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  1. So, this very car sold for $484k in 2015 at a Gooding & Co auction (Pebble Beach). https://www.glenmarch.com/auction-cars/show-backup-image/18517/results
  2. It's certainly not a daily driver, but this car was meant to be driven, so I hope the future owner will not just garage it. One like this (minus Ella as previous owner) sold at a Mecum auction in 2018 for $245k. It looks like Grundfor has this on consignment, so it will likely be headed to auction. I've seen some crazy shit with cars because of owner history. I wonder if the fact Ella owned the car for 37 years, coupled with low original miles will make all the difference.
  3. This will be a night filled with adventure! Pre-dinner....Matrinis made with Crystal Head Vodka For dinner... After dinner.... Molinari Sambuca on the rocks.
  4. He definitely added an extra layer of fun to this movie. RIP
  5. Freezing rain in Yukon Oklahoma this morning. The picture was taken by one of my guys. He left NY on Sunday and got caught up in this mess yesterday. Thought he was going to make Amarillo today but I had to tell him to stay put.
  6. Yeah, I read her father's estate was worth around $25 mil. The building is said to be worth $40 mil and appears to be owned free and clear, but I'm sure the property are in excess of $1mil a year. In April, the Strand was approved for a PPP loan of $1–2 million to retain 212 jobs. Given that those jobs were not actually protected, workers in the store want to know where the money went. According to Bobrowski, Bass Wyden said in a meeting with union stewards in August that she was spending her own money to keep the business afloat. But since early April, federal records show, she’s also bought between $3 million and almost $7.9 million in stock—Senate financial filings, which include spouses’ records, show a range of values, not specific amounts—investing heavily in tech (between $112,007 and $300,000 in Alphabet/Google, between $175,007 and $450,000 in Apple, and between $110,005 and $300,000 in Facebook), fossil fuels (between $15,001 and $50,000 in Exxon Mobil and between $2,002 and $30,000 in Royal Dutch Shell), and medical supplies (between $50,001 and $100,000 in 3M).
  7. Hmm..., I never looked at it that way, but I'm pretty sure she was talking about placement of quotation marks and that is a free for all.
  8. See there, I used to do it with the period after and it never looked correct to me. You should know, my daughter once pointed that out in a text message and I told her she was full of it. We have not spoken since.
  9. Here is a word of the day specifically for you. Condescending I'll use it in a sentence. "That guy is a real condescending asshole". Is that proper? Do I need to add an exclamation point?
  10. You're off the deep end if you think I was implying it was the other way.
  11. Ah, very clever. There is maybe a few people that don't align politically with the majority of active members and yet you guys still can't help yourselves with the sprinkling of politics.
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