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  1. I was going back over this thread. I picked up a box set called. Dexter Gordon: The Complete Blue Note 60's Sessions (6 discs) plus a nice thick booklet. It's very interesting and informative. I still ache at his articulations but his ideas are much broader on the whole than they are on GO. I will be listening to this for a few weeks and let it sink in. Then we'll see. There's certainly a great many number of tunes on here that I know and love other renditions I've heard. matt
  2. He taught at Carnegie Mellon for several years before mysteriously leaving town for Seattle. He came back this year. I've heard from several musicians including my teachers at CMU, that his wife Candee is quite manipulative.
  3. My friend has the original. I offered him $100 for it. No beans. He is a lurker on this board and he's looking for other original Conte.
  4. can you guys delete posts of completed deals so this thread can be read through easier? its too much!!!
  5. Maria Schneider - Allegresse! & Concert in the Garden John Fedchock Big Band - No Nonsense Bob Mintzer Big Band - Incredible Journey and everything since WDR Danish Radio Big Band with various guest composers/conductors ICP Vanguard Jazz Orchestra thanks to EKE BBB for introducing me to Ken Schaphorst Big Band on NaxosJazz all have lots of solo space!
  6. People. People. People. Use your PM button more often. PM button = more discussion of JAZZ.
  7. Rather than NO locking, I would argue for the very limited use of locking. I think Jim and his bro do a great job with this currently, only locking threads when absolutely necessary. Most moderators would delete threads like this, long before they got out of control. Jim lets us hash things out a bit (sometimes quite a bit), and then every once in a blue moon - he decides it's best to close down a thread. I think this is the best way to handle things, and is very healthy for the board, in the long run. (And not deleting the thread gives everyone an opportunity to see what went down, after the fact -- so if you miss stuff in real-time, you don't miss stuff.) You guys forget that Jim is not just this dude who runs a bboard. He is also a practicing musician trying to get better, get gigs, and get some of you freeloaders to buy his damn CD!!!
  8. Ok. i just spent maybe an hour completely reading this thread. I could care less about what happened five years ago between these two guys. I think the ariceffron posts were funny (in fact I have usually steered clear of reading anything he writes because I often read the board in places where I'm supposed to be quiet like the library) but that's all they were. And brownie, there are too many people contributing stuff of real worth here for you to quit the board to support a mentally insane person like Aric. I resent what you said a while back on this post along the lines of: "He really brought life to this board." It seems to me that he didn't intend to bring life to the board, he intended to bring death. Even if these threats were in jest, the guy was off his rocker and it was getting ugly. Imagine if someone on this board threatened you! I felt terrible when people accused me of not being a good listener when I wrote off Bobby Hutcherson. Imagine how I would have felt if a guy repeatedly threatened to kill me and my family with cancer!
  9. I was fortunate to go with Mark and Sal to Pat Martino. It was one of the best sets of music I've ever seen. The venue is spectacular for jazz. Very dignified but not pretentious. You just go and soak it in. It's really close to heaven for me. And Joe Segal - I could care less what kinda guy he is. I'm glad he has lasted through thick and thin and is still presenting all these top notch guys/gals. I hope his son continues the business! I hope to get back to see the Scofield trio. That is one sickass band! cb-a
  10. I am pleased to say that I met up with sal and sheldonm to see Pat and his band at the Showcase. It was my first time there. What a club! And what a band. You gotta check out these cats this weekend. He is there til Sunday. The setlist was like this 1st Set: Four on Six Impressions Sunny (by multiple requests - not mine or sal's or mark's mind you) 2nd Set: Besame Mucho If I Should Lose You Oleo will add the rest when I have a moment.
  11. Anyone going to see Paul Wertico? I'm here in Chicago (syaying in Hyde Park). Matt
  12. new school Tristano school of thought cats to check out: Mark Turner and Kurt Rosenwinkel
  13. Thanks, Mike. It's nice to see someone else digs the Mwandishi stuff. I love one of those album covers (Crossings, 1971) where the angels are snorting coke through their herald trumpets!
  14. totally off-topic but is Kenny Burrell black or white? i was reminded of this question by one of the member's avatars who posted on this thread.
  15. This question is for older cats out there who witnessed this music occur over the earlier years. Who was the first or which guys were in the first wave of musicians to adopt Islamic and faux African names? I assume some pretty early ones were Dollar Brand becoming Abdullah Ibrahim, Bill Evans becoming Yusef Lateef, Idris Muhammad, and the Mwandishi Herbie Hancock even though he didn't retain the name. sidenote (since over 50% of my posts seem to get hijacked anyways): Anybody out there ever see any shows by Herbie when he was in the Warner Bros. stage of his career, after he left Miles? I have the Complete Herbie Hancock on WB and its all that Mwandishi Brothers stuff. It's great music. I love it but I never hear anybody talking about it. Did that band go on the road? I think Joe Henderson and Bennie Maupin were both in those bands. I love Wiggle Waggle, and Tell Me a Bedtime Story.
  16. The liners are weak. they are by frank n-h, the owner of the label. but the session is hot. I've been playing it a bit on my station and encouraging other DJs to spin it too. Its got a hip hop feel to it. Thus the name - free style. It's rather interesting the trajectory of Harrison's career. But I'm happy that he's still able to work even though he hasn't gone into high profile fame like his former musical partner, Terrence.
  17. All the Woody Herman on Fantasy in the 70s!
  18. Chuck, that's site is fantastic. Thanks for the link. I definately wanna check out Karl Siegfriend wherever he is. Looks as though Vandermark is outta town. I am definately taking the chance to see Pat Martino at the Showcase. Luckily I saw the Herbie/Brecker/Hargrove thing a week ago when it came to Pittsburgh so I don't have to see that again. can't wait! anybody know where pianist Jon Weber plays?
  19. He was a true pioneer. A lot of his albums took a fresh approach on Ellington and other big band era fare. R.I.P.
  20. got mine today. this is gonna be fun for my drive to chicago!!! thanks, ubu
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