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  1. I have also received "damaged goods" in the past, once from a prominent poster who will remain annonymous. I did not, however, choose to vent in this fashion, which does show a lack of respect and indeed can be harmful to the person who is targeted. Not to mention the fact that some of the information in the initial post is false and misleading.
  2. Nowadays I only really tune in around playoff time; it was quite the ride following the Flames last spring. I think it's a shame that the season is cancelled, but both sides are greedy and most fans can't relate to that. They could've split the difference and made a deal but both Bettman and Goodenow are too stubborn. They had Gretzky on CBC news last night and he seemed pretty distraught over the whole thing. I think it was a mistake to expand into the southern U.S. in the first place; taking teams from traditional hockey markets like Winnipeg and Quebec City was stupid. Fans in Canada will come back quickly, most fans in the States will forget about hockey all together. This is an all-time low for the league.
  3. pryan

    Feb 15 RVGs

    Surely you're kidding here, right? You honestly think in this country right now that no one would be offended by this title?? I think there would be an outrage in certain quarters. There are people out there who's lives are consumed with finding stuff like this to vent their anger on. It'd probably get made into posters and carried around at the next World Trade Conference with references to EMI's corporate "attitude". BTW, I never thought of it before, but Basra is held by the British and EMI, Blue Note's parent compnay, is British. Now don't get me wrong, I don't agree and I checked the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st when Michael told me this. I figured it had to be a joke. But it isn't. It's an indication of the world we're living in. Later, Kevin How many people even know that this album exists? Pete Laroca is not exactly a household name, right? Even people who are fairly into jazz may not have heard of him. I'd say 99.9% of the U.S. population would not even notice that this album is in stores, let alone show "outrage" about the title. It was released in the mid-1960s, it's being re-issued, what's the problem? Should we change history just so that no one is offended? I'm with Lon, this is pure bullshit and it can't be reasoned otherwise. I can't believe someone would try to defend BN's position on this one. I really wanted to hear this because I've heard Joe Henderson's reading of "Lazy Afternoon" was one for the ages. Guess I'll have to wait some more.
  4. I spoke with one of the co-leaders of the ensemble this morning (Michael Occhipinti) and he mentioned that this disc was just recently released in the U.S.
  5. pryan

    Don Byas

    I only have one Byas disc (LAURA, from the "Jazz In Paris" series), but it was a great introduction. I like the way he does that glissando (I think that's the term) at the beginning of a number of the ballads; very interesting technique. Marvellous sound too.
  6. I've recently been digging this release from one of the better larger ensembles on the scene. Sam Rivers is the guest soloist on this one and is featured on every track. Interesting writing, textures, colors, etc. Some smokin' trumpet playing from Kevin Turcotte. This group is actually on tour right now (they played in Mass. last night and are travelling to Washington, D.C. today for a concert tommorow night). This album is not to be missed. Here's the website for those interested: NOJO
  7. How is LIVE IN TOKYO? Spotted that one yesterday.
  8. Haynes is bringing his group to the Jazz Winnipeg Festival in June. Can't wait!!!
  9. earlier on this aft. - Albert Ayler: SPIRITUAL UNITY (Red vinyl)
  10. Didn't make it to those ones. Thanks, I'll check them out.
  11. Apparently there is no "good news". Great photos, sure, but depressing at the same time. They should have another category - happy/positive news photos of the year.
  12. That's interesting that you never saw them on newstands in Canada, sidewinder. Most decent bookstores have CODA displayed along with other jazz periodicals, at least in Winnipeg. Can't really comment on other Canadian cities. Where abouts did you live in Canada?
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