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LF: Chet in Paris

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This one should still be around. (I see it over here on the West Coast from time to time.) This was Volume 1 of four volumes on Barclay. The impossible one to find is Volume 3, titled "Cheryl," which has some fine Bobby Jaspar on it.

I thought that Volume 1 and Volume 2 were still in-print, and that Volume 3 and Volume 4 (which was all alt. takes) hit the deletion axe some time ago. Could be wrong, of course.

The original Barclay covers are glorious, and it's a shame that the Japanese market hasn't yet seen fit to release this music with new remastering and the original covers intact.

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as far as I know, they're all OOP. There's a newer compilation out with material from these sessions, though. But they are too good to have just one CD...

I'm missing one of them (Vol. 2 or 3 - the one with the quartet sessions, one of which has been on the Jazz in Paris "Chet plays Standards").


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Yes, I do believe they are all out of print and now taken over by a Verve comp that has a couple tunes off of those first two discs. I've looked everywhere but Gemm.

Thanks very much for the offer, ubu, but I'd like to stick with finding these at a decent price. ;)

Good luck finding Vol2. I'l post back if I get lucky.


There is some new thing called Mosaic Select though. :rolleyes:

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'Everything Happens To Me' is one of the few Chet titles I own. I haven't pulled it in a while but I really love the tune, 'There's a Small Hotel'; light, care-free, catchy melody.

I'll check some of the places near me. Some of the stores in Philly seem to have older issues of some things lying around.

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These Paris recordings, to me, represent the pinnacle of Chet's career. (Or, if you want to break up Chet's playing into "careers" — 50's, 60's, 70's, and even 80's, then these recordings would be a pinnacle of his "early" career.)

Everything Happens to Me, which of course is a Verve-assigned reissue title, I would rate as a 5-star recording. (A crown!) Chet's handling of standards ... very few other musicians, in my opinion, have such an intuitive grasp of melody and how to play inside conventional changes while creating meaning and interest.

In fact, I almost never think of Baker as a "bebop" musician (even though his rise to recognition came through his role in Charlie Parker's West Coast quintet), because this often signifies to me that a soloist "runs" changes (a la Sonny Stitt), whereas Baker absorbs a tune melodically and harmonically — almost on an organic level — and then produces a story (i.e. an improvisation) that fits inside, rather than on top of, that tune's structure.

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