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Great Braxton Concert on BBC


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If you log onto this site, you can listen to the now legendary Anthony Braxton Concert at the recent London Jazz Festival, together with some interesting interview material ... the sound is excellent ... There is lots of other good jazz to be found on the BBC3 site ...



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Garth (or anyone else) -- Any clues as to how I could listen to this? I have an IMac running OS9, and when I click on the "listen" button at BBC3, they give me lots of unspecified error messages and suggest that I downlead Real Player Basic, which I already have and have used before. So I tried to download Real Player Basic again from BBC3, per their instructions, thinking that there might be a difference between their version and the one I already have, but when I try to do so the only option that's alive (so it seems) for Mac users is for OSX; if you click on the OS8/OS9 button, nothing happens, i.e. it's not a working link.

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the now legendary Anthony Braxton Concert at the recent London Jazz Festival

Actually, from a purely romantic point of view (and this is also a bit childish, I guess!), it's nice to see this concert being written-up as 'legendary' (it seems to have got a fair bit of that sort of coverage over here), and to think that I was there. I've often thought of these famous gigs 'wouldn't it have been great to be there?'!

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