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Illinois Jacquet Mosaic Box

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The Illinois Jacquet box has been in the Running Low category for a while now. Does anybody know how many sets remain?

I remember reading, at the BNBB, the Illinois box being described as 'good for being R&B.' The sound clips at Mosaic sound good to me no matter what type of label is placed on the music. As a familiar listener to bebop and the Blue Note sound, what is meant by the term R&B? I mean, I know what R&B referred to in the 1970s. But, the Illinois tunes were recorded in the 1940s.

Does R&B mean the music is intended to be dance music or romantic music? Does it mean the songs are focused around Illinois’ playing while the remaining players are used as the background support for Illinois’ horn? Does it mean the solos and rhythms are ‘simplistic’ to be easier on the ear? Does it mean there are no breaks for drum and/or bass solos? Does it mean there are vocals?

What makes Illinois R&B rather than bebop? :huh:

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I've kind of shied away from that box because from what I've heard and read, a lot of it is like R&B or jump blues or something like dance music. It developed to replace the swing music that people could dance to whereas isn't the sort of music you could. I'm not sure how to define it, but maybe it's closer to pre-rock, with a lot of honking. This is probably not too helpful but it's the kind of thing that you know when you see it or hear it. I recently listened to one of those Prestige First Sessions, the one with Lockjaw and Bennie Green and it was way disappointing for the most part because it was R&B, with a lot of vocals.

I just looked at AMG and they define it sort of as I described it, as dance music, where the musicians played louder, with more electric instruments and accentuating riffs, boogies and vocals. Pianos pounded harder and louder and ditto for the saxes.

That said, R&B did play an important part in jazz. For example, Sonny Stitt played with Tiny Bradshaw and Coltrane played in a R&B band and this proved an important training ground for jazz musicians.

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I agree with GOM too.

I was hoping the Jacquet set was going to be like his album, The Kid and the Brute. I became a Jacquet fan after hearing it. I really love this album and it made me want the Mosaic set.

When I initially got the set, I was disappointed due to my initial expectations. As I've listened to it more, I've come to appreciate it for what it is. I actually like the Jump Blues stuff now.

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More thumbs up for Illinois! One of those sets Mosaic does the best: collected from the most obscure record labels, it includes also (4 titles only, no alternates) a big band session feat. Fats Navarro and some Tadd Dameron arrangements as well as loads of wonderful jump (or whatever you may call it) music and many wonderful ballads. For me, this set (I bought it without knowing anything about Jacquet) was a real surprise. Get it while you can!


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