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Wayne Shorter by Francis Davis

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Wayne once was quoted as saying something like: 'Composition is just improvisation slowed down' (I'm paraphrasing - I don't have the article handy).

From my years of thinking of Wayne's music, I have never come across a better synopsis of his musical conception.


I believe the quote is "Improvisation is composition speeded up and composition is improvisation slowed down"

Joe, I don't think Blue Note artists had any say in what was released or not released in the day but I've heard Wayne doesn't want his unissued Blue Note session to see the light of day so they must have some control now.

You know with there being no soloists on the the level of Coltrane or Rollins out there now, maybe it would be best if more musicians of this generation took Wayne's approach and focused on the overall feel and vibe of their music instead of just their weight as a soloist. It seems the best stuff I've heard lately takes this approach.

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