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BFT 38 - Disc 2 (Discussion)

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BFT 38 Disc 2

This is a much more Bop/Hard Bop-oriented CD than disc 1, I think. If that’s the theme, then that’s the theme.

1 Is this Sonny Stitt in one of his Boppy moods? Well, I think it is, though I have more of his funky stuff. I’ve no ideas on the pianist, however, except that he’s familiar. There is a bunch of pianists with whom I’m not so familiar that it could be.

2 I have this one! I think I’m supposed to put a link to an AMG page so people don’t have to find out what it is if they don’t want to know yet. But I’m not clever enough to hide that under the word “here”. And in any case, it looks as if I’m about the last to post on this, so it’s Hank Mobley, “Pat n chat”, from the “Turnaround” album. (I’m going to have to edit all these bloody quotes and apostrophes when I post this – pain. Why'd it work OK this time and not last time?)

This is, in a way, a slightly strange selection. Not one of Hank’s more celebrated titles, probably because the tune is not attention-grabbing like some of his others. It’s recognisable, of course; I knew it after about three notes. But I had to wait to hear Freddie Hubbard before I could narrow it down to that session, then go through the CD track by track to pick up the title. That makes me wonder why Matt picked it. Interesting to hear.

3 This had, I thought on the first listen, a slightly familiar tune. Second time around, I knew it wasn’t familiar at all, but it sounds like it’s based on “Sweet Georgia Brown”. Both the tenor player and the pianist are a bit familiar to me, though I haven’t heard much of them, I think. So I’ll guess that the tenor man is Charlie Rouse and the pianist is Monk. Can’t say I really like this much.

4 “More than you know”. I love the way the pianist played the verse. Then, when the clarinet entered, oh my! No idea who the pianist is, though it again sounds like someone I’ve heard a little bit of. There’s no drummer but the piece swung beautifully. This is one I like a lot. Don’t have a clue who’s on clarinet. Another one I’m looking forward to finding out about.

5 Here’s a good all round band. The tenor player reminds me of Golson, but isn’t him I think. Odd to have the bass man solo first, but right because it’s a good interesting solo. I liked the tenor player’s little growl at the end. An enjoyable track.

6 This one sounded like the same old stuff. Good playing all round but nothing really sparked. The tenor player sounds as if he might have something to say in a different context.

7 Lots of odd sounds in here. Trumpet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, was there a piccolo? I must have been in a Golson mood both times, because this guy reminded me of him, too. But this certainly ain’t him. The track goes on a bit.

8 The tambourine opening in 6/8 made me think of Jimmy Smith’s “Walk on the wild side”. Very churchy when the piano came in. Good preaching tenor solo that I enjoyed very much, though not gutrending. Piano solo sounded a bit ordinary by comparison. I think the tune was wrong for that preaching tenor solo. It was too complicated; sounded like someone’s idea of soul harnessed by intellect.

9 This is a very striking performance from the word go. Thought I wasn’t going to like this. Then the sax came in, with some very un-sax-like sounds, and just WAILED! I couldn’t get too involved with the guitar solo, though. The drummer was kicking all the way. I don’t know who these players are. On the first listen, I thought vaguely of Benny Maupin – hear he’s come a long way since the sixties. By coincidence, immediately after I’d played this, I listened to some Sabir Mateen, and then thought vaguely that it might be him, but second time round decided this guy is too organised.

10 Sounds like the same band, but mainly a drum solo. Same gig?


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I really find a lot of Jackie Mac annoying with his sound his signature wailing intonation/inflection, but this recording, which I discovered recently, really hit the best parts of his playing. If he played like this on everything I think I'd like him a lot more.

My thoughts exactly :excl:

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I know the answers have already been posted, but even though I'm late coming to this party, I wanted to get my comments in. Haven't looked at anybody's posts or the answers.

BFT #38 Disc 2

1. Jackie! There’s no mistaking Jackie, although I can’t place the session. A quartet – I wonder if the leader might be the pianist, Mal Waldron, maybe?

2. Horace Silver! This sounds like it’s one of the early albums with the Blue Mitchell-Junior Cook front line. Either “Finger Poppin’” or the one with “Sister Sadie” (having been trying to come up with the title of that LP for 3 days, but I refuse to cheat by looking it up). :o Anyway, great stuff!

3. Thelonious Monk – “Bright Mississippi”, from “Monk’s Dream”. A marvelously simple tune, with the perennial Sweet Georgia Brown changes. Charlie Rouse, John Ore, Frankie Dunlop. This I’ll never get tired of. :P

4. At first I was struck by the masterful piano intro – this guy really knows how to bring out the beauty in a tune without over-embellishing it. An then when the clarinet came in, I recognized it – Buddy DeFranco & Dave McKenna, I’m pretty sure. An intro I’ve always loved, to a classic tune – “More Than You Know”.

5. No idea who this is, very 1970’s. I know I would’ve liked it back then – am drawn more to acoustic sounds these days.

6. This has to be George Coleman. Big George has a few albums with this lineup, and I’m not gonna cheat trying to pin this one down – is that Billy Higgins on drums?

7. An interesting line and unusual instrumentation. I’d guess that this one dates from the 70’s. What is that harmonica-like instrument - an early synthesiser? Take it away. The whole thing falls apart when the tenor isn’t playing. :rsmile:

8. Can’t place this, although it could be the same tenor as on track 7. Joe Farrell maybe?

9. This seems to be an audience recording. Normally I wouldn’t be drawn to this kind of thing, but there’s no denying the energy generated, especially by the tenor player.

10. Here’s the same group as on track 9 – a little more cluttered to these ears. :(

I had a better time with disc 2, maybe because it started off with a few things I actually knew!

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