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"The Persuasively Coherent Miles Davis"


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This "collectors' issue seemed unusual, and w/ tracks that I hadn't heard of *:

Darn That Dream


Moon Dreams


Chubbie's Blues*




It sounds good--might be a boot. Has anyone heard it or does anybody know anything about these tracks? There is a trombonist, and tenor player on there, as well as a female vocalist.

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Ah. This guy keeps unloading batches of records on my local indie store. A lot of Prestige 2fer's, comps, tons of Diz, Roy, Count, Benny Cater, etc.. But these airchecks will appear on occasion, and I try to snatch 'em. I got a Trane ("First Ride 1951") and a Fats Navarro ("Fats' Gang"). I know that a lot of these don't even make it to the shelves. The employees there are in a fortunate position, in many ways. Thanks, Jim.

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Alto popped up for a quick minute in the mid-late 70s, as did another Rose label, Ozone. I grabbed as many as I could, which unfortunately, wasn't anywhere near all of them. The album titles were sometimes, uh, "different", as is the case with the one you just got. My all-time favorite Rose album title is a Monk item called "Spastic And Personal".

Beat THAT! :g

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Boris Rose issued records on quite a number of labels. Alto, Ozone and Session are the

best known but they were dozens of others (Bombast, Ult-Tadd, Enigma, etc...).

Boris Rose is reported to have issued some 400 different LPs, mostly of broadcasts.

The LP that DoubleM mentions should be the Alto issue with some of the September 1948

Royal Roost sides by the Miles Davis Birth of the Cool band that Capitol reissued alongside

their official Capitol sides and the May/June 1950 Birdland sides by the Miles Davis group

that included Brew Moore, JJ Johnson, Tadd Dameron, Bird and Fats Navarro.

'Rambunctious' is a bogus name for 'Wee', 'Poobah's is 'Conception' (that's the track

with Miles Davis and Fats Navarro playing alongside).

The entire Birdland 1950 date was published by the Italian bootleg label JMY on the CD

'The Last Bebop Session'.

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The sound is bad but the music is so glorious.

Yes, the vast majority of those Boris Rose LPs have low fidelity sound but the man should

have eternal gratitude from us jazz fans for preserving those magical moments

when the jazz greats were putting out so much great music.

Among other treasures he left us, Rose is the one who recorded with whatever material

was available at the time the radio broadcasts from the Royal Roost (when the musicians playing there were legends like Bird, Prez, Miles, Dameron, Basie..).

Wish Rose had caught the broadcasts from the 1943 Earl Hines big band with Bird.

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I have several of these Dameron sides. Some featuring Fats Navarro, some Allen Eager and Kai Winding, some later ones are by the "Big Ten". Why does no one bring that stuff on CD? Such great music! Those Dameron bands are (as far as I know) otherwise only documented by their Blue Note sides (love that 2CD set!) and some more on Savoy.

There can't be enough Dameron out there!

And what's the deal about that Miles Davis CD to be reissued on Blue Note? Will that contain some of the 49/50 broadcasts featuring Konitz/Rollins/J.J./Big Nick/Lockjaw? Those same ones that were on two Charly/LeJazz discs?


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