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Barry White has died

Kari S

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Guest ariceffron

I know the person who was barry whites MD and he had a stroke a number months before there was any press release. he missed a lot of his appointments, becuase he was barry white and stuff. it sucks because vips usually get worse care in hosipitals cause since they are all famous and stuff they can get away with missing appointments better than regular people. Barry white was cool. he worked hard to get to where he got.

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Barry White was one of those special people who was unquestionably born for music. He had a whole world of sound in his head that he brought to life. As I understand, he hardly read or wrote (written) music. But he would come to the studio not only with abundant fresh compositions, but with complete orchestrations in his head, i.e. every part for every instrument in the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Barry White was unique. I am a fan, and I will surely miss him.


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R.I.P., Walrus Of Love (to use Franklin Ajaye's classic sobriquet). Barry was good up until the end, and "Practice What You Preach" was the kind of "comeback" hit that proved that it was the audience who had gone away, not Barry's talent.

Say what you will about disco, but the very best of it moved with a groove that was absurdly human in its irresistability. Barry White's best work had this groove to spare. And those raps on top - my God, you COULDN'T do that any better than Barry White did it (and only Issac Hayes did it AS good). You think it's simple? Try writing one yourself, one that's not a parody, and see how simple it is!

So long, and thanks.

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