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Couldn't find the Dallas/Austin concert calendar thread.

My Jazz Refugees has once again found a home venue.

Starting Tuesday, September 18th we will be playing at The Meridian Room (on Parry, directly across from the Fair Grounds in Dallas, right around the corner from the Amsterdam Cafe and Sandaga's)


We play 9-12. We will be there two Tuesdays a month at first (and soon I hope it will be every Tuesday)

The food is great...I know; I ate there already!

And they have a very nice selection of domestic, imported and micro brewery beer, plus the usual well stocked liquor cabinet.

No cover.

Come on out. Take your shoes off and sit a spell!

Greg Waits - trombone / guitar

Mssr Sangrey - tenor sax

Terry Hankins - guitar

Mark Wilson - bass

Garry Granger - drums

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By the way, we will be playing on Wednesday Oct 3rd as part of Sammon's Center for the Arts jazz series in Dallas.

Sammon's is a non profit organization which schedules decent jazz programs once or twice a year. I have been fortunate to bring a group in a handful of times. It is a nice break from the lame jazz club scene. People come to these concerts to listen. What a concept. smirk.jpg

From the Sammon's website:

Opening Group: Greg Waits' Jazz Refugees swing spectacularly into the first set led by composer/arranger Greg Waits on trombone. Also on stage will be Jim Sangrey on tenor sax, Terry Hankins on guitar, Mark Wilson on bass, and Garry Granger on drums.

Second Set: Stefan Karlsson Quintet Featuring Rich Perry, Alex Sipiagin, & Donald Edwards will transport you with the straight ahead jazz piano magic of Stefan Karlsson. The band will feature Richard Perry on saxophone, Alex Sipiagin on trumpet, the great Lynn Seaton on bass, and Donald Edwards on drums.

I look forward to hearing Stefan's group. He is an excellent writer and player. And I have always been a fan of Richie Perry, having heard him with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis band years ago. And w/ Alex Sipiagin, Lynn Seaton and Donald Edwards too, it should be a nice program.



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Mr. Waits and crew began their first of what hopefully will be an ongoing engagement at the Meridian Room last night. The band was tight and played a set featuring varied tempos and a couple of bossa-influenced tunes. There were at least a couple of songs that I should know the names of, but can't recall. Everyone acquitted themselves well in their solo spots; I could detect a Dexter Gordon influence with Mr. Sangrey, definitely a good thing, and Greg had a smooth, fluid attack on trombone. Mr. Hankins alternated between mainstream guitar and a Metheny-influenced approach. One boisterous crowd member was calling out to the band until his wife told him to shut up, at which point this reviewer did as he was told. As threatened beforehand, Freebird was requested and the band graciously complied; soon we were grooving to the sweet sounds of Southern jazz-rock.*

*Some parts of this review may have been exaggerated/made up.

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Thanks for dropping in to listen. We may be back next week. It seems like a good environment to be able to work on some things without being expected to cater to the uptown Dallas "jazz crowd".

I was encouraged when i heard the one guy yell for free jazz....was that you Craig? smirk.jpg

We will get around to stretching things out I am sure.

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