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Running low / Last chance


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Not on Last Chance or Running Low, but the Hank Mobley set seems to have been backordered for quite some time.

A friend tried ordering a set about 3 weeks ago but was told this would only be available in 2 weeks. He checked again yesterday and Mosaic said they'll only ship this in 3 weeks.

Hope the set's not timed out and this is merely a delay in the printing of the latest batch of Mobleys.

FWIW, I just spoke to someone at Mosaic who said the back-ordered Hank Mobley set is due in a couple of weeks, and is not in imminent danger of losing it's license. :rolleyes: I still advanced it on my purchasing schedule just in case, ordering it along with my preorder of the Art Pepper Select. :tup:w

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Since the other thread has devolved into sniping and bad feelings, I thought I would bring this one up for actual discussions of Mosaic's Running Low/Last Chance lists.Any takers?

I've had the J.J. Johnson Mosaic box in my possession for about a year. It's good. At times, really good. I have to admit, however, I've yet to hear the entire contents of the box. Shame on me.

My Anita O'Day box should be arriving within the next couple of days. I pondered my purchase of the O'Day box due to its price tag. Upon consideration that Anita O'Day is my second favorite female jazz singer I felt absolutely compelled to order the Mosaic box. I'd be speaking negatively of myself for years if I'd missed the Mosaic Anita box.

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