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chewy is learning a lot from steve hofmann fourms

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Typically found in railway stations and viewing the Mosaic site :lol:

As far as railway is concerned, this must be a typically british obsession.

My father worked for the Luxembourg railways, where he was responsible for equipment. Several times per year, he received visits from members of british railway fan clubs, who requested to see specific locomotives which were missing from their collection of pictures. They wanted to take pictures of each individual locomotive, although many of them were identical except for the serial number. If one locomotive was stationed in another part of the country, they would take a 2 hour trip just to get a picture. They weren't interesting in any sightseeing, even railway-related. The only thing that counted was to travel to complete their collection of pictures.

I was once an anorak too, in the late 80's, when I discovered jazz mainly through the ECM label, and I wanted to have a discography of all ECM albums. Instead of simply requesting a list from the label, I went thought the jazz section in record shops and wrote down the 1xxx numbers and titles of all ECM albums I could find. With the internet, such obsessions can now be pursued in a much more discrete way ...

That is exactly how I found out about ECM and Blue Note releases. I could not get any other info than from records or maybe info from jazz journal ...funny now I look back on it ...nearly got chucked out once of a record shop near Victoria Station in Manchester UK for doing just that...as I wanted to find out how many organists there were on Blue Note...and armed with a pen and pencil I did just that..and then found these other records called prestige...then the owner got a little hissy with me and so I left

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scored the Earl Klugh target today!!!!

there is a really weird white band, around the hole of the cd. its raised, hard plastic--- i have no idea what it is....i dont think its a manufacturing thing....have u guys ever heard of such a thing??

Sounds like it could be some kind of "audiophile" thing. There have been several odd things sold that get stuck onto CDs to "stabilize" them. The most popular was a ring around the outside of the disc. I've never heard of one around the center but with these things, anything's possible. Thank god most of these idiotic things went the way of dodo.

BTW, I agree that the SH forum member's love for these target CDs has me buying a lot of music that I would not normally buy. I buy them because I figure someone at the SH forums is looking for it. The "hits" (musically) with these old CDs have been few, but they've been worth it. A lot more misses.

For instance, I was never a Rickie Lee Jones until I picked up a target of her debut recording. Great stuff. I've since picked up her whole catalog. "Pop Pop" is really good. Rickie backed by Jazz musicians playing standards. Even Joe Henderson gets onto a couple of tracks.

Then there's Joni Mitchell. I just can't get into her funeral dirge style. Her voice just doesn't hit me right.

I just picked up a super-rare West German red-faced Polydor CD of Roxy Music's "Avalon" because I figure forum members would want it. Thank god because it does nothing for me.



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