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Blindfold test #127 discussion


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Coming to this late. Without reading the previous posts I only knew

1.4 was Stanko and was from one of the few albums of his I didn't have

1.6 had Kenny Wheeler in the band

1.7 was maybe Sclavis in his earlier days

the others I have no idea whatsoever. I'm really hoping 1.1 isn't some horribly expensive and rare album because I want to hear all of it :)

Now having read the posts I see I'm way off with Sclavis but near enough with the other two.

Onto Disc 2 later, I hope

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Thoroughly enjoyed Disc 2 too but drew blanks throughout.

Without checking oher posts my only stab is 2.4 is that Charles Tolliver? I like it whoever it is. I also can't wait to see who the final tracks's by - it's marvellous

Really looking forward to the reveal but not expecting to recognise to many even then....it's been a good listen. thnaks for putting it together

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