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Found 5 results

  1. Just was struck by the fact I have 2 Pee Wee Russell paintings and 2 Roscoe Mitchell paintings -not to mention a large number of photo images on the walls. What might you have on display?
  2. Since not all recorded works focus on music, it's time to initiate a thread devoted to those "Miscellaneous" recordings. First up, an album I discovered at the public library several years ago. I was thrilled to discover Loren Schoenberg had uploaded it to YouTube last year. It's a double LP of Coleman Hawkins sitting around talking about his life and career with Bill Grauer and Paul Bacon in 1956. Some interesting stuff and it's just great to hear a jazz giant just shooting the breeze like this.
  3. Rahsaan: The Complete Mercury Recordings Of Roland Kirk, $125 Marion Brown, Porto Novo (Black Lion) $14 (with two bonus tracks feat. Leo Smith) SOLD Lee Konitz meets Jimmy Giuffre (Verve), $20 (4 albums on 2 CDs, including dates led by Kontiz, Giuffre and Ralph Burns) SOLD
  4. Hi all. Here we go. For now, I'll simply present discographical info, with comments to follow here and there / gradually. Enjoy! 1) Nina Simone Trio. "African Mailman" (Simone). Simone (p), Jimmy Bond (b), Tootie Heath (d). Rec. 1957. Originally released on NINA SIMONE AND HER FRIENDS (Bethlehem); now available on expanded reissues (many of 'em) of LITTLE GIRL BLUE (Bethlehem). 2) Nathan Davis Sextet. "Now Let M' Tell Ya" (Davis). Davis (ts), Woody Shaw (tp), Jean-Louis Chautemps (bs), René Urtreger (p), Jimmy Woode (b), Kenny Clarke (d). Rec. 1965. From PEACE TREATY (SFP). 3) Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers. "Psychedelic Pucho" (Pucho Brown / Jimmy Phillips / Neal Creque). Pucho Brown (timbales), Eddie Pazant (bs), Neal Creque (p, org, arr), Jimmy Phillips (b), Norberto Appellaniz (bongos), Cecil Jackson (conga). Rec. 1968. Originally released on HEAT! (Prestige), now available on Pucho's volume of the Fantasy / Concord LEGENDS OF ACID JAZZ series. 4) Larry Williams & Johnny "Guitar" Watson with The Kaleidoscope. "Nobody" (Williams / Watson). Larry Williams (vo), Johnny "Guitar" Watson (vo), The Kaleidoscope [Chester Crill, John Vidican, David Lindley, Solomon Feldthouse, Chris Darrow… hard to know with these guys who played what, but Vidican is most likely on drums, Darrow on bass, Crill on organ, and either Feldthouse or Lindley takes the brief oud solo.] Rec. 1967. Originally released as the A side of a 7-inch (backed by "Find Yourself Someone To Love"), now available as part of the PULSATING DREAMS Kaleidoscope box set (sans B-side). 5) Leroy's Dallas Band / Leroy Williams Dallas Jug Band. "Going Away Blues" (unknown). Leroy Williams (cornet), Fred Millet (tb), Lawson Brooks or Roosevelt Harris (as), James Moore (p), Percy Darensbourg (banjo), Octave Gaspard (b), Percy Bragsby (d). Rec. 1928. Originally released on a Columbia 78 (Matrix: W147565=1), now available on the Timeless CD JAZZ IN TEXAS 1924 - 1930. According to the notes for the Timeless CD, this was, in fact, an African-American band.
