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Bud Shank Quartet

king ubu

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I found this LP today. It's an early stereo recording made in January 1961. So far, I have only listened to the first track - sound quality is astonishing for a live recording f that time, and the band (Claude Williamson, Don Prell & Chuck Flores) seems to be on.

The label is called Concept records, copyright is from 1985 (as are Shank's own liner notes, and a note from producer Gerry Macdonald).

Sounds like a very VERY nice companion piece to the Mosaic! AMG gives it the following 4 1/2 stars review (and lists it as a Bainbridge and Choice release):

Altoist Bud Shank recorded frequently as a leader during 1954-69 for Richard Bock's Pacific Jazz and World Pacific labels, but very few of those diverse records (other than his collaborations with guitarist Laurindo Almeida) are currently available. An exception is this CD reissue (on Choice) of a live set by his 1956 group for the obscure Concept label. Recorded in early stereo by Gerry MacDonald, the Shank Quartet (with pianist Claude Williamson, bassist Don Prell and drummer Chuck Flores) was caught during a seven-month period when they worked regularly at the Haig in Los Angeles. They stretch out on Williamson's "Ambassador Blues" and a variety of standards, playing cool-toned bop and pushing themselves. Easily recommended to straight-ahead jazz fans. — Scott Yanow

Anyone has more info about htis release? Opinions?


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I got this when it was originally released as a LP on the Choice label in the '70s.

Gerry MacDonald owned that label which released quite a number of superb

albums (by Jimmy Rowles, Zoot Sims, Toots Thielemans, Jimmy Giuffre among


A number of these albums have been reissued by Candid.

The Haig date is an inspired and swinging album, one of the best by the

Shank/Williamson quartet.

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Guest ariceffron

i too have this lp- i found a sealed copy of the 85 isuue in a SF record store. i really really like it. note the funny cover however w/ the wurly piano. haha. like the bud shank qt. ever used THAT!

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note the funny cover however w/ the wurly piano. haha. like the bud shank qt. ever used THAT!

That cover sure is funny!

But the record is great! A very good companion to the Shank Mosaic. Shank gets in some very good solos on "How about You" and particularly the extended "Ambassador Blues" and "Miles Sign Off".

Then his version of "Lover Man" is sublime!

Nothing lightweight, foot-patting, if you ask me. Rather, a master at work! And dig Chuck Flores - he has one solo (can't remember on which track) that's absolutely stunning, in my opinion.


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I don't care about light or heavy whatever these clichés are. Lots of west coast jazz might not even be identified as such (think of Mingus, Dexter, to name just two). And I sure love the Shank Mosaic very much! That quartet with Williamson/Prell/Flores was very tight.

What's that Ted Gioia story? Don't know anything!


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