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  1. I'm afraid I can't get to town, but the event continues that evening at the Vortex - easy walking distance from OTO, for anyone unfamiliar with the area but tempted.
  2. Oh yes, that's a really interesting record...the sessions were a really fun process. (FWIW I also play on 'Eyes In The Tower', the Con & Kwake release on Native Rebel...a hip hop record with some very interesting production!). Thanks for listening!
  3. Up to Episode 37 - ranges from Ingrid Laubrock to Cow Cow Davenport...https://www.mixcloud.com/AlexanderHawkinsMusic/break-a-vase-episode-37/
  4. Episode 33 now available: Music from Eve Risser, Stanley Cowell, Rameau, Scriabin, Cachao, and more...
  5. Thanks so much - I really hope you enjoy it! I'm not sure - although I believe I have some copies on the way, so can gladly hook you up when they arrive!
  6. Just wanted to leave this link here...my most recent release - a duo with the amazing Nicole Mitchell. It's called 'At Earth School', and is out now on Astral Spirits. Hopefully it might be of interest to at least a few! Nicole Mitchell/Alexander Hawkins - At Earth School
  7. I had the pleasure of writing the liner notes for Angelika's new one, which I think is stunning!
  8. Just a quick one - but there is this one of Tim and Gregg together on Intakt. I also caught them in Germany (in trio with Hank Roberts) sometime last year when we intersected on tour, and it was absolutely stunning.
  9. A few more episodes available since my last post...here is number 29, out this morning! https://www.mixcloud.com/AlexanderHawkinsMusic/break-a-vase-episode-29/
  10. ...and Episode 25: https://www.mixcloud.com/AlexanderHawkinsMusic/break-a-vase-episode-25/
  11. ...and the latest. All classical pianists this week! https://www.mixcloud.com/AlexanderHawkinsMusic/break-a-vase-episode-24/
  12. Steve - it was really great to meet you - thanks so much for coming along!
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