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EU music recordings copyright to be extended to 70 years


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I've saying for years that the EU copyright limit would change for The Beatles but this is ridiculous! 1963 is the cut off? Really? The exact year that the first Beatles LPs were cut? Oooh, that's a surprise. Why didn't the EU simply create a Beatles exception? The US copyright law revision has been termed the "Mickey Mouse Law". I see no reason why this shouldn't be called "The Beatles Law".

And BTW, when The Beatles come up to the 70 year limit in another 20 years, watch how quickly the EU changes it to match the US's 95 years.

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hmmm...can someone clarify - is it accurate to say that this will only start with 1963?

The extended copyright directive applies to all recordings that were not yet in the public domain. The EU Council approved the "partly retro-active" directive on Monday, September 12, 2011, so it applies now to all non-public-domain recordings that were made less than 70 years ago. Recordings that were already in the public domain when the directive was approved, are not affected. See also post #38.

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