next weekend at the inaugural Washington DC Duke Ellington Jazz Festival. Also appearing are Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band, Wayne Shorter's quartet and Brubeck.
  19. Any suggestions of classic versions of Willow Weep For Me or In Your Own Sweet Way? I hate Brubeck's version of the latter because he tries to do so much to it and it ends up sounding bad overall. Matt
  20. It's sorta straight-ahead I guess. It's not free if that's what you wanna know. It's almost pop though. Very kitschy; very tongue-in-cheek. Both these guys are capable of more interesting music. cb-a
  21. Tomorrow night I have the task of exposing my listening audiences both in Pittsburgh and online around the world. I have most of my set picked out, but if given three hours to expose people to the jazz we play here at WRCT from Art Blakey to John Zorn, who would you play?
  22. Damn. I enjoyed that last Latin release he did - I think his first as a leader. RIP Al McK.....
  23. Ditto. Except I have apparitions too. Bastion of Sanity's best song is "Try." matt
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