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"off the beaten path" recs?

Guest donald petersen

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AFAIK, THE COOL WORLD soundtrack is still available on CD. Worth picking up.

Three OJCs that I think fit the mode of the original request...

Gil Melle, GIL'S GUESTS (which include Art Farmer, Kenny Dorham, Julius Watkins, and Hal McKusick)


Duane Tatro, JAZZ FOR MODERNS (includes the original "version" of "Maybe Next Year", one of the stand-out tracks from Art Pepper's SMACK-UP LP)


Oliver Nelson, NOCTURNE


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what about some of the attempts to put Johnny Griffin in a different setting? ya' know, ya' know--

(i can't remember.)

____ clem

'The Kerry Dancers' on Riverside would definitely qualify. Conventional quartet lineup with Barry Harris on piano but the tune selections are mainly from Ireland and the rest of the British Isles. This is a session that has been really growing on me the last few weeks and a goo one to spin on St Paddy's Day too..

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Couldn't find a bigger picture, but this is certainly one of the most "off the beaten path" albums I ever heard:


Big thumbs up for this one. :tup . Probably my favourite Gil Melle, along with the early Blue Note recordings. Very nicely mastered on the vinyl by Verve too.

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I will have to look for that "Vintage Dolphy" disc! Difficult to find?

I thought someone was a Dolphy specialist of sorts ;)

It is availabel for $10 directly from Gunter Schuller's label GM Records

That doesn't necessarily mean that someone has to have all that was released by Dolphy, yes? I'm a fan, not a specialist ;)

My "Tome VI" is pretty beat up, so I can't say anything about the sound.

I'm visitor no. 1 too, by the way.


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Just listening to one which definitely fits into this category. Buddy DeFranco 'Blues Bag' (this is a UK 60s vinyl on Joy, taken from the original VeeJay). Blakey is laying down the same sort of groove as on 'Indestructible' and 'Free For All' with DeFranco playing some really cool stuff on bass clarinet. Also some typical excellent solo work from Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller and Victor Sproles on some of the tracks. An excellent session, which far exceeds expectations from the stylistic mix. :tup

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