  5. I have the following CDs for sale or trade. Shipping within the US is included. All of my CDs (including inserts) are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. I prefer to receive payments in PayPal -- from bank accounts only; my account cannot handle payments from credit or debit cards. XXX: sold $25.50 Gerry Hemingway, “Outerbridge Crossing” (Sound Aspects) [quintet w/ R. Anderson, Mott, Reijseger, Helias; super rare] Steve Lacy, “The Way” (Hat Art 2-6154) [2-CD set in jewel case; quintet w/ Potts, K. Carter, O. Johnson; 2 cracks on jewel case] XXXMisha Mengelberg, "Afijn" (ICP) [DVD - Region 1] $20.50 each Quatuor Aerolithes, “Aerolithes” (Vand’oeuvre - France) [quartet w/ D. Lazro, M. Doneda] $15.50 each Chris Abelen, “Dance of the Penguins” (BVHaast) [quintet w/ T. Delius, van Bingsbergen, de Joode, Huffstadt] Chris Abelen, “What a Romance” (BVHaast) [quintet w/ T. Delius, van Bingsbergen, de Joode, Huffstadt] Ab Baars, "Verderame" (GeestGronden) oop [solo] XXXHan Bennink, Michiel Borstlap, & Ernst Glerum, "3" (55 Records Japan/FNCJ-5502) obi [trio] XXXHan Bennink, Michiel Borstlap, & Ernst Glerum, "Monk" (Gramercy Park - Holland) [trio] Daniele D'Agaro, "Lingua Franca" (Nimbus) [trio w/ Honsinger, Glerum] Daniele D'Agaro & Tobias Delius, "Byas a Drink" (Nota) oop [quartet w/ Glerum, Trombetta] XXXMichel Doneda, Fabrice Charles, & Gunter Mueller, “Direct Chamber” (33revpermi) oop [trio] Daunik Lazro & Joe McPhee, "Elan impulse" (In Situ) [duo] Daunik Lazro & Carlos Zingaro, "Hauts plateaux" (Potlatch) [duo] Urs Leimgruber, Adelhard Roidinger, & Fritz Hauser, “Lines” (Hat Art 6149) oop [trio] Michael Moore, "Chicoutimi" (Ramboy) [trio w/ F. Hersch, M. Helias] Didier Petit, Daunik Lazro, Denis Colin, & Michael Nick, "NOHC" (In Situ) Didier Petit, Daunik Lazro, Denis Colin, & Michael Nick, "NOHC on the Road" (Leo) Louis Sclavis, "Ceux qui veillent la nuit" (Label Bleu) [trio w/ B. Chevillon, F. Merville] $13.50 each Anders Aarum, "Absence in Mind" (Jazzaway - Norway) [trio w/ Eilertsen, T. Stronen] XXXAb Baars & Mariette Rouppe van der Voort, "Veer & Haul" (Wig) [duo] Ab Baars, "Time to Do My Lions" (Wig) [solo] Michiel Braam & Frank Nielander, “Two Penguins in the Desert” (Peng) [duo] Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman, "Hotel du Nord" (Intakt) [quartet w/ T. Morgan, G. Hemingway] Barry Guy, “Ithaca” (Intakt) [trio w/ M. Crispell, P. Lytton] Barry Guy, “Phases of the Night” (Intakt) [trio w/ M. Crispell, P. Lytton] Adam Linson, “Figures & Grounds” (Psi) [quartet w/ A. Doerner, R. Mahall, P. Lytton] Madly You (Potlatch) [quartet w/ D. Lazro, Zingaro, Leandre, P. Lovens] Play Station 6, “#1” (Evil Rabbit) [sextet; Boeren, Delius, A. Kaufmann, Lovens] Sealed Knot, “and we disappear” (Another Timbre) [trio w/ B. Beins, R. Davies, M. Wastell] Paul Termos, “Sessions”, vol. 1 (X-Or) [duo w/ M. Mengelberg] Paul Termos, “Sessions”, vol. 2 (X-Or) [duo w. W. Hijmans] $12.50 each Sean Bergin & Ernst Reijseger, “Mistakes” (Data) [duo] XXXMichiel Braam, “Michiel vs. Braam” (BBB) [solo; incl. lead sheets] Michiel Braam’s Wurli Trio, “Hosting Changes” (BBB) [trio] Bobby Bradford, Frode Gjerstad, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, & Paal Nilssen-Love, “Reknes” (Circulasione Totale) [quartet] Dig d’Diz, “One” (Riff) [bs-g-b trio; van der Grinten] Dig d’Diz Meets the Mondrian String Quartet (Bimhuis) [bs-g-b trio w/ a string quartet; van der Grinten] Trio Dolce Vita, "Amarcord" (Jazzwerkstatt) [trio w/ C. Puntin, J. Brinkmann, J. Fink] Ernst Glerum, “Omnibus One” (Favorite) [trio, quartet w/ Bennink] John Hebert, "Spiritual Lover" (Clean Feed) [trio w/ B. Delbecq, G. Cleaver] Ig Henneman, “In Grassetto” (Wig) [quintet w/ de Joode, van Duynhoven] Ig Henneman, “Pes” (Wig) [quartet w/ M. Oliver, Honsinger, de Joode] Kartet, “The Bay Window” (Songlines) [quartet w/ G. Orti, B. Delbecq, H. Dupont, C. Sardjoe] Michael Moore, “Neglige” (Ramboy) [quartet w/ Maguire, Reijseger, Vatcher] Michael Moore, “Fragile” (Ramboy) [quartet w/ Vatcher; duo w/ A. Baars] Michael Moore, "Holocene" (Ramboy) [trio w/ Klusevcek, E. Friedlander] Michael Moore, Brad Turner, Achim Kaufmann, Mark Helias, & Dylan van der Schyff, "The Definition of a Toy" (Songlines) [quintet] Bo van de Graaf, Michiel Braam, & Fred van Duynhoven, “Niet met de deuren slaan” (VPRO) [trio] XXXRobert Jan Vermeulen, “Ugly Beauty” (Daybreak - Holland) [quartet w/ B. Herman, H. Bennink] Wolter Wierbos, Anton Goudsmit, & Victor de Boo, “Live at the Bimhuis” (Trytone) [trio] Michel Wintsch, Gerry Hemingway, & Baenz Oester, “Less is More” (Clean Feed) [trio]
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