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Helen Merrill


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I heard "Lilac Wine" for the first time, finally (thanks, jazz1!), and it's pretty good! You'll like it, Lon!

Also, I heard "Dream of You" (Joe Morello is outstanding! Thanks, Mike!), and "You've Got A Date With The Blues" (thanks again, jazz1!) - superb albums, both!

Looking forward to some more recent additions (thanks, Mike & jazz1 ;) ), "Duets", "Collaboration", and "Carrousel".

ubu :)

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Well JVC let me know that "Helen Merrill Sings the Beatles" will appear as an XRCD possibly this month, and that "Screen Favorites" may be out this year as an XRCD. . . .

According to Alan Lankin´s Jazzmatazz, "Sings Screen Favorites" on XRCD will be available on August 17.

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Found a copy of 'Carrousel' on the Finlandia label. Very enjoyable 1996 album recorded with the Tapiola Sinfonietta plus musicians including Terry Clarke on drums. That's the one where she sings nine compositions by Heikki Sarmanto. There are also two instrumentals.

'Carrousel' is one of the better of the recent Merrill records (can't think of a bad one). Her voice is just lovely!

And she looks much better on the cover of the CD I have than on this release:


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There´s a bunch of Japanese HM discs for sale on ebay, auctions ending in a few hours.

I am afraid I can´t afford those prices! :(


The three CDs are:

-The nearness of you

-In Tokyo / Sings folk

-Bossa Nova in Tokyo

You´re still in time!

(of course, I don´t have any relation with the seller)

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While I regretfully have NO Helen Merrill on my shelves (save for a cut from Ubu's BFT) YET and subject to change...

I must recommend this soundtrack to a 1962 Italian comedy (?) from Dusty that features Helen on only a few cuts but fantastic they are.

Sandro Brugnolini & Modern Jazz Gang -- 'Gli Arcangeli'


Helen's vocals are featured on a bouncy vibed go-go swinger (with an alternate), a bright flute backed torch song and an Italian blues that was possibly the flint for David Lynch hiring off Koko Taylor to pour sweat into 'Wild at Heart's "Up in Flames" cue.

The rest of the disc is just as appealing with a lean toward Gruntz' 'Mental Cruelty' ST and Miles' 'Scaffold'. An early sixties Italian delicacy with some dixie and cha cha tossed in for spice.

Now if anyone HAS heard this and recommends more up this alley I'm all ears.


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There is an Italian CD 'Helen Merrill in Italy' (Liuto LRS 0063/5) which includes 21 sides. The liner notes has this line 'This CD includes all the music that Helen Merrill ever recorded in Italy'!

The disc includes four sides recorded with a big band and strings 'arranged and directed by Ennio Morricone'. The four sides are:


Nessuno al Mondo

Nun e' Peccato

S'e` Fatto Tardi

Take it these are the ones with Trovajoli.

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