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I gotta say that "Mode For Joe" is nearly my all-time favorite Joe Henderson album (with "Power To The People" a close second). So I'm sure on that basis alone, I'll be taking the plunge with the upcoming RVG. I do find the current late 80's CD issue sonically lacking, but not criminally so --- but my hunch is that the RVG will be better. (I usually don't do the upgrade, but in this case, I can't help it - especially at only $10 or $11 for RVG's, instead of $15 or $16 for Conns.)

Yup, "MFJ" is Desert-Island-Disc material for me too, for sure!! Apart from incredible tunes, and perhaps even more incredible sidemen -- I love the fact that it presents Joe and Joe's tunes in arrangements with a three-horn front-line, which I think Joe only did one other time (with "The Kicker" in '67).

Also, I think it's probably one of Lee Morgan's very strongest showings after 1965 (which is really saying something, since in my book, nearly everything he plays on turns to gold, especially from the mid 60's on).

When push comes to shove, MFJ is probably on my personal 'top-5 list' of favorite Blue Note albums. I don't listen to it day in and day out (like who listens to Kind of Blue every other day, or even every week or month), but I do consider it to be one of the finest examples of progressive hard-bop from the 60's.

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I pretty much agree with your assessment, but do YOU think it needs a sonic upgrade?

I know this question was directed at FFA, but I'll take it too. I think it does need an upgrade. It's not the worst sounding title from BN discs released during the late 80's, but I'm sure the new one will be better. I hear distortion in some of the more fiery passages in the horns. Also, the piano sounds a touch muddy to me.

I've got pretty cheap stereo equipment (I've always put all my money in new music, always putting up with low-fi playback mechanisms), but even on the low-end bookshelf system I have - I can hear room for improvement.

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I appreciate your input on this.

MFJ is such an outstanding session that it might warrant an upgrade based on that fact alone. I just might buy the RVG simply because it is one of Blue Note's better sessions.

Okay, that's one more RVG to buy.

At least I'm not auto-buying these things like I used to. I really try to examine the older edition to see if it's worth it.

In retrospect, there was no need in my opinion to have upgraded my Mobley, "Roll Call." The older version sounded fine. I'm happy I upgraded the others though.

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In my opinion Ubu, yes, especially the earliest material, which is quite transformed and sounds dead to me on the box set. And there is a Superbit TOCJ of the Roost material with much better sound (by McMaster) which makes replacing the box set possible. I no longer listen to the box set. The RVGs are clearly better (to my tastes, on my system I must say.)

Thanks, Lon! I got "Bud! ... Vol. 3" out of a sales bin yesterday and made a quick comparison. You seem to be right.

And yes, I noted that the sequencing on the RVGs is completely differing from the box. What's the reason for this?

The TOCJ might be impossible to find (unless for horrendous prices...) so I'll have to keep the box.


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This thread had me digging out the Bud BN box.

The RVG s of vols 1 &2 are clearly superior in every way. The later sessions are adequate on the box if a little dull sounding. Far more off putting is Bud's ? groaning as he plays. The worst bit of the box is however the packaging which is overly clever but looses any sense of the importance of the music in hand. It's over produced in a way. The far simpler presentations of the Bud RVGs makes them much nicer to handle.

In short it's a mess.

The limitations of the Verve Bud box are that so much of the music should never have been issued, appauling false starts and really primitive turgid playing. Warts and all it may be but you end up remembering only the warts. Unhelp for Bud's legacy.

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